Income inequality and mortality in US counties: does minority racial concentration matter?


UNLABELLED:This study examined (1) the relationship between income inequality and mortality among all counties in the contiguous United States to ascertain whether the relationships found for states and metropolitan areas extend to smaller geographic units and (2) the influence of minority racial concentration on the inequality-mortality linkage. METHODS:This county-level ecologic analysis used data from the Compressed Mortality Files and the US Census. Weighted least squares regression models of age-, sex-, and race-adjusted county mortality rates were estimated to examine the additive and interactive effects of income inequality and minority racial concentration. RESULTS:Higher income inequality at the county level was significantly associated with higher total mortality. Higher minority racial concentration also was significantly related to higher mortality and interacted with income inequality. CONCLUSIONS:The relationship between income inequality and mortality is robust for counties in the United States. Minority concentration interacts with income inequality, resulting in higher mortality in counties with low inequality and a high percentage of Blacks than in counties with high inequality and a high percentage of Blacks.


Am J Public Health


McLaughlin DK,Stokes CS




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2002-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Multilevel predictors of inconsistent condom use among adolescent mothers.

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  • Differences in the social networks of African American men who have sex with men only and those who have sex with men and women.

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  • Challenges associated with screening for traumatic brain injury among US veterans seeking homeless services.

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  • Political coalitions for mutual advantage: the case of the Tobacco Institute's Labor Management Committee.

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  • A dangerous curve: the role of history in America's scoliosis screening programs.

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  • Grab a Cup, Fill It Up! An Intervention to Promote the Convenience of Drinking Water and Increase Student Water Consumption During School Lunch.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We evaluated a low-cost strategy for schools to improve the convenience and appeal of drinking water. METHODS:We conducted a group-randomized, controlled trial in 10 Boston, Massachusetts, schools in April through June 2013 to test a cafeteria-based intervention. Signage promoting water and disposable cups ...

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  • The GLBT Health Access Project: a state-funded effort to improve access to care.

    abstract::The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Health Access Project is a unique public-private collaboration working to eliminate barriers to health care for the GLBT community, foster development of comprehensive, culturally appropriate health promotion policies and health care services for GLBT people and their...

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  • An outcome evaluation of the Sources of Strength suicide prevention program delivered by adolescent peer leaders in high schools.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To assess whether asking questions about a future behavior changes this behavior (i.e., the question-behavior effect) when applied to a population-level intervention to enhance colorectal cancer screening. METHODS:In 2013, text-message reminders were sent to a national sample of 50 000 Israeli women and men...

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  • Calories, fat and cholesterol: intake patterns in the US population by race, sex and age.

    abstract::Nutrient intakes were investigated for Blacks and Whites using data from the NHANES II survey (1976-80). Intake of energy, total fat, saturated fat, dietary cholesterol, P/S ratio, and per cent of calories derived from total and saturated fat are examined by sex and age, both in absolute terms and per unit of body wei...

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  • Socioeconomic gradients in sexually transmitted diseases: a geographic information system-based analysis of poverty, race/ethnicity, and gonorrhea rates in California, 2004-2006.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We quantified the relationship between gonorrheal infection rates in California and a measure of poverty status and investigated how this relationship and the spatial dispersion of cases varied among the 4 dominant racial/ethnic groups in the state. METHODS:We geocoded gonorrhea cases reported in California...

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  • Obstetrical intervention and the singleton preterm birth rate in the United States from 1991-2006.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We examined the relationship between obstetrical intervention and preterm birth in the United States between 1991 and 2006. METHODS:We assessed changes in preterm birth, cesarean delivery, labor induction, and associated risks. Logistic regression modeled the odds of preterm obstetrical intervention after r...

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