[Osteoporosis in spinal cord injury. Screening and treatment. Results of a survey of physical medicine and rehabilitation physician practices in France. Proposals for action to be taken towards the screening and the treatment].


OBJECTIVE:The management of osteoporosis in spinal cord injury that is a recurring issue in daily practice, but unfortunately, no standard protocol is provided by the literature review, either for screening or for a strategy of prevention and even for therapy. We assessed the practices of the physicians in physical medicine and rehabilitation from all over France, with the ultimate aim to propose a consensus for preventive and curative cares of that osteoporosis. METHODS:A questionnaire was sent to practitioners engaged with spinal cord injury (SCI) patients residing in the center and patients in medical monitoring. The questionnaire consisted mainly of closed questions. RESULTS:Twenty-six questionnaires are analyzed. The screening for osteoporosis is made routinely by only 19.2% of the practitioners and after a fracture in only 80.2% of the cases. The diagnosis of osteoporosis is based on bone densitometry (DEXA) (96%). Standing still remains a means of prevention for 88% of physicians in the acute phase and for 77% in the chronic phase. Ninety-two percent of practitioners treat at the stage of established osteoporosis. CONCLUSION:There is generally no standardized management of osteoporosis in practice for SCI patients. The searching for osteoporosis is usually performed after a fracture. All the literature data and results of the questionnaire led us to propose a protocol consisting in a systematic monitoring of the bone mineral density for the screening of osteoporosis, but also a procedure for early diagnosis and for preventive treatment of osteoporosis in the acute phase.


Ann Phys Rehabil Med


Phaner V,Charmetant C,Condemine A,Fayolle-Minon I,Lafage-Proust MH,Calmels P,groupe de travail Sofmer-AFIGAP.




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