Strategic Development for Middle School Students Struggling With Fractions: Assessment and Intervention.


:Research has suggested that different strategies used when solving fraction problems are highly correlated with students' problem-solving accuracy. This study (a) utilized latent profile modeling to classify students into three different strategic developmental levels in solving fraction comparison problems and (b) accordingly provided differentiated strategic training for students starting from two different strategic developmental levels. In Study 1 we assessed 49 middle school students' performance on fraction comparison problems and categorized students into three clusters of strategic developmental clusters: a cross-multiplication cluster with the highest accuracy, a representation strategy cluster with medium accuracy, and a whole-number strategy cluster with the lowest accuracy. Based on the strategic developmental levels identified in Study 1, in Study 2 we selected three students from the whole-number strategy cluster and another three students from the representation strategy cluster and implemented a differentiated strategic training intervention within a multiple-baseline design. Results showed that both groups of students transitioned from less advanced to more advanced strategies and improved their problem-solving accuracy during the posttest, the maintenance test, and the generalization test.


J Learn Disabil


Zhang D,Stecker P,Huckabee S,Miller R




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  • The write-say method for improving spelling accuracy in children with learning disabilities.

    abstract::We evaluated a teaching strategy designed to improve spelling accuracy in children with learning disabilities. The write-say method provides immediate feedback to dual sensory modalities (i.e., visual and auditory) following the administration of a daily spelling test. Four males and three females (mean age = 11.61 ye...

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  • Life on the Number Line: Routes to Understanding Fraction Magnitude for Students With Difficulties Learning Mathematics.

    abstract::Magnitude understanding is critical for students to develop a deep understanding of fractions and more advanced mathematics curriculum. The research reports in this special issue underscore magnitude understanding for fractions and emphasize number lines as both an assessment and an instructional tool. In this comment...

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