Empty toe phenomenon: a big problem for a little toe.


:The authors present a case report and review of the sparse literature of a rare closed degloving injury to the toe, referred to by Flaherty as an "empty toe phenomenon." A 25-year-old man sustained a twisting injury to his left foot when he was involved in a motorcycle accident. The skin was not lacerated around the toe but on physical exam it appeared that part of the toe was empty of its bony contents.


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Skeletal radiology


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  • The prevalence of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) in two large American Midwest metropolitan hospital populations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:There are no published large-scale studies of the overall prevalence of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) and it has been proposed that the prevalence is greater than previously reported. We thus decided to review chest radiographs in a population of patients over 50 years of age seen at two lar...

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  • MR imaging of inflammatory joint diseases of the foot and ankle.

    abstract::Pain affecting the foot and ankle is a common complaint frequently attributable to inflammatory joint diseases. Although conventional radiography is regarded as the initial step in the diagnostic investigation, MR imaging may contribute to further evaluation of these patients due to the direct visualization of the inf...

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  • Giant cell reparative granuloma of the occipital bone.

    abstract::Giant cell reparative granuloma (GCRG) is a non-neoplastic fibrous lesion with unevenly distributed multinucleated giant cells, areas of osseous metaplasia and hemorrhage. The small bones of the hands and feet are the most common sites, followed by the vertebral bodies and craniofacial bones. In the craniofacial bones...

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  • Isolated lower extremity metastases, 9 years after initial diagnosis of retinoblastoma.

    abstract::We report the development of isolated lower extremity metastases, in a child, 9 years after her initial diagnosis and treatment of bilateral infantile retinoblastomas. The radiographic, scintigraphic, computed tomographic, and magnetic resonance imaging findings are discussed. The dominant metastatic focus was blastic...

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  • Radiologic findings of Patterson-Lowry rhizomelic dysplasia in two sisters.

    abstract::We report two sisters who have a rare skeletal abnormality termed Patterson-Lowry rhizomelic dysplasia. The typical findings of these cases on bone survey are isolated shortening and proximal metaphyseal enlargement and cupping of the bilateral humeri. The elder sister also has coxa vara deformity and dysplastic proxi...

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  • ISS 2017 Annual Meeting New York, New York.

    abstract:: ...

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  • The radiographic acromiohumeral interval is affected by arm and radiographic beam position.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective was to determine whether arm and radiographic beam positional changes affect the acromiohumeral interval (AHI) in radiographs of healthy shoulders. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Controlling for participant's height and position as well as radiographic beam height and angle, from 30 right shoulders of r...

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  • Unilateral hyperplasia of the left posterior arch and associated vertebral schisis at C6 level.

    abstract::We report on a 5-year-old girl with unilateral hyperplasia of the left posterior arch of C6 associated with spina bifida occulta at the same level. Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the cervical spine showed hypertrophy of the left lamina as well as overgrowth and elongation of the left spinous process of the...

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  • Eosinophilic granuloma: MRI manifestations.

    abstract::The appearance on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of 16 cases of pathologically proven eosinophilic granuloma were reviewed retrospectively and correlated with the radiographic appearance of the lesion. The most common MR appearance (ten cases) was a focal lesion, surrounded by an extensive, ill-defined bone marrow a...

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  • Radiological evaluation of prosthetic fit in below-the-knee amputees.

    abstract::Fourteen artificial limbs in eight adult patients with below the knee amputations were evaluated for prosthetic fit by several radiological parameters. The best objective means of evaluation of prosthetic adequacy is piston action. ...

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  • The carpal tunnel view: helpful adjuvant for unrecognized fractures of the carpus.

    abstract::We present four cases of carpal bone fractures which were not recognized on standard anteroposterior (AP) and lateral views of the wrist. When there is clinical suspicion of fractures of the hook of the hamate, pisiform, or trapezium, either because of the mechanism of injury or clinical presentation, a carpal tunnel ...

