Isolation of strains belonging to the cosmopolitan Polynucleobacter necessarius cluster from freshwater habitats located in three climatic zones.


:More than 40 bacterial strains belonging to the cosmopolitan Polynucleobacter necessarius cluster (Betaproteobacteria) were isolated from a broad spectrum of freshwater habitats located in three climatic zones. Sequences affiliated with the freshwater P. necessarius cluster are among the most frequently detected in studies on bacterial diversity in freshwater ecosystems. Despite this frequent detection with culture-independent techniques and the cosmopolitan occurrence of members affiliated with this cluster, no isolates have been reported thus far. The isolated strains have been obtained from lakes, ponds, and rivers in central Europe, the People's Republic of China, and East Africa by use of the filtration-acclimatization method. The 16S rRNA gene sequences of the isolates are 98.8 to 100% identical to reference sequences obtained by various authors by use of culture-independent methods. The isolates, aerobic heterotrophs, grew on a wide range of standard complex media and formed visible colonies on agar plates. Thus, the previous lack of isolates cannot be explained by a lack of appropriate media. Most of the isolates possess, under a wide range of culture conditions, very small cells (<0.1 micro m(3)), even when grown in medium containing high concentrations of organic substances. Thus, these strains are obligate ultramicrobacteria. The obtained strains have a C-shaped cell morphology which is very similar to that of recently isolated ultramicrobacterial Luna cluster strains (Actinobacteria) and the SAR11 cluster strains (Alphaproteobacteria).


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    abstract::ω-Transaminase (ω-TA) is a promising enzyme for use in the production of unnatural amino acids from keto acids using cheap amino donors such as isopropylamine. The small substrate-binding pocket of most ω-TAs permits entry of substituents no larger than an ethyl group, which presents a significant challenge to the pre...

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    abstract::Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) are an important class of secondary metabolites known for their protection against UV radiation and other stress factors. Cyanobacteria produce a variety of MAAs, including shinorine, the active ingredient in many sunscreen creams. Bioinformatic analysis of the genome of the soil-dw...

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  • Chemical disinfection of hepatitis A virus on environmental surfaces.

    abstract::Hepatitis A virus disinfection was assessed on contaminated stainless-steel disks. Ten microliters of fecally suspended hepatitis A virus was deposited on the center of each disk, dried for 20 min, and then covered with 20 microliters of the test product for 1 min. Of the 20 formulations tested, only 2% glutaraldehyde...

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  • Biosynthesis of natural flavanones in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::A four-step flavanone biosynthetic pathway was constructed and introduced into Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The recombinant yeast strain was fed with phenylpropanoid acids and produced the flavanones naringenin and pinocembrin 62 and 22 times more efficiently compared to previously reported recombinant prokaryotic strain...

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    abstract::Butane-oxidizing Arthrobacter (ATCC 27778) bacteria were shown to degrade low concentrations of methyl t-butyl ether (MTBE; range, 100 to 800 microg/liter) with an apparent half-saturation concentration (K(s)) of 2.14 mg/liter and a maximum substrate utilization rate (k(c)) of 0.43 mg/mg of total suspended solids per ...

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