Expression and protein chemistry yielding crystallization of the catalytic domain of ADAM17 complexed with a hydroxamate inhibitor.


:The membrane-anchored metalloproteinase ADAM17 (TNF-alpha converting enzyme; TACE; EC continues to be an attractive drug target in inflammatory diseases and cancer. Cocrystallization of its catalytic domain with a lead compound was complicated by the tenacious retention of the prodomain that has been shown to be enhanced if ADAM17 is expressed without the disintegrin/cysteine-rich domain that normally follows the N-terminal metalloproteinase. When a truncated form of ADAM17 composed of the signal peptide with the pro- and catalytic domains was expressed in baculovirus-infected insect cells, the major secreted product was a ternary complex of two prodomain fragments with the catalytic domain. The component polypeptides of the ternary complex were characterized by N-terminal analysis and mass spectrometry. Internal cleavage of the propeptide occurred following Arg-58, and a carboxypeptidase variably removed up to three basic residues from the newly created C-terminus. Cleavage at the C-terminus of the propeptide occurred after Arg-214. To prepare ADAM17 for crystal growth, a drug-like inhibitor was used to displace the propeptide and the complex of the catalytic domain with the inhibitor was isolated by size-exclusion chromatography and crystallized.


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Hoth LR,Tan DH,Wang IK,Wengender PA,Thompson MA,Kamath AV,Geoghegan KF




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  • High-level bacterial expression and purification of human SirT2 protein for NMR studies.

    abstract::Silent information regulator 2 (Sir2) proteins are a class of protein deacetylase enzymes that play key roles in transcriptional gene silencing, DNA repair, and aging. Here, we describe the high-level bacterial expression and purification of a human SirT2 construct that yields high resolution NMR spectra. By removing ...

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  • Human cysteine-rich intestinal protein: cDNA cloning and expression of recombinant protein and identification in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

    abstract::Cysteine-rich intestinal protein (CRIP) is a small, 8.5-kDa protein with one double zinc-finger motif called a LIM domain. It is very abundant in intestine and some immune cells in rodents, and expression is influenced by development and the immune response. We have cloned a human CRIP cDNA from human small intestine ...

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  • The production of recombinant (15)N, (13)C-labelled somatostatin 14 for NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::Structural studies of human peptide hormone somatostatin 14 (SS14) require high amounts of isotopically labelled SS14 to be produced. Here we report a method for effective production of isotopically labelled SS14. SS14 was expressed as a fusion protein with thioredoxin in Escherichia coli. Co-expression of a longer po...

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