Kinetics of polymerization of a fluoresceinated derivative of complement protein C9 by the membrane-bound complex of complement proteins C5b-8.


:The fluorescence self-quenching by energy transfer of FITC-C9, a fluoresceinated derivative of human complement protein C9 [Sims, P.J. (1984) Biochemistry (preceding paper in this issue)], has been used to monitor the kinetics of C9 polymerization induced by the membrane-associated complex of complement proteins C5b-8. Time-based measurements of the fluorescence change observed during incubation of FITC-C9 with C5b-8-treated sheep red blood cell ghost membranes at various temperatures revealed that C9 polymerization induced by the C5b-8 proteins exhibits a temperature dependence similar to that previously reported for the complement-mediated hemolysis of these cells, with an Arrhenius activation energy for FITC-C9 polymerization of 13.3 +/- 3.2 kcal mol-1 (mean +/- 2 SD). Similar measurements obtained with C5b-8-treated unilamellar vesicles composed of either egg yolk phosphatidylcholine (egg PC), dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC), or dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) revealed activation energies of between 20 and 25 kcal mol-1 for FITC-C9 polymerization by C5b-8 bound to these membranes. Temperature-dependent rates of C9 polymerization were observed to be largely unaffected by the phase state of membrane lipid in the target C5b-8 vesicles. The significance of these observations of the mechanism of C9 activation of membrane insertion is considered.






Sims PJ,Wiedmer T




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1984-07-03 00:00:00












  • Near-infrared resonance Raman spectra of Chloroflexus aurantiacus photosynthetic reaction centers.

    abstract::Resonance Raman spectra of the photosynthetic reaction center isolated from the green bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus have been obtained with excitation in the near-infrared absorption bands of the special pair (P) and the accessory bacteriochlorophyll (B) using shifted-excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SER...


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  • The sucrose permease of Escherichia coli: functional significance of cysteine residues and properties of a cysteine-less transporter.

    abstract::The sucrose (CscB) permease belongs to the oligosaccharide:H(+) symporter family of the Major Facilitator Superfamily and is homologous to the lactose permease from Escherichia coli. Sucrose transport in cells expressing sucrose permease is completely inhibited by N-ethylmaleimide (NEM), suggesting that one or more of...


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  • Peroxidase versus Peroxygenase Activity: Substrate Substituent Effects as Modulators of Enzyme Function in the Multifunctional Catalytic Globin Dehaloperoxidase.

    abstract::The dehaloperoxidase-hemoglobin (DHP) from the terebellid polychaete Amphitrite ornata is a multifunctional hemoprotein that catalyzes the oxidation of a wide variety of substrates, including halo/nitrophenols, haloindoles, and pyrroles, via peroxidase and/or peroxygenase mechanisms. To probe whether substrate substit...


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  • Mechanism of oxygen exchange in actin-activated hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate by myosin subfragment 1.

    abstract::The gamma-phosphoryl groups of two intermediates (M-ATP and M-ADP-P1) in the pathway of MgATP hydrolysis by myosin undergo extensive oxygen exchange with water. Actin activates the overall rate of hydrolysis at a rate-limiting step which follows these exchange reactions. Thus, actin, by decreasing the turnover time of...


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  • Slow-binding inhibition of Escherichia coli cystathionine beta-lyase by L-aminoethoxyvinylglycine: a kinetic and X-ray study.

    abstract::The pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP)-dependent cystathionine beta-lyase (CBL) was previously found to be inhibited by the natural toxins rhizobitoxine and l-aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG). The present study characterizes the interaction of Escherichia coli CBL with AVG and methoxyvinylglycine (MVG) by a combination of kine...


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  • Purification and properties of squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) corticosteroid binding globulin.

    abstract::Corticosteroid binding globulin (CBG), a serum glycoprotein which binds glucocorticoids and progestins with high affinity, is widely distributed throughout the animal world. Although its charge and size characteristics have largely been conserved across species, we found the behavior of CBG in squirrel monkey (Saimiri...


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  • Influence of cytosolic AGS3 on receptor--G protein coupling.

    abstract::Activator of G protein signaling 3 (AGS3) activates the Gbetagamma mating pathway in yeast in a manner that is independent of heptahelical receptors. It competes with Gbetagamma subunits to bind GDP-bound Gi/o(alpha) subunits via four repeated G protein regulatory (GPR) domains in the carboxyl-terminal half of the mol...


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  • A deuterium surface coil NMR study of the metabolism of D-methionine in the liver of the anesthetized rat.

    abstract::The hepatic metabolism of deuteriated D-methionine has been studied in the intact, anesthetized rat using 2H NMR spectroscopy. The rate of formation of the principal labeled metabolite, [methyl-2H3]sarcosine, from the D-[methyl-2H3]methionine precursor was found to be as rapid as the rate observed previously in NMR st...


