Defining the power limits of genome-wide association scan meta-analyses.


:Large-scale meta-analyses of genome-wide association scans (GWAS) have been successful in discovering common risk variants with modest and small effects. The detection of lower frequency signals will undoubtedly require concerted efforts of at least similar scale. We investigate the sample size-dictated power limits of GWAS meta-analyses, in the presence and absence of modest levels of heterogeneity and across a range of different allelic architectures. We find that data combination through large-scale collaboration is vital in the quest for complex trait susceptibility loci, but that effect size heterogeneity across meta-analyzed studies drawn from similar populations does not appear to have a profound effect on sample size requirements.


Genet Epidemiol


Genetic epidemiology


Chapman K,Ferreira T,Morris A,Asimit J,Zeggini E




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  • Mortality differences by APOE genotype estimated from demographic synthesis.

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  • A combination test for detection of gene-environment interaction in cohort studies.

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  • Power and sample size calculations for SNP association studies with censored time-to-event outcomes.

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  • Novel likelihood ratio tests for screening gene-gene and gene-environment interactions with unbalanced repeated-measures data.

    abstract::There has been extensive literature on modeling gene-gene interaction (GGI) and gene-environment interaction (GEI) in case-control studies with limited literature on statistical methods for GGI and GEI in longitudinal cohort studies. We borrow ideas from the classical two-way analysis of variance literature to address...

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  • Regressive logistic and proportional hazards disease models for within-family analyses of measured genotypes, with application to a CYP17 polymorphism and breast cancer.

    abstract::Various statistical methods have been proposed to evaluate associations between measured genetic variants and disease, including some using family designs. For breast cancer and rare variants, we applied a modified segregation analysis method that uses the population cancer incidence and population-based case families...

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  • Segregation analysis of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

    abstract::The results of classical segregation analysis on 159 families with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) are presented. It had been previously estimated that about 95% of autosomal dominant PKD (ADPKD) families have PKD1, the gene localized to chromosome 16p. The main purpose of the study was to determine if PKD shows any s...

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  • Genetic epidemiology of cleft lip with or without cleft palate in the population of Hawaii.

    abstract::Orientals consisting of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and Filipinos are clearly at higher risk for cleft lip with or without cleft palate [CL(P)] than whites, Puerto Ricans, and Hawaiians/part-Hawaiians in Hawaii. Using the model of diallele cross, CL(P) incidences in incrosses and outcrosses involving 564,002 live birt...

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  • Familial aggregation of breast cancer with early onset lung cancer.

    abstract::Site-specific familial aggregation and evidence supporting Mendelian codominant inheritance have been shown in lung cancer. In characterizing lung cancer families, a number of other cancers have been observed. The current study evaluates whether first-degree relatives of early onset lung cancer cases are at increased ...

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  • Comparison of the QTDT analysis for IgE in the CSGA data set.

    abstract::Over the past few years at least 13 transmission/disequilibrium test (TDT)-based tests have been developed for quantitative (Q) traits for the assessment of association or linkage in the presence of the other. A total of six of these QTDT methods were used to analyze log10IgE in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics...

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  • Analysis of breast cancer pedigrees using affected sibship methods.

    abstract::Haplotype-sharing was examined in sets of affected siblings in the Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium pedigrees [Easton et al., 1993], using both identity-by-descent and identity-by-state methods. Linkage of the disease susceptibility locus to markers on chromosome 17 was confirmed. Substantial genetic heterogeneity was...

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  • Design of artificial neural network and its applications to the analysis of alcoholism data.

    abstract::Artificial neural networks were applied to the alcoholism data to reveal nonlinear relationships between intermediate phenotypes, marker identity-by-descent sharing, and the affection status. A variable number of hidden units were considered to achieve a balance between the minimal mean-squared error and over-fitting ...

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  • Effect of polygenes on Xiong's transmission disequilibrium test of a QTL in nuclear families with multiple children.

    abstract::The transmission disequilibrium test (TDT), originally developed for mapping disease genes, has recently been extended to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL). For quantitative traits important for human health, generally multiple QTLs are involved. In the investigation of the statistical properties of the TDT, back...

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  • Genetic and environmental causes of variation in renal tubular handling of sodium and potassium: a twin study.

    abstract::We have conducted a study of renal sodium and potassium reabsorption in 205 pairs of twins on freely chosen diets; 89 of the subjects were studied on more than one occasion. Renal tubular sodium and potassium handling, as measured by the fractional excretions FENa and FEK, show repeatable differences between individua...

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  • Linkage analysis in alcohol dependence.

    abstract::Alcohol dependence often is a familial disorder and has a genetic component. Research in causative factors of alcoholism is coordinated by a multi-center program, COGA [The Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism, Begleiter et al., 1995]. We analyzed a subset of the COGA family sample, 84 pedigrees of Caucas...

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  • Innovative approach to identify multigenomic and environmental interactions associated with birth defects in family-based hybrid designs.

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  • Genome-wide linkage analysis using genetic variance components of alcohol dependency-associated censored and continuous traits.

    abstract::We used variance-components analysis to investigate the additive genetic effects regulating some of the phenotypes included in the GAW11 data set. Variance-components models were fitted using Gibbs sampling methods in BUGS v 0.6. Linkage analyses for both multivariate normal (MvN) traits and right censored survival ti...

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    abstract::Over the past few years, an increasing number of studies have identified rare variants that contribute to trait heritability. Due to the extreme rarity of some individual variants, gene-based association tests have been proposed to aggregate the genetic variants within a gene, pathway, or specific genomic region as op...

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  • Comparison of two linkage inference procedures for genes related to the P300 component of the event related potential.

    abstract::Our goal was to detect genes contributing to the P300 component of the event related potential (ERP). We found that all of the ERP traits were highly correlated. Most of them distinguished alcoholics from nonalcoholics. To have one summary variable for the ERP traits, we calculated the first principal component (PRIN1...

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  • Genetic background comparison using distance-based regression, with applications in population stratification evaluation and adjustment.

    abstract::Population stratification (PS) can lead to an inflated rate of false-positive findings in genome-wide association studies (GWAS). The commonly used approach of adjustment for a fixed number of principal components (PCs) could have a deleterious impact on power when selected PCs are equally distributed in cases and con...

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  • Case-only gene-environment interaction studies: when does association imply mechanistic interaction?

    abstract::Case-only studies are often used to identify interactions between a genetic factor and an environmental factor under the assumption both factors are independent in the population. However, interpreting a statistical association between the genetic and the environmental factors among the cases, as evidence of a mechani...

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