Predicting the origins of next forest-based emerging infectious disease.


:Land use change near dense forests is the single major cause of emergence of forest-based emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) among humans. In an attempt to predict where the next EID would originate from, we are hypothesizing that future EIDs would originate from a region having high population density, excessive poverty, and is located near dense vegetation. Using ArcGIS, we identified forest regions in ten countries across the globe that meet all the three conditions identified in the hypothesis. We further narrowed down the locations using Global Forest Watch data, which eliminates locations next to protected forests and fragmented forests. Our results indicate that there is high likelihood of next infectious disease originating from the southern and eastern forests around Freetown in Sierra Leone, the forest region around Douala in Cameroon, or the southern forest region in Nigeria. Concerted efforts need to be made to identify any new disease in the areas as soon as it emerges in the human population and contain the spread within the population.


Environ Monit Assess


Shah V,Shah A,Joshi V




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  • Assessing the value of information for water quality management: a watershed perspective from China.

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  • Risk assessment of trihalomethanes from tap water in Fortaleza, Brazil.

    abstract::The cancer risks (CR) by oral ingestion, dermal absorption, and inhalation exposure of trihalomethanes (THM) from tap water of ten districts in Fortaleza, Brazil were estimated. The mean levels of THM compounds were obtained in Fortaleza tap water as follow: 63.9 microg L(-1) for chloroform (CHCl(3)), 40.0 microg L(-1...

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  • Reporting emissions of greenhouse gases in Canada.

    abstract::Non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases are considered in "Canada's National Report on Climate Change: Actions to Meet Commitments Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change". By including all major greenhouse gases and their anthropogenic sources and sinks using best available science, the Report pro...

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  • Impacts of acid rainon aquatic birds.

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  • Element content of propolis collected from different areas of South Spain.

    abstract::The aim of this work is to determine the content of essential and toxic elements in 25 raw propolis samples, when considering pollution agents and geographical and botanical factors. The microwave-assisted digestion was the most reliable and accurate method for determination of inorganic elements in propolis samples. ...

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  • Economics of ground-water quality monitoring: A survey of experts.

    abstract::The cost of a monitoring program can be easily ascertained in terms of the expenditures incurred for such items as personnel, supplies, field visits, instrumentation and laboratory analyses. The benefits of a monitoring program, however, cannot be easily evaluated due to the diversity of objectives for which monitorin...

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    abstract::Sanitary landfill is still the most significant and reasonable and the least expensive waste disposal method. The process of selecting a landfill site with minimal adverse effects on the environment is a complex task, in which numerous criteria need to be taken into account. In the present research, the AHP (analytica...

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  • Spatial assessment of landscape ecological connectivity in different urban gradient.

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  • Real-time reservoir operation using data mining techniques.

    abstract::The optimal operation of hydropower reservoirs is essential for the planning and efficient management of water resources and the production of hydroelectric energy. Various techniques such as the genetic algorithm (GA), artificial neural networks (ANN), support vector machine (SVM), and dynamic programming (DP) have b...

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  • Distribution and sources of PCBs (Aroclor 1268) in the Sapelo Island National estuarine research reserve.

    abstract::Aroclor 1268 is a highly chlorinated PCB mixture that was released into the aquatic environment near Brunswick, GA (BR), as a result of decades of local industrial activity. This extensive contamination has led to US EPA Superfund designation in estuarine areas in and around Purvis Creek, GA. Roughly 50 km to the nort...

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  • A storm event-based approach to TMDL development.

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  • Spatial distribution, bioavailability, and toxicity of metals in surface sediments of tropical reservoirs, Brazil.

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  • Levels of zinc, copper, cadmium, and lead in fruits and vegetables grown and consumed in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia.

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  • Distribution and comparison of bacterial communities in HVAC systems of two university buildings: Implications for indoor air quality and public health.

    abstract::The installation of HVAC systems in building is meant to enhance indoor air quality as well as increase comfort to occupants. However, HVAC systems have also become a vehicle of contamination of indoor air with potentially pathogenic microorganisms. DNA was extracted from ten HVAC filter dust samples collected from tw...

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  • Useful plants of the semi-arid northeastern region of Brazil--a look at their conservation and sustainable use.

    abstract::The use of native plants was examined in three rural communities in the semi-arid of the state of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil. The techniques employed in the present study combined a number of different techniques of data-gathering, including semi-structured interviews, guided tour, key-informants, and particip...

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  • Drinking water quality assessment in Southern Sindh (Pakistan).

    abstract::The southern Sindh province of Pakistan adjoins the Arabian Sea coast where drinking water quality is deteriorating due to dumping of industrial and urban waste and use of agrochemicals and yet has limited fresh water resources. The study assessed the drinking water quality of canal, shallow pumps, dug wells, and wate...

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  • Black carbon in urban topsoils of Xuzhou (China): environmental implication and magnetic proxy.

    abstract::Combustion-derived black carbon has received attention as a form of refractory organic carbon that may be preferentially preserved in soils and sediments. However, little is understood about the environmental roles of black carbon in urban soils. This investigation represented the preliminary study to characterize bla...

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