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  • Wrisberg variant of the discoid lateral meniscus with flipped meniscal fragments simulating bucket-handle tear: MRI and arthroscopic correlation.

    abstract::An MRI diagnosis of the Wrisberg variant discoid lateral meniscus should be considered in patients presenting with an anteriorly flipped posterior horn fragment without a definable peripheral rim. We present four cases discovered on arthroscopy that were thought to resemble bucket-handle tears on preoperative MRI. Pos...

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    authors: Yue BW,Gupta AK,Moorman CT 3rd,Garrett WE,Helms CA

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  • Magnetic resonance imaging appearance of partial latissimus dorsi muscle tendon tear.

    abstract::There is still a paucity of information about the clinical presentation, treatment and imaging findings of latissimus muscle tears. Only one study has specifically described the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of latissimus tendon tears. We describe a case of a high-grade tear in the latissimus muscle tendon...

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    authors: Le HB,Lee ST,Lane MD,Munk PL,Blachut PA,Malfair D

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  • Bone metastasis from colon carcinoma in an 11-year-old boy: radiological features and brief review of the literature.

    abstract::We report the case of an 11-year-old boy who came to our observation with localized pain in the left arm for nearly 5 months. No previous history of trauma was referred in an otherwise healthy patient. Radiographs, isotope bone-scan, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging of the lesion involving the left ...

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    authors: Colangeli M,Calamelli C,Manfrini M,Frisoni T,Donati DM

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  • Spinal cord compression caused by thoracic vertebral hemangioma involving only the posterior elements of two contiguous vertebrae.

    abstract::An unusual case of symptomatic thoracic vertebral hemangioma involving two contiguous vertebrae but confined to the posterior elements is presented. The lesion displaced and compressed the cord. The diagnosis was not considered prior to biopsy. There was uncontrolled bleeding at biopsy. Only partial surgical resection...

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    authors: Yung BC,Loke TK,Yuen NW,Chan CC

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  • Technical note: CT scout views of the cervical spine in severely head-injured patients.

    abstract::The objective of this study was the validation of a CT multiprojection scout view method for the evaluation of cervical spine integrity in severely head-injured patients. Following brain CT, 130 consecutive patients underwent anteroposterior, laterolateral, and 45 degrees right and left oblique scout views of the cerv...

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  • Relationship of Modic type 1 change with disc degeneration: a prospective MRI study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective was to study the natural course of Modic type 1 change (M1) in relation to lumbar disc degeneration. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Twenty-four chronic low back pain (LBP) patients with M1 on lumbar spine were selected from 1,015 patients with magnetic resonance imaging from a follow-up study lasting fo...

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  • Subchondral bone density distribution in the human femoral head.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study aims to quantitatively characterize the distribution of subchondral bone density across the human femoral head using a computed tomography derived measurement of bone density and a common reference coordinate system. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Femoral head surfaces were created bilaterally for 30 patie...

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  • Semi-automated digital image analysis of joint space width in knee radiographs.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To design a semi-automated program to measure the minimum tibiofemoral joint space width (JSW) of knee radiographs. DESIGN:Bilateral knee radiographs were obtained twice within a 2 week period from 34 asymptomatic research participants. Radiographic images were analyzed to report both the variability of the ...

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    authors: Schmidt JE,Amrami KK,Manduca A,Kaufman KR

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  • Society of Skeletal Radiology 2015 annual meeting summary.

    abstract::Peer-reviewed abstracts presented at the 2015 Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR) 38th Annual Meeting were reviewed following oral presentation. Topics felt to be of potential interest to musculoskeletal (MSK) investigators and practicing clinicians are highlighted in this compilation and analysis of the meeting. New ...

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    authors: Fox MG,Bancroft LW

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  • Imaging of chest wall infections.

    abstract::A wide variety of infections can affect the chest wall including pyogenic, tuberculous, fungal, and some other unusual infections. These potentially life-threatening disorders are frequent especially among immunocompromised patients but often misdiagnosed by physical examination and radiographs. The purpose of this ar...

