Efficacy of ultrasound-guided steroid injections for pain management of midfoot joint degenerative disease.


OBJECTIVE:To examine the efficacy of ultrasound (US)-guided injections for midfoot joint degenerative changes. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The US images and radiographs of 63 patients with midfoot joint degenerative changes were retrospectively reviewed. In those patients who had US-guided intra-articular steroid injection, the response to the injection was recorded by reviewing the 2-week pain diaries and clinical notes. Partial or complete pain relief was defined as a positive response and the same or increased level of pain as a negative response to the injection. RESULTS:Fifty-nine (59/63, 93.6%) patients with midfoot joint degenerative changes received US-guided injection. The majority of patients had a positive response up to 3 months post-injection (78.4% still experiencing pain relief at 2 weeks, 57.5% at 3 months and fewer than 15% of patients further than 3 months post-injection). The number of positive therapeutic responses did not differ significantly between patients with diagnostic and non-diagnostic response (p = 0.2636). CONCLUSIONS:US-guided intra-articular injections for midfoot degenerative changes can have a good therapeutic result in the majority of patients up to 3 months post-injection. Therapeutic response cannot be predicted by a positive diagnostic response.


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Skeletal radiology


Drakonaki EE,Kho JS,Sharp RJ,Ostlere SJ




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  • The "lamellated" skull in beta-thalassaemia.

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  • Correlation of MRI with arthroscopy for the evaluation of the subscapularis tendon: a musculoskeletal division’s experience.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the accuracy of MR imaging for the evaluation of the subscapularis tendon as well as define imaging findings that will increase accuracy. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Retrospective review of the MR and operative (OR) reports of 286 patients was conducted and reviewed for the presence/degree (partial (P...

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  • Intraosseous gout mimicking giant cell tumor of the patella.

    abstract::Intraosseous gout involving the patella is an unusual presentation of the common inflammatory crystal deposition disease. In most reported cases of gout in the patella, there is prominent involvement of the adjacent patellar or quadriceps tendons of the extensor mechanism. A report from Japan describes another pattern...

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  • Microscopic correlation of radiographically disparate appearing well differentiated osteosarcoma.

    abstract::Well differentiated (low grade) osteosarcomas are often unrecognized and inadequately treated. We report on a patient with a well differentiated osteosarcoma of the tibia that radiographically presented with two strikingly dissimilar appearing juxtaposed lesions. Proximally, the lesion was sclerotic, and distally, ost...

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