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  • Acid-induced unfolding and refolding transitions of cytochrome c: a three-state mechanism in H2O and D2O.

    abstract::Whereas the salt-dependent conformational transition of acid-denatured horse ferricytochrome c at pH 2 is approximated by a two-state mechanism from the acid-unfolded state to the molten globule state [Kataoka, M., Hagihara, Y., Mihara, K., & Goto, Y. (1993) J. Mol. Biol. 229, 591-596], the corresponding transition in...


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  • Orientation factor in steady-state and time-resolved resonance energy transfer measurements.

    abstract::Resonance energy transfer measurements provide a way to estimate distances between chromophores attached to different sites of macromolecules. There are two unknowns involved in resonance energy transfer measurements, the distance between two chromophores and their relative orientation. When static orientational disor...


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  • Circadian genomics reveal a role for post-transcriptional regulation in mammals.

    abstract::To maintain daily cycles, the circadian clock must tightly regulate the rhythms of thousands of mRNAs and proteins with the correct period, phase, and amplitude to ultimately drive the wide range of rhythmic biological processes. Recent genomic approaches have revolutionized our view of circadian gene expression and h...


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  • The synthetic/editing active site of an aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase: evidence for binding of thiols in the editing subsite.

    abstract::The active site of methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) possesses two functions: synthetic, which provides Met-tRNA for protein synthesis, and editing, which rejects inadvertently misactivated homocysteine. During editing, the side chain -SH group of homocysteine reacts with its activated carboxyl group forming a cyclic ...


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  • Interaction of acute-phase-inducible and liver-enriched nuclear factors with the promoter region of the mouse alpha 1-acid glycoprotein gene-1.

    abstract::The synthesis and secretion of several acute-phase proteins increases markedly following physiological stress. alpha 1-Acid glycoprotein (AGP), a major acute-phase reactant made by the liver, is strongly induced by inflammatory agents such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Nuclear run-on assay showed a 17-fold increase in ...


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    authors: Alam T,Papaconstantinou J

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  • Two unique phosphorylation-driven signaling pathways crosstalk in Staphylococcus aureus to modulate the cell-wall charge: Stk1/Stp1 meets GraSR.

    abstract::The Stk1/Stp1 and GraSR signal-transduction pathways are two distinct pathways in Staphylococcus aureus that rely on a reversible phosphorylation process in transducing external stimuli intracellularly. Stk1/Stp1 is an eukaryote-like Ser/Thr kinase phosphatase pair involved in purine biosynthesis, cell-wall metabolism...


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    authors: Fridman M,Williams GD,Muzamal U,Hunter H,Siu KW,Golemi-Kotra D

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  • X-ray structure of ornithine decarboxylase from Trypanosoma brucei: the native structure and the structure in complex with alpha-difluoromethylornithine.

    abstract::Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) is a pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) dependent homodimeric enzyme. It is a recognized drug target against African sleeping sickness, caused by Trypanosoma brucei. One of the currently used drugs, alpha-difluoromethylornithine (DFMO), is a suicide inhibitor of ODC. The structure of the T. bru...


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  • N-glycosyl bond formation catalyzed by human alkyladenine DNA glycosylase.

    abstract::The removal of damaged bases by DNA glycosylases is thought to be effectively irreversible, because of an overall equilibrium that favors hydrolysis over synthesis of the N-glycosyl bond. Surprisingly, human alkyladenine DNA glycosylase (AAG) can make damaged DNA by catalyzing formation of an N-glycosyl bond between 1...


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  • Influence of temperature on the conformation of canine plasminogen: an analytical ultracentrifugation and dynamic light scattering study.

    abstract::Plasminogen is known to undergo an extremely large conformational change when it binds ligands; the two well-established conformations are either closed (absence of external ligand) or open (presence of external ligand). We show here that plasminogen is more complicated than can be accommodated by a two-state, closed/...


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  • Structure-function relationships in sorcin, a member of the penta EF-hand family. Interaction of sorcin fragments with the ryanodine receptor and an Escherichia coli model system.

    abstract::Sorcin, a 21.6 kDa cytosolic EF-hand protein which undergoes a Ca(2+)-induced translocation from cytoplasm to membranes, has been assigned to the newly defined penta EF-hand family. A molecular model of the C-terminal Ca(2+)-binding domain has been generated using as a template the X-ray coordinates of the correspondi...


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  • NMR studies of the association of cytochrome b5 with cytochrome c.

    abstract::In an effort to gain greater insight into the molecular mechanism of the electron-transfer reactions of cytochrome b(5), the bovine cytochrome b(5)-horse cytochrome c complex has been investigated by high-resolution multidimensional NMR spectroscopy using (13)C, (15)N-labeled cytochrome b(5) expressed from a synthetic...


