Energy metabolism in Cotugnia digonopora and the effect of anthelmintics.


:Incorporation of 32Pi into organic phosphate by mitochondria of Cotugnia digonopora was supported maximally by malate. Fumarate and succinate induced lower but significant production of ATP. Pyruvate, alpha-ketoglutarate and oxalacetate proved to be poor substrates and citrate and isocitrate had no effect. A net phosphorylation of approximately 2 mol of ADP was observed for each mol of CO2 liberated from malate or succinate. In contrast, with pyruvate, in spite of a high rate of decarboxylation, the production of ATP was extremely low. 2,4-Dinitrophenol inhibited phosphorylation. All anthelmintics examined interfered with the mitochondrial phosphorylation of ADP, with maximum inhibition by salicylanilide compounds. The anticestodal activity of the latter group of compounds, niclosamide for example, may, therefore, be attributed to their ability to inhibit mitochondrial phosphorylation.


Mol Biochem Parasitol


Pampori NA,Singh G,Srivastava VM




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1984-04-01 00:00:00












  • Is point mutagenesis a mechanism for antigenic variation in Trypanosoma brucei?

    abstract::Antigenic variation in African trypanosomes proceeds by switching between different variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) molecules, whose extensive epitope differences enable evasion of antibody responses. Each trypanosome has approximately 1000 basic copy VSG genes inside chromosomes and a subset located at telomeres. ...

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  • Further characterisation of the Schistosoma japonicum protein Sj23, a target antigen of an immunodiagnostic monoclonal antibody.

    abstract::Sj23, the 23-kDa target antigen in Schistosoma japonicum adult worms of the hybridoma monoclonal antibody (mAb) I-134, has been identified and cloned from cDNA libraries, mAb I-134 has been successfully used in immunodiagnostic assays to detect S. japonicum infection in Philippine patients. Sequence analysis has shown...

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  • Similarity of a 16.5kDa tegumental protein of the human liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini to nematode cytoplasmic motility protein.

    abstract::Opisthorchis viverrini is the causative agent of human opisthorchiasis in Thailand and long lasting infection with the parasite has been correlated with the development of cholangiocarcinoma. In this work we have molecularly characterized the first member of a protein family carrying two DM9 repeats in this parasite (...

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  • Involvement of lysosomes in the uptake of macromolecular material by bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei.

    abstract::To investigate whether the lysosomes of Trypanosoma brucei are capable of uptake of macromolecules after internalization by the cell, we used Triton WR-1339, a non-digestible macromolecular compound, which is known to cause a marked decrease in the density of hepatic lysosomes due to massive intralysosomal storage. In...

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  • Phenotypic characterization of a glucose transporter null mutant in Leishmania mexicana.

    abstract::Glucose is a major source of energy and carbon in promastigotes of Leishmania mexicana, and its uptake is mediated by three glucose transporters whose genes are encoded within a single cluster. A null mutant in which the glucose transporter gene cluster was deleted by homologous gene replacement was generated previous...

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  • Interallelic recombination in the merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP-1) gene of Plasmodium vivax from Thai isolates.

    abstract::The merozoite of Plasmodium vivax possesses a high molecular mass surface protein called Pv-merozoite surface protein 1, PvMSP-1, which exhibits antigenic diversity among isolates. In this study, the extent of sequence variation in the polymorphic region and the flanking interspecies conserved blocks (ICBs) 5 and 6 of...

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  • Molecular cloning of a myoD-like gene from the parasitic nematode, Trichinella spiralis.

    abstract::The infective larval stage of the nematode Trichinella spiralis is an intracellular parasite of skeletal muscle cells. Infection with T. spiralis results in dedifferentiation of the host cell and the formation of a host/parasite complex. A gene encoding a T. spiralis Helix-Loop-helix (HLH) protein with homology to the...

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  • Electron transfer complexes of Ascaris suum muscle mitochondria: I. Characterization of NADH-cytochrome c reductase (complex I-III), with special reference to cytochrome localization.

    abstract::An NADH-cytochrome c reductase (complex I-III) was isolated from Ascaris suum muscle mitochondria. The enzyme preparation catalyzed the reduction of 1.68 mumol cytochrome c min-1 mg-1 protein at 25 degrees C with NADH but not with NADPH, and retained its sensitivity to rotenone, piericidin A and 2-heptyl-4-hydroxyquin...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Takamiya S,Furushima R,Oya H

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  • Characterization of the gene family encoding a host-protective antigen of the tapeworm Taenia ovis.

    abstract::Genomic structure has been determined for a gene encoding a host-protective antigen of the parasitic platyhelminth Taenia ovis. An incomplete cDNA, known as 45W, encodes the protective antigen. Southern hybridisation experiments using 45W cDNA as a probe, revealed that the 45W gene was a member of a multigene family. ...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Waterkeyn JG,Lightowlers MW,Coppel R,Cowman AF

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  • Microsatellite polymorphism in the sexually transmitted human pathogen Trichomonas vaginalis indicates a genetically diverse parasite.

    abstract::Given the growing appreciation of serious health sequelae from widespread Trichomonas vaginalis infection, new tools are needed to study the parasite's genetic diversity. To this end we have identified and characterized a panel of 21 microsatellites and six single-copy genes from the T. vaginalis genome, using seven l...

