Audit of the annual reports of directors of public health: production methods.


OBJECTIVE:An audit of production methods used for the Directors of Public Health (DsPH) Annual Report of the health of their local population. DESIGN:Postal questionnaire survey. SETTING AND SUBJECTS:23 Departments of Public Health in the West Midlands Region. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:Costs and problems relating to different production techniques used. RESULTS:The majority of DsPH favoured reports with figures and graphs. This led to most DsPH using in-house desktop publishing or employing external graphic designers. Those using the former technique had more problems related to computers and felt they spent too much medical time working on the document. However, they also valued the relative low cost, editorial freedom and the ability to correct mistakes easily. Departments which employed external graphic designers generally paid more, but appreciated the extra time made available by delegating the work. They also felt that the expertise was valuable in document design. However, inaccuracies were cited as being more difficult to correct. CONCLUSIONS:Perhaps the best way of producing an annual report is to amalgamate the two commonest production techniques (i.e. external graphic design and in-house desktop publishing).


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  • Hospital bed usage by people with HIV disease: experience in a provincial setting.

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  • Dental needs of pre-retirement and retired people in an inner-city area.

    abstract::Perceived and normative dental needs were assessed for people of pre-retirement (55-64 years) and retirement age (65-74 years) in Camberwell, London, using a postal questionnaire and dental examination. Of the pre-retirement group, 77% were dentate compared with 65% in the older cohort. The younger age-group were more...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To examine the influence of duration of completely or partially wrapped swaddling on rickets onset and bone properties in children of school age. STUDY DESIGN:Case-control study. METHODS:Subjects were 73 children aged 7-10 years with a history of rickets (cases) and 70 children with no history of rickets (...

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  • Measure for measure: the quest for valid indicators of non-fatal injury incidence.

    abstract::In this edition of Public Health, McClure and colleagues report on research that considered the criterion validity of indicators based on serious long bone fracture and length of stay in hospital. They found that neither were sensitive or specific indicators for serious injury as defined by an Injury Severity Score (I...

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  • The relationship between alcohol consumption and the desire to own a firearm: an empirical study on citizens of São Paulo city, Brazil.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The main objective of this study was to investigate the association between alcohol consumption (use and bingeing) and the desire to own a firearm for protection. STUDY DESIGN:We used data from three random cross-sectional victimisation surveys conducted in São Paulo city, Brazil, in 2003, 2008 and 2013 with...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate the associations between vertical (institutional) political trust in the Riksdag and daily smoking and smoking cessation. STUDY DESIGN:Cross-sectional study. METHODS:In total, 27,757 individuals aged 18-80 years answered a postal questionnaire, which represents 59% of the random sample. A lo...

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  • The influence of gender, social circumstances and smoking on survival: the Renfrew and Paisley study.

    abstract::The present study aimed to compare survival to age 75 between men and women, by social circumstances and smoking behaviour. A 20 year follow up was carried out of a large representative cohort of Scottish men and women in the Renfrew and Paisley study, and was combined with Scottish mortality statistics. 6831 men and ...

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  • Needs assessment in Scotland: collaboration in public health.

    abstract::The National Health Service reforms revitalized the national emphasis on the public's health and health needs assessment. In Scotland, in contrast with England, there was no central investment in the development of methods and programmes for needs assessment in the context of the new NHS. To achieve a concerted effort...

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  • Factors influencing HIV disclosure among people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: a systematic review using narrative synthesis and meta-analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To critically review, appraise and evaluate quality of evidence on HIV disclosure among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Nigeria, and to identify a possible gap in knowledge on HIV/AIDS and disclosure. STUDY DESIGN:A systematic review using narrative synthesis and meta-analysis. METHODS:MedLine, Psyc...

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