New scoring system for fetal neurobehavior assessed by three- and four-dimensional sonography.


AIM:To produce a new scoring system for fetal neurobehavior based on prenatal assessment by 3D/4D sonography. We identified severely brain damaged infants and those with optimal neurological findings and compared fetal with neonatal findings. RESULTS:The new scoring system was retrospectively applied in a group of 100 low-risk pregnancies. After delivery, postnatal neurological assessment was performed, and all neonates assessed as normal reached a score between 14 and 20, which we assumed to be a score of optimal neurological development. Subsequently, the same scoring system was applied in the group of 120 high-risk pregnancies in which, based on postnatal neurological findings, three subgroups of newborns were found: normal, mildly or moderately abnormal, and abnormal. Normal neonates had a prenatal score between 14 and 20, mildly or moderately abnormal neonates had a prenatal score of 5-13, whereas those infants who were assigned as neurologically abnormal had a prenatal score from 0-5. CONCLUSION:A new scoring system for the assessment of neurological status for antenatal application is proposed, similar to the neonatal optimality test of Amiel-Tison. This preliminary work may help in detecting fetal brain and neurodevelopmental alterations due to in utero brain impairment.


J Perinat Med


Kurjak A,Miskovic B,Stanojevic M,Amiel-Tison C,Ahmed B,Azumendi G,Vasilj O,Andonotopo W,Turudic T,Salihagic-Kadic A




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    abstract::A 26 year old previously healthy woman who was treated with fenoterol for premature labor at 30 gestational weeks developed pulmonary edema requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. Vaginal delivery was accomplished with forceps after tocolytic therapy had been stopped. Right heart catheterization with measurem...

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  • Treatment of symptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus infection with valganciclovir.

    abstract::Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common cause of congenital infection in humans. Some congenitally infected infants will develop sequelae later in life, especially sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and mental retardation. There is no generally accepted antiviral therapy for the treatment of symptomatic congenital CMV...

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    abstract::Although premature infants are increasingly surviving the neonatal period, up to one-third develop bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Despite evidence that bacterial colonization of the neonatal respiratory tract by certain bacteria may be a risk factor in BPD development, little is known about the role these bacteria ...

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