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    authors: Chelli Bouaziz M,Jelassi H,Chaabane S,Ladeb MF,Ben Miled-Mrad K

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  • C-arm flat-panel CT arthrography of the wrist and elbow: first experiences in human cadavers.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the optimal intra-articular iodine concentration for C-arm flat-panel computed tomography (FPCT) arthrography using advanced joint phantoms and to evaluate its application in human cadaveric wrists and elbows. Multi-detector (MD) CT served as the standard of reference. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Join...

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    authors: Guggenberger R,Morsbach F,Alkadhi H,Vich M,Pfammatter T,Hodler J,Andreisek G

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  • Case report 697: Neuropathic arthropathy of the shoulder with no identified cause.

    abstract::Two cases of neuropathic disease of the shoulder without evidence of a neurological disorder are described. The absence of any neurological disorder led to the cases being initially mistaken for primary neoplasms of bone, lending support to the vascular theory of pathogenesis of this lesion. Careful attention to the r...

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    authors: Mitchell ML,Lally JF,Ackerman LV,Segura JJ

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  • Computed tomography and plain radiography in experimental fracture healing.

    abstract::We evaluated the relative contribution of plain radiographs and computed tomography to the assessment of fracture healing under experimental circumstances. In 15 sheep, we performed midshaft femoral osteotomies and internal fixation of the resultant segmental fractures. Radiographs were obtained preoperatively and imm...

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    authors: Braunstein EM,Goldstein SA,Ku J,Smith P,Matthews LS

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  • Severe metallosis following total knee arthroplasty: a case report and review of radiographic signs.

    abstract::Metallosis is an uncommon complication following total knee arthroplasty that leads to osteolysis and implant loosening due to chronic inflammatory reaction. Abrasion between the metallic surfaces of the implant releases metallic debris that interacts with the periprosthetic soft tissues and causes chronic synovitis. ...

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    authors: Helito CP,Buarque de Gusmão CV,Angelini FJ,Tirico LE,Pécora JR

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  • Total elbow arthroplasty: a radiographic outcome study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Total elbow arthroplasty (TEA) is becoming a popular alternative to arthrodesis for patients with end-stage elbow arthrosis and comminuted distal humeral fractures. Prior outcome studies have primarily focused on surgical findings. Our purpose is to determine the radiographic outcome of TEA and to correlate ...

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    authors: Bai XS,Petscavage-Thomas JM,Ha AS

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  • Unilateral lateral mass compression fractures of the axis.

    abstract::Lateral mass compression fractures of the axis involve compression of the pedicle and displacement of the overlying facet, with or without an accompanying fracture of the odontoid. These unilateral fractures are not rare. Correlation is made between clinical cases and cadaver material with analysis of microradiographs...

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    authors: Abel MS,Teague JH

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  • Synovial chondromatosis in a lumbar apophyseal joint.

    abstract::A 31-year-old woman presented with painful swelling in the right paravertebral region that had been present for 2 years. Radiography and CT revealed an area of increased density due to multiple calcifications localized at the fourth lumbar vertebra. Histological examination revealed that the lesion consisted of nodule...

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    authors: Burrafato V,Campanacci DA,Franchi A,Capanna R

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  • Skeletal manifestations of lysinuric protein intolerance. A follow-up study of 29 patients.

    abstract::Lysinuric protein intolerance (LPI) is an autosomal recessive disease caused by defective transport of the cationic amino acids lysine, arginine, and ornithine at the cell membrane. About 80 patients with LPI have been described worldwide, almost half of them in Finland. The symptoms appear in early childhood as a fai...

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    authors: Svedström E,Parto K,Marttinen M,Virtama P,Simell O

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  • Hypertrophy of the talar beak.

    abstract::Hypertrophy of the talar beak is the product of traction of the insertion of the joint capsule. It is commonly seen in athletes and may be entirely asymptomatic despite its size. It should not be mistaken for spurring of the articular margin of the talus which is seen in tarsal coalition. ...

    journal_title:Skeletal radiology

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    authors: Keats TE,Harrison RB

    更新日期:1979-04-10 00:00:00