Overexpression, oxidative refolding, and zinc binding of recombinant forms of the murine S100 protein MRP14 (S100A9).


:Recombinant murine MRP14 (mMRP14) was produced in Escherichia coli using the pGEX expression system. The mass of fusion protein, by electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (ESI/MS), was 39,213 Da which compares well with the theoretical mass (39,210.4 Da). Thrombin digestion of fusion protein was expected at a cloned thrombin consensus sequence (. LVPRGS. ) located between glutathione S-transferase and mMRP14. Analysis of products of digestion by C4 reverse-phase HPLC and SDS-PAGE/Western blotting revealed two immunoreactive cleavage products with molecular weights around 13, 000. Masses of the two proteins determined by ESI/MS were 13,062 and 11,919 Da. The larger product corresponded to the expected mass of recombinant mMRP14 (13,061.9 Da). Analysis of the protein sequence of recombinant mMRP14 revealed a thrombin-like consensus sequence (. NNPRGH. ) located close to the C-terminus. The smaller protein corresponded to a truncated form of rec mMRP14 (rec MRP141-102) with a calculated mass of 11,918.6 Da. Optimization of the cleavage conditions resulted in >95% full-length rec mMRP14. Native mMRP14 contains one intramolecular disulfide bond between Cys79 and Cys90. The full-length recombinant protein was renatured and oxidized in ammonium acetate (pH approximately 7) for 96 h and formed >95% of the native intramolecular disulfide-bonded form. MRP141-102 bound substantially less 65Zn2+ compared to native mMRP14 or rec mMRP14 after transfer to polyvinylidene difluoride and incubation with 65ZnCl2, implicating the His residues located within the C-terminal domain in Zn2+ binding.


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Raftery MJ,Collinson L,Geczy CL





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    abstract::A long-lasting recombinant human albumin-linker-erythropoietin (EPO) is a human albumin gene fused to the N-terminal of EPO with a (GGSGG)(n)-repeated linker inserted between albumin and EPO. Albumin-EPO fusion genes were co-transfected with the dhfr gene. Albumin-EPO fusion protein has three kinds of sub-types (IALE,...

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  • Production of constitutively acetylated recombinant p53 from yeast and Escherichia coli by tethered catalysis.

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