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  • A cysteine residue (cysteine-116) in the histidinol binding site of histidinol dehydrogenase.

    abstract::Salmonella typhimurium L-histidinol dehydrogenase (EC, a four-electron dehydrogenase, was inactivated by an active-site-directed modification reagent, 7-chloro-4-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole (NBD-Cl). The inactivation followed pseudo-first-order kinetics and was prevented by low concentrations of the substrate...


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  • Role of ionic interactions in ligand binding and catalysis of R67 dihydrofolate reductase.

    abstract::R67 dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), which catalyzes the NADPH dependent reduction of dihydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate, belongs to a type II family of R-plasmid encoded DHFRs that confer resistance to the antibacterial drug trimethoprim. Crystal structure data reveals this enzyme is a homotetramer that possesses a sin...


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  • Life and Work of Stress Granules and Processing Bodies: New Insights into Their Formation and Function.

    abstract::The dynamic formation of stress granules (SGs), processing bodies (PBs), and related RNA organelles regulates diverse cellular processes, including the coordination of functionally connected messengers, the translational regulation at the synapse, and the control of viruses and retrotransposons. Recent studies have sh...


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  • Morin inhibits the early stages of amyloid β-peptide aggregation by altering tertiary and quaternary interactions to produce "off-pathway" structures.

    abstract::Alzheimer's disease is a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder whose pathology has been linked to the aggregation and deposition of the amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) in neural tissue. A truly effective therapeutic agent remains elusive, and attention has recently turned to the use of natural products as effective antiaggre...


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  • Incorporation of cationic chains in the Dickerson-Drew dodecamer: correlation of energetics, structure, and ion and water binding.

    abstract::We have investigated the unfolding thermodynamics for incorporating cationic side chains in the Dickerson-Drew dodecamer duplex. Incorporation of two 3-aminopropyl-2'-deoxyuridine residues (one on each self-complementary strand) lowers the stability of the duplex. This reduction is driven by unfavorable heat contribut...


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  • Maduropeptin: an antitumor chromoprotein with selective protease activity and DNA cleaving properties.

    abstract::Maduropeptin (MDP) is a recently isolated antitumor antibiotic, consisting of an enediyne-containing chromophore embedded in a highly acidic protein. This holoantibiotic damages duplex DNA in vitro, producing a mixture of single- and double-strand breaks at selected sites. The chromophore, isolated as the methanol add...


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  • Kinetics of intracomplex electron transfer and of reduction of the components of covalent and noncovalent complexes of cytochrome c and cytochrome c peroxidase by free flavin semiquinones.

    abstract::The kinetics of reduction of free flavin semiquinones of the individual components of 1:1 covalent and electrostatic complexes of yeast ferric and ferryl cytochrome c peroxidase and ferric horse cytochrome c have been studied. Covalent cross-linking between the peroxidase and cytochrome c at low ionic strength results...


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  • Evidence for retro-translocation of pokeweed antiviral protein from endoplasmic reticulum into cytosol and separation of its activity on ribosomes from its activity on capped RNA.

    abstract::Pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP) is a single-chain ribosome inactivating protein (RIP) that binds to ribosomes and depurinates the highly conserved alpha-sarcin/ricin loop (SRL) of the large subunit rRNA. Catalytic depurination of a specific adenine has been proposed to result in translation arrest and cytotoxicity. H...


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  • Allosteric interactions of DNA and nucleotides with S. cerevisiae RSC.

    abstract::RSC (remodel the structure of chromatin) is an essential chromatin remodeler of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has been shown to have DNA translocase properties. We studied the DNA binding properties of a "trimeric minimal RSC" (RSCt) of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex and the effect of nucleotides on this interac...


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  • Engineered biosynthesis of novel polyketides: regiospecific methylation of an unnatural substrate by the tcmO O-methyltransferase.

    abstract::TcmO is an O-methyltransferase that methylates the C-8 hydroxyl to Tcm B3, a four-ring aromatic intermediate in the tetracenomycin biosynthetic pathway of Streptomyces glaucescens. The gene encoding this enzyme was expressed in Streptomyces coelicolor CH999 together with the actinorhodin polyketide synthase (PKS) gene...


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    authors: Fu H,Alvarez MA,Khosla C,Bailey JE

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  • Structure of Arabidopsis dehydroquinate dehydratase-shikimate dehydrogenase and implications for metabolic channeling in the shikimate pathway.

    abstract::The bifunctional enzyme dehydroquinate dehydratase-shikimate dehydrogenase (DHQ-SDH) catalyzes the dehydration of dehydroquinate to dehydroshikimate and the reduction of dehydroshikimate to shikimate in the shikimate pathway. We report the first crystal structure of Arabidopsis DHQ-SDH with shikimate bound at the SDH ...


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    authors: Singh SA,Christendat D

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