A functional component of the transcriptionally active chromosome complex, Arabidopsis pTAC14, interacts with pTAC12/HEMERA and regulates plastid gene expression.


:The SET domain-containing protein, pTAC14, was previously identified as a component of the transcriptionally active chromosome (TAC) complexes. Here, we investigated the function of pTAC14 in the regulation of plastid-encoded bacterial-type RNA polymerase (PEP) activity and chloroplast development. The knockout of pTAC14 led to the blockage of thylakoid formation in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), and ptac14 was seedling lethal. Sequence and transcriptional analysis showed that pTAC14 encodes a specific protein in plants that is located in the chloroplast associated with the thylakoid and that its expression depends on light. In addition, the transcript levels of all investigated PEP-dependent genes were clearly reduced in the ptac14-1 mutants, while the accumulation of nucleus-encoded phage-type RNA polymerase-dependent transcripts was increased, indicating an important role of pTAC14 in maintaining PEP activity. pTAC14 was found to interact with pTAC12/HEMERA, another component of TACs that is involved in phytochrome signaling. The data suggest that pTAC14 is essential for proper chloroplast development, most likely by affecting PEP activity and regulating PEP-dependent plastid gene transcription in Arabidopsis together with pTAC12.


Plant Physiol


Plant physiology


Gao ZP,Yu QB,Zhao TT,Ma Q,Chen GX,Yang ZN




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  • Pollen tube growth oscillations and intracellular calcium levels are reversibly modulated by actin polymerization.

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  • A Short Open Reading Frame Encompassing the MicroRNA173 Target Site Plays a Role in trans-Acting Small Interfering RNA Biogenesis.

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  • Evidence for circadian regulation of starch and sucrose synthesis in sugar beet leaves.

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  • Directed mutation of the Rubisco large subunit of tobacco influences photorespiration and growth.

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  • Global selection on sucrose synthase haplotypes during a century of wheat breeding.

    abstract::Spike number per unit area, number of grains per spike, and thousand kernel weight (TKW) are important yield components. In China, increases in wheat (Triticum aestivum) yields are mainly due to increases in grain number per spike and TKW. TKW mainly depends on starch content, as starch accounts for about 70% of the g...

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  • Ligand Specificity of Bean Leaf Soluble Auxin-binding Protein.

    abstract::The soluble bean leaf auxin-binding protein (ABP) has a high affinity for a range of auxins including indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), alpha-napthaleneacetic acid, phenylacetic acid, 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid, and structurally related auxins. A large number of nonauxin compounds that are nevertheless structurally r...

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  • Metabolism of gibberellin a(12)-7-aldehyde by soybean cotyledons and its use in identifying gibberellin a(7) as an endogenous gibberellin.

    abstract::The level of gibberellin(GA)-like material in cotyledons of soybean (Glycine max L.) was highest at mid-pod fill-about 10 nanograms GA(3) equivalents per gram fresh weight of tissue, assayed in the immersion dwarf rice bioassay. This amount is about 1000-fold less than levels in Pisum and Phaseolus seed, other legume ...

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    abstract::To study the role of the plastidial alpha-glucan phosphorylase in starch metabolism in the leaves of Arabidopsis, two independent mutant lines containing T-DNA insertions within the phosphorylase gene were identified. Both insertions eliminate the activity of the plastidial alpha-glucan phosphorylase. Measurement of o...

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  • Salinity stress inhibits bean leaf expansion by reducing turgor, not wall extensibility.

    abstract::Treatment of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seedlings with low levels of salinity (50 or 100 millimolar NaCl) decreased the rate of light-induced leaf cell expansion in the primary leaves over a 3 day period. This decrease could be due to a reduction in one or both of the primary cellular growth parameters: wall exten...

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  • Ectopic Overexpression of Asparagine Synthetase in Transgenic Tobacco.

    abstract::Here, we monitor the effects of ectopic overexpression of genes for pea asparagine synthetase (AS1) in transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum). The AS genes of pea and tobacco are normally expressed only during the dark phase of the diurnal growth cycle and specifically in phloem cells. A hybrid gene was constructed in...

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  • Nitrogen-induced changes in the growth and metabolism of developing maize kernels grown in vitro.

    abstract::Cereal kernel growth and grain yield are functions of endosperm starch accumulation. The objective of this study was to examine how various metabolic factors in developing maize (Zea mays L.) endosperm influence starch deposition. Kernels were grown in vitro on medium with: (a) zero N (-N), (b) optimum N (+N), or (c) ...

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  • Effects of abscisic Acid treatment on the thermostability of the photosynthetic apparatus in barley chloroplasts.

    abstract::Thermostability of the photosynthetic apparatus of abscisic acid (ABA)-treated seedlings of barley (Hordeum vulgare) was studied by light-scattering and by fluorescence measurements of isolated chloroplasts. ABA treatment markedly decreased heat damage of the chloroplast ultrastructure; an exogenous ABA concentration ...

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  • Optimization of Light-Harvesting Pigment Improves Photosynthetic Efficiency.

    abstract::Maximizing light capture by light-harvesting pigment optimization represents an attractive but challenging strategy to improve photosynthetic efficiency. Here, we report that loss of a previously uncharacterized gene, HIGH PHOTOSYNTHETIC EFFICIENCY1 (HPE1), optimizes light-harvesting pigments, leading to improved phot...

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