[The dynamics of outcome predictors in the early phase of schizophrenic psychoses--an empirical study].


:The interrelationship and predictive validity of certain outcome predictors were studied on 54 young schizophrenic patients. In the first year after outburst the illness shows a great variability and the course seems to be open. Neither the premorbid social adjustment nor the amount of negative symptoms seem to predict the course in the first year. But as in earlier studies the expectations of patient, relatives and staff show to have a certain predictive significance.


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Hubschmid T,Perrin N,Ciompi L


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  • [Friedrich Nietzsche: history of his illness. On the 100th anniversary of the death of the poet-philosopher].

    abstract::The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the most famous patients in the psychiatric hospital Jena. Between 1889 and 1890, Otto Binswanger und Theodor Ziehen treated the progressive paralysis of Friedrich Nietzsche whose 100th anniversary of death is on 25th August 2000. After Nietzsche's death, an animated disc...

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    pub_type: 传,历史文章,杂志文章


    authors: Wilkes J

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  • [Non-cognitive symptom profiles in dementia--experience from psychiatric services and memory clinics].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the non-cognitive symptoms in 153 consecutive dementia patients admitted to our psychiatric ward or seen at the gerontopsychiatric ambulance and Memory Clinic. METHODS:We used the Global Deterioration Scale, the Hachinski Ischaemia Score, the Hamilton Psychiatric Rating Scale for Depression, and th...

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  • [Social integration of mentally handicapped persons (author's transl)].

    abstract::It was the establishing of associations of parents and friends of mentally handicapped persons that started, above all in the 50's and 60's, in many countries direct and intensive endeavours for the improvement of their social situation. In this context the major goals are the normalisation of their living conditions ...

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  • [A brief instrument for the assessment of childhood abuse and neglect: the childhood trauma screener (CTS)].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:There is a lack of a psychometrically sound screening questionnaire that assesses important dimensions of traumatic experiences during childhood and adolescence in a time-efficient way. Based on the German version of the "Childhood Trauma Questionnaire" (CTQ, 28 items) we developed a five-item self-report chi...

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  • [Evaluation of a residential care and supported housing program in the regional association of Westphalia-Lippe].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:During the deinstitutionalisation of psychiatric care in Germany, new psychiatric care approaches have been developed, which have been rarely scientifically evaluated. This study aims at evaluating the residential care and supported housing program of a public service in Westphalia, Northwestern Germany. MET...

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  • [Working with a family systems therapy approach as part of the routine treatment on acute psychiatric wards: sustained effects on team members' workload].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Assessing long-term effects of a family systems therapy approach (systems therapy methods in acute psychiatry, SYMPA) on occupational stress and interdisciplinary cooperation of team members in three German psychiatric hospitals. METHODS:Pre-post-follow-up survey using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and...

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  • [StigMa--The Development of the Therapy Program Stigma Management].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:While lots of projects focus on "stigmatization by others" in people with mental diseases, the problem of "self-stigmatization" is rarely considered in their treatment.Thus, the program "Stigma Management" aims on the conception of a therapeutic manual concerning self-stigmatization. As experts on their own, ...

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  • [German language skills among foreign psychiatric patients: influence on voluntariness and duration of hospital treatment].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:According to the increasing number of foreign psychiatric patients in the German society, the influence of their linguistic integration on treatment characteristics is to be investigated. METHODS:With criteria of nationality and German language skills, data of 6151 in-patients was collected and statistically...

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    authors: Künzler N,Garcia-Brand E,Schmauss M,Messer T

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  • [AmBADO - Development and First Results]

    abstract::As of 1.1.2002 a new documentation system (AmBADO) has been introduced to the out-patient departments of all Bavarian psychiatric clinics. With the use of this new system, practitioners are for the first time allowed to collect data concerning structure, process, and outcome parameters in this field of care. A pilot s...

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    authors: Welschehold M,Jordan A,Berger W

    更新日期:2003-05-01 00:00:00

  • [Negotiating the Space Between Openness and Rejection - Mental Health Nurses' Attitudes Towards Risk Behaviour of their Patients - A Qualitative Study].

    abstract::Objective Personal recovery as a key concept in mental health requests that people with severe mental illness need support in taking positive risks, especially from mental health nurses as key players in this context. In German-speaking countries, studies regarding positive risk-taking seem scarce. Attitude as a conce...

