Utility of DXA scanning and risk factors for osteoporosis in ankylosing spondylitis-A prospective study.


BACKGROUND:Conventional DXA imaging of spine and hip to measure bone mineral density (BMD) has limitations in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). We investigated the correlation of hip and spine BMD measurements in patients with AS to determine if hip DXA will prove clinically useful while avoiding the confounding effect of spinal disease. Also, we studied risk factors for osteoporosis (OP) and osteopenia in AS. METHODS:We randomly identified patients from our validated AS registry ≥18 years of age who met the Modified New York Classification criteria for AS. BMD was measured and interpreted using ISCD 2007 guidelines and diagnosis of OP was based on WHO criteria. ESR, CRP, urinary N-telopeptide, and 25-hydroxy vitamin D were also measured. Correlation between the BMD (total hip and/or femoral neck) and lumbar spine was calculated. Statistical comparisons between the 2 sites, lumbar spine (AP) and hip (total hip and or femoral neck) were made using Bowker's test for symmetry and kappa statistics. Chi-square and odds ratio using logistic regression were used to assess the association of the purported risk factors for OP in these patients. RESULTS:Frequency of OP among AS patients ≥50 years of age was 23%, and that of osteopenia was 41%. Among patients <50 years of age, the frequency of low bone mass for expected age (Z-score ≤-2.0) was 14.7%. There was moderate correlation (ρ = 0.59) and a fair agreement (κ = 0.26; 95% CI: 0.10-0.42) between the lowest T-values of hip and lumbar spine (AP view). OP was significantly associated with elevated CRP level [OR = 4.2 (95% CI: 1.13-15.9), p < 0.03] and African American race [OR = 7.2 (95% CI: 1.18-44.99), p < 0.03]. CONCLUSION:Our results demonstrated a moderate correlation and fair agreement between the T-scores of hip and the lumbar spine (AP view) in patients with AS, suggesting that DXA of the hip and the lumbar spine (AP view) may both be useful for OP and osteopenia screening in patients with AS without fused spines. We confirm the previous reports of an association of elevated CRP level with an increased risk of OP in patients with AS, but this is the first study to demonstrate that African American patients with AS may be at a higher risk of developing OP compared to Caucasians.


Semin Arthritis Rheum


Magrey MN,Lewis S,Asim Khan M




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