Dopamine signaling as a neural correlate of consciousness.


:The neural correlates of consciousness are largely unknown but many neural circuits are likely to be involved. Our experiments with mice that cannot synthesize dopamine suggest that dopamine signaling is a critical component necessary for the expression of consciousness. Although dopamine-deficient mice are awake and respond to many stimuli, they are unmotivated and have profound deficits in all but the simplest learning tasks. Dopamine-deficient mice are unable to attend to salient sensory information, integrate it with prior experience, store it in long-term memory, or choose appropriate actions. While clearly conscious from a general anesthetic point of view, dopamine-deficient mice have marginal arousal and appear to be virtually unconscious from a behavioral point of view. Restoration of dopamine signaling within the striatum by viral gene therapy strategies restores most behaviors. Therefore, I propose that dopaminergic modulation of glutamatergic inputs from the cortex and thalamus onto medium spiny neurons in the striatum contributes to cognition and the expression of consciousness.






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  • Redistribution of secretory granule components precedes that of synaptic vesicle proteins during differentiation of a neuronal cell line in serum-free medium.

    abstract::Incubation of the rat sensory neuron-derived cell line ND7 in serum-free medium results in the arrest of mitosis and the appearance of numerous neuronal processes. During this differentiation event, secretory granule components such as chromogranins, neuropeptide Y and the C-flanking peptide of pro-neuropeptide Y move...


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