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    authors: Burr C,Richter D

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  • [Changes on Ward Atmosphere and Job Satisfaction after Implementation of the Safewards Model in Two Locked Acute Psychiatric Wards - A Multi-Perspective Evaluation].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Evaluation of the changes of ward atmosphere and job satisfaction after the implementation of the Safewards model in acute psychiatry in Germany. METHOD:A multi-perspective pre-post study design was conducted in two locked wards among patients (n = 80) and staff (n = 88) before and after the implementation o...

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    authors: Jäckel D,Baumgardt J,Helber-Böhlen H,Stiehm N,Morgenstern K,Voigt A,Mc Cutcheon AK,Schöppe E,Velasquez Lecca EE,Löhr M,Schulz M,Bechdolf A,Weinmann S

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  • [The good doctor].

    abstract::When founded about 1800, psychiatry was liable to both, philosophy and medicine, at least its liability to anthropological philosophy was accepted. After 150 years of increasingly unilateral medicalization with its fatal consequences for many patients the post war generation of psychiatrists were the first to re-estab...

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    authors: Dörner K

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  • [Discharge letters addressed to patients--confidence enhancement and psychoeducation].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:There are only some reports about discharge letters addressed to patients. By a case report benefits and potential of letters to patients should be shown. METHOD:The presented case report describes the hospital stay of a 19 year old patient suffering from schizophrenia. RESULTS:The case report indicates tha...

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    authors: Spiessl H,Rothbauer J,Cording C

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  • [Ambulatory psychotherapy of sex offenses].

    abstract::We present the theoretical basis and results of a comprehensive research project concerning the psychotherapeutic treatment of sexual offenders in an ambulant setting. The therapeutic sample (n = 86) consists of patients with the following symptoms: exhibitionism, child molestation and sexual aggressive acts towards w...

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    authors: Lohse H,Hauch M

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  • [Occupational status of Saxony social psychiatry service clients as a result of the reunification of Germany].

    abstract:PURPOSE:Evaluating the establishment of social psychiatry services (SPS) in Saxony was part of a public health research project. METHOD:One of the variables in a specifically designed assessment instrument--used in 8 SPS during the period 08/95-01/97--was the retrospective statement concerning changes in the client's ...

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  • [Promoting Self-Management in Primary Care - the Association of Motivation for Change, Self-Efficacy and Psychological Distress Prior to the Onset of Intervention].

    abstract::Anxiety, depressive and somatoform disorders are highly prevalent in primary care. Managing these disorders is time-consuming and requires strong commitment on behalf of the general practitioners (GPs). Furthermore, the resources for the management of these patients are limited by the increasing workload in primary ca...

    journal_title:Psychiatrische Praxis

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,多中心研究


    authors: Zimmermann T,Puschmann E,Porzelt S,Ebersbach M,Ernst A,Thomsen P,Scherer M

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  • [Increase of In-Patient Suicides in Psychiatric Hospitals of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg?]

    abstract::In-patient suicide research in Germany during the 70 (th) and 80 (th) years of the last century found an overall increase of in-patient suicides in psychiatric hospitals. Nowadays, more differentiated discussions of the problem are recommended. ...

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    authors: Wolfersdorf M,Keller F,Vogl R,Vogel R

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  • [Psychopathological syndromes according to the AMDP-system as the foundation for clinical case grouping in psychiatry].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Diagnoses-related clinical case grouping for an estimation of resource consumption for psychiatric inpatients analogue to the somatic medicine till now did not lead to sufficient prediction of costs. However, this is required when regarding increasing health costs from the economic perspective. METHOD:We inv...

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    authors: Herwig U,Warnke I,Rössler W

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  • [Munchhausen patients in general hospitals--Clinical features and treatment approaches in C-L psychiatry settings].

    abstract::Factitious disorders have been reported in 0.5 - 1 % of general hospital patients. It often takes several years until the disorder is detected. During this period, enormous health care cost can arise not least out of iatrogenic self-induced mutilations and related secondary somatic complications. Apart from surgeons a...

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    authors: Rothenhäusler HB,Kapfhammer HP

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  • [Patient-centered group therapy--an indirect form of managing gerontopsychiatric patients].

    abstract::Indirect care for gerontopsychiatric patients by means of patient-centered group discussions under the heading "How to deal with Difficult Patients" is presented as a succession of case reports concerning the progress and course of the first year of a team counselling project in a home for aged persons. The theoretica...

