Small RNA activity and function in angiosperm gametophytes.


:Small non-coding RNAs are key post-transcriptional and transcriptional regulators of plant gene expression in angiosperm sporophytes. In recent years, gametophytic small RNAs have also been investigated, predominantly in Arabidopsis male gametophytes, revealing features in common with the sporophyte as well as some surprising differences. Transcriptomic and deep-sequencing studies confirm that multiple small RNA pathways operate in male gametophytes, with over 100 miRNAs detected throughout development. Trans-acting siRNA pathways that are associated with novel phased transcripts in pollen, and the nat-siRNA pathway have important roles in pollen maturation and gamete function. Moreover, a role for siRNA-triggered silencing of transposable elements in male and female germ cells has been established, a feature in common with the role of piRNAs in animal germlines. Current evidence supports an integral role for small RNAs in angiosperm gametophyte development and it can be anticipated that novel small RNAs with significant roles in germline development and genome integrity await discovery.


J Exp Bot


Le Trionnaire G,Grant-Downton RT,Kourmpetli S,Dickinson HG,Twell D




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    abstract::The response of both specific (ascorbate peroxidase, APX) and unspecific (POD) peroxidases and H(2)O(2) content of sunflower plants (Helianthus annuus L. cv. Hor) grown hydroponically with (C) or without (-Fe) iron in the nutrient solution were analysed to verify whether iron deficiency led to cell oxidative status. I...

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    abstract::Most of the carbon used for starch biosynthesis in cereal endosperms is derived from ADP-glucose (ADP-Glc) synthesized by extra-plastidial AGPase activity, and imported directly across the amyloplast envelope. The properties of the wheat endosperm amyloplast ADP-Glc transporter were analysed with respect to substrate ...

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