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  • A high level of mixed Trypanosoma brucei infections in tsetse flies detected by three hypervariable minisatellites.

    abstract::The issue of whether genetic exchange occurs at a significant frequency in natural populations of Trypanosoma brucei is controversial and one of the arguments against a high frequency has been the apparent lack of host infections with mixtures of trypanosome genotypes. Three minisatellite markers (MS42, CRAM, 292) wit...

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    authors: MacLeod A,Turner CM,Tait A

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  • Molecular characterisation of an expressed sequence tag locus of Toxoplasma gondii encoding the micronemal protein MIC2.

    abstract::The expressed sequence tag (EST) dataset of Toxoplasma gondii provides a wealth of information towards gene discovery. The complete cDNA and genomic sequence of EST tgc050 locus shows that it contains five copies of the conserved thrombospondin (TSP)-like motif present in a number of molecules with adhesive properties...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Wan KL,Carruthers VB,Sibley LD,Ajioka JW

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  • De novo arachidonic acid synthesis in Perkinsus marinus, a protozoan parasite of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica.

    abstract::The capability of synthesizing fatty acids de novo in the meront stage of the oyster protozoan parasite, Perkinsus marinus, was investigated employing stable-isotope-labeled precursors (1,2 13C-acetate and palmitic-d(31) acid). Fatty acid methyl esters derived from 1,2 13C-acetate and palmitic-d(31) acid were analyzed...

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  • Expression and cellular localization of Trypanosoma cruzi type II DNA topoisomerase.

    abstract::Topoisomerases are enzymes that participate in many cellular functions involving topological manipulation of DNA strands. There are two types of topoisomerases in the cell: (a) type I topoisomerases; and (b) type II topoisomerases (topo II). Previously we have cloned and sequenced the gene encoding Trypanosoma cruzi t...

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    authors: Fragoso SP,Mattei D,Hines JC,Ray D,Goldenberg S

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  • Sequences with high propensity to form G-quartet structures in kinetoplast DNA from Phytomonas serpens.

    abstract::Naturally occurring sequences containing repetitive guanine motifs have the potential to form tetraplex DNA. Phytomonas serpens minicircle DNA shows some regions where one strand is composed mainly of G and T (GT regions). These regions contain several stretches of contiguous guanines. An oligonucleotide was construct...

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    authors: Sá-Carvalho D,Traub-Cseko YM

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  • A conserved parasite serine protease processes the Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein-1.

    abstract::The merozoite surface protein-1 of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum undergoes an extracellular proteolytic cleavage (secondary processing) intrinsic to successful erythrocyte invasion. In the T9/96 clone of P. falciparum the protease responsible has been characterised as a membrane-associated, calcium-...

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    authors: Blackman MJ,Chappel JA,Shai S,Holder AA

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  • Molecular and functional characterisation of the heat shock protein 10 of Strongyloides ratti.

    abstract::Strongyloides stercoralis and S. ratti are intestinal parasitic nematodes infecting rats and humans, respectively. Both present extraordinary life cycles comprising a free-living generation in addition to parasitic stages. In search of molecules possibly involved in parasite-host interaction, we performed mass spectro...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Tazir Y,Steisslinger V,Soblik H,Younis AE,Beckmann S,Grevelding CG,Steen H,Brattig NW,Erttmann KD

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  • Localization of the major Plasmodium falciparum glycoprotein on the surface of mature intraerythrocytic trophozoites and schizonts.

    abstract::The subcellular location of the major malarial glycoprotein in erythrocytes infected with schizonts of Plasmodium falciparum has been studied by two methods. In the first, glycoproteins were labelled with [3H]glucosamine or [3H]isoleucine during in vitro culture. Trypsin treatment of intact infected erythrocytes cause...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Howard RJ,Lyon JA,Diggs CL,Haynes JD,Leech JH,Barnwell JW,Aley SB,Aikawa M,Miller LH

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  • Differentiation of Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream trypomastigotes from long slender to short stumpy-like forms in axenic culture.

    abstract::An axenic cultivation system was used to study the differentiation of Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms from long slender to short stumpy-like forms. Trypanosomes in the logarithmic phase are similar to long slender bloodstream forms freshly isolated from infected mice, differing only in the rate of oxygen uptake. ...