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  • [Work with relatives at the psychiatric admission unit--report of experiences with a mixed syndrome family group].

    abstract::Therapeutical groups for relatives of psychiatric patients meanwhile are obligatory within strategies of psychiatric treatment. Up to a now most of the recent investigations refer to relatives of patients suffering from schizophrenia. The following article deleniates experiences with a therapeutic group for relatives ...

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    authors: Karschny J,Rosemeier B,Schubert M

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  • [Acute water intoxication as a complication of therapy refractory schizophrenia].

    abstract::A patient with chronic paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of infestation and of grandeur type, developed polydipsia in the course of his illness which ended up in acute life-threatening water intoxication. Apart from somatic causes like SIADH, which are discussed in literature, water-intoxication could psychodynami...

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    authors: Frei A,Kolb C

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  • [Pregabalin for the reduction of opiate withdrawal symptoms].

    abstract::Pregabalin is a substance which modulates monoamine release in "hyper-excited" neurons. It binds potently to the α2-δ subunit of calcium channels. Pilotstudies on alcohol- and benzodiazepine dependent patients reported a reduction of withdrawal symptoms through Pregabalin. To our knowledge, no studies have been conduc...

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    authors: Kämmerer N,Lemenager T,Grosshans M,Kiefer F,Hermann D

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  • [Diagnosed Depression and Utilization of Health Care Services and Preventive Measures in the General Adult Population in Germany - Results from a Nationwide Cross-Sectional Telephone Survey].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the association of diagnosed depression with the utilization of health care services and preventive measures among men and women in the general population in Germany. METHODS:Cross-sectional analysis of data from a representative telephone survey (men N = 18,675, women N = 24,518, 18 years and old...

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    authors: Maske UE,Jaedtke M,Luppa M,Riedel-Heller S,Kleiber D,Busch MA

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  • [On subjective meaning of psychoses. Construction, validation and first application of a new questionnaire--the SuSi-Project (Hamburg)].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:A new questionnaire to assess subjective meaning in psychosis (SuSi) will be presented. METHODS:The questionnaire construction was based on an elaborate process (Delphi-method) involving patients, carers and professionals (trialogue). Statistical validation including factor analysis and assessment of interna...

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  • [The regional budget for mental health care: a new approach to combine inpatient and outpatient care].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Due to increasing health care expenditures the discussion about advantages and disadvantages of new methods for resource allocation in mental health care has been intensified. A promising model is the Regional Budget for Mental Health Care, which is currently being examined in Schleswig-Holstein. The present ...

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    authors: Roick C,Deister A,Zeichner D,Birker T,König HH,Angermeyer MC

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  • [What do psychiatric patients expect of inpatient psychiatric hospital treatment?].

    abstract::Patients are mostly passive utilizer of the health-care-system. They are confronted with a supply of medical service and they are allowed to show their satisfaction with it retrospectively. Our medical system has in future to develop itself from an effective perspective to an utilizer orientated medicine. Orientation ...

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    authors: Fleischmann H

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  • [Behavior therapy of opiate dependence].

    abstract::Ten years ago an extensive behaviour therapy programme for the treatment of young opiate addicts was developed and tested, and shown through follow-ups extending over a period of two years to be successful. Some of the most important behaviour therapy procedures are introduced. A distinction is made between traditiona...

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    authors: Vollmer H

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  • [Psychosocial problems in Huntington chorea. 1: Overview, project description. social and illness-related data].

    abstract::Huntington's Disease, a neuropsychiatric disorder with dominant inheritance and late manifestation is related to multiple psychosocial problems of the affected person, his life partner as well as their children (so-called individuals at risk). During a five years project the authors contacted 131 persons, directly and...

    journal_title:Psychiatrische Praxis

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    authors: Jarka M,Brosig B,Richter HE

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  • [Home treatment: systematic review and implementation in Germany].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To report about existing evidence of effectiveness of home treatment for severely mentally ill adults and implementation in Germany. METHODS:Systematic electronic and manual literature search. RESULTS:Compared to standard care, home treatment was equally or more efficacious with respect to general state of ...

    journal_title:Psychiatrische Praxis

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    authors: Gühne U,Weinmann S,Arnold K,Atav ES,Becker T,Riedel-Heller S

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