Extending the preoxygenation period from 4 to 8 mins in critically ill patients undergoing emergency intubation.


OBJECTIVE:To determine the effectiveness of increasing the preoxygenation period with 100% oxygen in the critically ill patient from 4 to 8 mins in preparation for emergency tracheal intubation. DESIGN:Nonrandomized, controlled trial. SETTING:Large, level one trauma center, tertiary care intensive care unit. PATIENTS:Critically ill patients failing noninvasive respiratory support techniques who required tracheal intubation followed by mechanical ventilation. INTERVENTIONS:A baseline arterial blood gas was obtained on noninvasive passive therapy and at 4, 6, and 8 mins of active preoxygenation efforts with 100% oxygen therapy with a noncollapsing resuscitator bag and mask. Best effort to achieve a tight fitting mask seal was pursued coupled with other mask ventilation maneuvers to optimize noninvasive oxygenation and ventilation. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS:Thirty-four patients consecutively intubated by the author during the 7-month study period were studied. The baseline PaO2 (mean +/- SD) with concurrent noninvasive support was 61.9 +/- 14.6 mm Hg (range: 44-109 mm Hg) and increased a mean of 22 mm Hg to 83.8 +/- 51.5 mm Hg after 4 mins of preoxygenation (p < 0.01). Continued preoxygenation efforts (6 mins) increased the PaO2 to 88.2 mm Hg +/- 48.5 and after 8 mins to 92.7 mm Hg +/- 55.2. At the 8-min mark, 5 of 34 patients achieved > 10% increase in their PaO2 and only two patients increased their 4-min PaO2 by > or = 50 mm Hg after the additional 4 mins of preoxygenation. One quarter of the patients experienced a reduction in their PaO2 from the 4 to the 8-min time period. Nearly, 50% of the patients met the criteria for desaturation during the intubation procedure. CONCLUSIONS:Extending the preoxygenation period from the customary 4 mins to either 6 or 8 min seems to be marginally effective in the majority of patient suffering from cardiopulmonary deterioration and such an extension may jeopardize oxygenation efforts in some patients.


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  • Consequences of bed rest.

    abstract::Bed rest is frequently prescribed for critically ill patients because it is assumed to be beneficial for preventing complications, for conserving scarce metabolic resources, and for providing patient comfort. Furthermore, higher levels of physical activity in critically ill patients have been assumed to be impractical...

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    abstract::The sphingomyelin (SM) pathway is an ubiquitous, evolutionarily conserved signaling system, analogous to conventional systems such as the cAMP and phosphoinositide pathways. Ceramide is generated from SM by the action of a neutral or acid SMase, or by de novo synthesis coordinated through the enzyme ceramide synthase....

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  • Effects of changes in abdominal pressure on left ventricular performance and regional blood flow.

    abstract::Many clinical conditions are associated with an increase in abdominal pressure. While the effects on venous return have been studied in the past, little attention has been given to the effect of abdominal pressure on left-sided hemodynamic events. The effects of acute changes in abdominal pressure (Pab) on left ventri...

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  • Management of gallbladder perforation by percutaneous cholecystostomy.

    abstract::Percutaneous cholecystostomy was employed successfully as an alternative to cholecystectomy for the treatment of acute cholecystitis with perforation in an elderly woman. The procedure, performed portably in the cardiac care unit, was selected because progressive cardiac and renal decompensation made the patient an ex...

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    abstract::Prolonged artificial ventilation may result in worsening gas exchange and pulmonary compliance in patients with otherwise normal lungs. Prolonged hyperinflations to 40 cm H2O can completely reverse deterioration of gas exchange and compliance in such patients. Similar efforts have effectively recruited atelectatic lun...

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  • Magnesium-adenosine triphosphate in the treatment of shock, ischemia, and sepsis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To review the rationale for adenosine triphosphate-magnesium chloride (ATP-MgCl2) administration in shock, ischemia, and sepsis; the beneficial effects on cellular and organ functions and survival; and possible mechanisms of these effects. DATA SOURCES:Current literature review. STUDY SELECTION:Articles deeme...

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