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    authors: Hamm B,Schindler A,Mecke D,Duszenko M

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  • Effects of curcumin on the parasite Schistosoma mansoni: a transcriptomic approach.

    abstract::Schistosomiasis remains a severe problem of public health in developing countries. Several reports show that praziquantel, the drug of choice for treating schistosomiasis, can select Schistosoma mansoni strains resistant to the drug. Thus, developing new drugs against this parasitosis is a highly desirable goal. Curcu...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Morais ER,Oliveira KC,Magalhães LG,Moreira EB,Verjovski-Almeida S,Rodrigues V

    更新日期:2013-02-01 00:00:00

  • Theileria parva 104 kDa microneme--rhoptry protein is membrane-anchored by a non-cleaved amino-terminal signal sequence for entry into the endoplasmic reticulum.

    abstract::The 104 kDa microneme-rhoptry protein (p104) is the only known apical complex organelle-specific protein of Theileria parva. p104 exhibits striking structural similarities to circumsporozoite protein and sporozoite surface protein 2 of Plasmodium yoelii. Their primary sequences contain two hydrophobic segments, locate...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Ebel T,Gerhards J,Binder BR,Lipp J

    更新日期:1999-05-15 00:00:00

  • 3-Methyladenine blocks Toxoplasma gondii division prior to centrosome replication.

    abstract::The apicomplexan Toxoplasma gondii replicates by endodyogeny, in which replicated organelles assemble into nascent daughter buds within the maternal parasite. The mechanisms governing this complex sequence are not understood. We now report that the kinase inhibitor 3-methlyadenine (3-MA) efficiently blocks T. gondii r...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Wang Y,Karnataki A,Parsons M,Weiss LM,Orlofsky A

    更新日期:2010-10-01 00:00:00

  • Characterisation of benzimidazole binding with recombinant tubulin from Giardia duodenalis, Encephalitozoon intestinalis, and Cryptosporidium parvum.

    abstract::The binding kinetics of several benzimidazole compounds were determined with recombinant tubulin from benzimidazole-sensitive and -insensitive organisms. This study utilised the naturally occurring high efficacy of the benzimidazoles for the parasitic protozoa Giardia duodenalis and Encephalitozoon intestinalis, and l...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: MacDonald LM,Armson A,Thompson AR,Reynoldson JA

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  • The complete sequence of a Plasmodium malariae SSUrRNA gene and its comparison to other plasmodial SSUrRNA genes.

    abstract::A gene encoding the small subunit rRNA (SSUrRNA) has been isolated from the human parasite, Plasmodium malariae. The gene has been sequenced. It contains conserved and variable regions which conform to patterns established for other eukaryotic SSUrRNA genes. Comparisons with other SSUrRNA genes from Plasmodium species...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Goman M,Mons B,Scaife J

    更新日期:1991-04-01 00:00:00

  • Molecular cloning of GRA4, a Toxoplasma gondii dense granule protein, recognized by mucosal IgA antibodies.

    abstract::Clones which were selected from a Toxoplasma gondii expression library with the immune serum from a T. gondii-infected rabbit, were further screened using milk and intestinal secretions from mice which had been orally infected with T. gondii cysts. The gene products of several clones reacted strongly with milk IgA and...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

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    authors: Mevelec MN,Chardès T,Mercereau-Puijalon O,Bourguin I,Achbarou A,Dubremetz JF,Bout D

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  • E. dispar strain: analysis of polymorphism as a tool for study of geographic distribution.

    abstract::The intra-species polymorphism of E. histolytica and E. dispar species in endemic area is an important tool for geographic distribution and spread mechanism studies. Since E. dispar and E. histolytica shears ecological niche, cell cycle, and transmission mechanism for human host, we studied the intra-specie variation ...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ramos F,García G,Valadez A,Morán P,González E,Gómez A,Melendro EI,Valenzuela O,Ximénez C

    更新日期:2005-06-01 00:00:00

  • Transient expression of luciferase in Entamoeba histolytica driven by the ferredoxin gene 5' and 3' regions.

    abstract::We have successfully transfected Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites with constructs containing ferredoxin sequences fused to the reporter gene luciferase. We have determined the conditions and parameters necessary to maximise transient luciferase expression in our system. Our optimal construct gave values of 268 x 10(...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Gilchrist CA,Streets HL,Ackers JP,Hall R

    更新日期:1995-10-01 00:00:00

  • Sm22.6 antigen is an inhibitor to human thrombin.

    abstract::The physiological role of Schistosomiasis mansoni 22.6 antigen (sm22.6 Ag) and its pathogenic effect on the human host has never been reported. Recombinant sm22.6 Ag is a homogenous polymer under non-denaturing/non-reducing conditions, and an inhibitor to human thrombin. Kinetic and Western blot assays show that the r...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lin YL,He S

    更新日期:2006-05-01 00:00:00

  • An exported protein of Plasmodium falciparum is synthesized as an integral membrane protein.

    abstract::Exp-1 is an antigen of Plasmodium falciparum which is transported from the parasite cell to the membrane of the parasitophorous vacuole and to membranous compartments in the erythrocyte. To investigate how this protein is transported, we studied the synthesis and membrane translocation of exp-1 in a cell-free system. ...

    journal_title:Molecular and biochemical parasitology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Günther K,Tümmler M,Arnold HH,Ridley R,Goman M,Scaife JG,Lingelbach K

    更新日期:1991-05-01 00:00:00

  • Characterization of the phytochelatin synthase from the human parasitic nematode Ancylostoma ceylanicum.

    abstract::Hookworm disease is a debilitating worm infection that affects hundreds of millions of people. Despite the existence of anthelmintic drugs, reports have testified of a decrease in efficacy of these drugs. Therefore, it is imperative to find new drugs and drug targets for hookworm disease treatment. In this study we id...

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    authors: Rigouin C,Vermeire JJ,Nylin E,Williams DL

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