Representing Something Out of Nothing: The Dawning of Zero.


:Zero stands for emptiness, for nothing, and yet it is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of humankind. This review first recapitulates the discovery of the number zero in human history, then follows its progression in human development, traces its evolution in the animal kingdom, and finally elucidates how the brain transforms 'nothing' into an abstract zero category. It is argued that the emergence of zero passes through four corresponding representations in all of these interrelated realms: first, sensory 'nothing'; then categorical 'something'; then quantitative empty sets; and finally the number zero. The concept of zero shows how the brain, originally evolved to represent stimuli ('something'), detaches from empirical properties to achieve ultimate abstract thinking.


Trends Cogn Sci


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  • Belief Representation in Great Apes.

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  • The reverse hierarchy theory of visual perceptual learning.

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  • Core systems of number.

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  • Dynamic Network Connectivity: A new form of neuroplasticity.

    abstract::Prefrontal cortical (PFC) working memory functions depend on pyramidal cell networks that interconnect on dendritic spines. Recent research has revealed that the strength of PFC network connections can be rapidly and reversibly increased or decreased by molecular signaling events within slender, elongated spines: a pr...

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  • Genetics and general cognitive ability (g).

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  • Discovering oscillatory interaction networks with M/EEG: challenges and breakthroughs.

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  • An Integrative Interdisciplinary Perspective on Social Dominance Hierarchies.

    abstract::In the course of evolution, social dominance has been a strong force shaping the organization of social systems in many species. Individuals with a better ability to represent social dominance relationships and to adapt their behavior accordingly usually achieve better access to resources, hence providing benefits in ...

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  • Cortical electrophysiological network dynamics of feedback learning.

    abstract::Understanding the neurophysiological mechanisms of learning is important for both fundamental and clinical neuroscience. We present a neurophysiologically inspired framework for understanding cortical mechanisms of feedback-guided learning. This framework is based on dynamic changes in systems-level oscillatory synchr...

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  • Hyperscanning Alone Cannot Prove Causality. Multibrain Stimulation Can.

    abstract::Brains that work together, couple together through interbrain synchrony. Does interbrain synchrony causally facilitate social interaction? This question cannot be answered by simply recording from multiple brains (hyperscanning). It instead requires causal protocols entailing their simultaneous stimulation (multibrain...

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  • Internal models in the cerebellum.

    abstract::This review will focus on the possibility that the cerebellum contains an internal model or models of the motor apparatus. Inverse internal models can provide the neural command necessary to achieve some desired trajectory. First, we review the necessity of such a model and the evidence, based on the ocular following ...

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  • Mirror neurons and the simulation theory of mind-reading.

    abstract::A new class of visuomotor neuron has been recently discovered in the monkey's premotor cortex: mirror neurons. These neurons respond both when a particular action is performed by the recorded monkey and when the same action, performed by another individual, is observed. Mirror neurons appear to form a cortical system ...

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  • Space, Time, and Fear: Survival Computations along Defensive Circuits.

    abstract::Naturalistic observations show that decisions to avoid or escape predators occur at different spatiotemporal scales and that they are supported by different computations and neural circuits. At their extremes, proximal threats are addressed by a limited repertoire of reflexive and myopic actions, reflecting reduced de...

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  • Body maps in the infant brain.

    abstract::Researchers have examined representations of the body in the adult brain but relatively little attention has been paid to ontogenetic aspects of neural body maps in human infants. Novel applications of methods for recording brain activity in infants are delineating cortical body maps in the first months of life. Body ...

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    authors: Marshall PJ,Meltzoff AN

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  • Impaired processing of rapid stimulus sequences in dyslexia.

    abstract::Apart from their reading difficulties, dyslexic subjects often suffer from a variety of subtle sensory and motor deficits. Whether these deficits have a causal relationship to the reading disorder, form additional risk factors, or are totally independent of the reading problem, is under vivid debate. In this article, ...

    journal_title:Trends in cognitive sciences

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    authors: Hari R,Renvall H

    更新日期:2001-12-01 00:00:00

  • Artificial life and Piaget.

    abstract::Artificial life provides important theoretical and methodological tools for the investigation of Piaget's developmental theory. This new method uses artificial neural networks to simulate living phenomena in a computer. A recent study by Parisi and Schlesinger suggests that artificial life might reinvigorate the Piage...

    journal_title:Trends in cognitive sciences

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    authors: Mueller U,Grobman KH

    更新日期:2003-04-01 00:00:00

  • Linguistic differences and language design.

    abstract::A small number of discrete choices ('parameters') embedded within a system of otherwise universal principles create the extensive superficial differences between unrelated languages like English, Japanese, and Mohawk. Most current thinking about the evolution of language ignores or denies the existence of these parame...

    journal_title:Trends in cognitive sciences

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    authors: Baker MC

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  • How the Brain's Navigation System Shapes Our Visual Experience.

    abstract::We explore the environment not only by navigating, but also by viewing our surroundings with our eyes. Here we review growing evidence that the mammalian hippocampal formation, extensively studied in the context of navigation and memory, mediates a representation of visual space that is stably anchored to the external...

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    authors: Nau M,Julian JB,Doeller CF

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  • Developmental dyscalculia: heterogeneity might not mean different mechanisms.

    abstract::Research indicates that developmental dyscalculia (DD; a mathematical deficiency) involves a single brain area abnormality - in the intraparietal sulcus. This is surprising because, (i) the behavioural deficits are heterogeneous, (ii) multiple problems are most common in most cases (co-morbidity) and (iii) different a...

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  • Categorization in the wild.

    abstract::In studying categorization, cognitive science has focused primarily on cultural categorization, ignoring individual and institutional categorization. Because recent technological developments have made individual and institutional classification systems much more available and powerful, our understanding of the cognit...

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  • Awake Reactivation of Prior Experiences Consolidates Memories and Biases Cognition.

    abstract::After experiences are encoded into memory, post-encoding reactivation mechanisms have been proposed to mediate long-term memory stabilization and transformation. Spontaneous reactivation of hippocampal representations, together with hippocampal-cortical interactions, are leading candidate mechanisms for promoting syst...

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  • The functional anatomy of word comprehension and production.

    abstract::This review describes the functional anatomy of word comprehension and production. Data from functional neuroimaging studies of normal subjects are used to determine the distributed set of brain regions that are engaged during particular language tasks and data from studies of patients with neurological damage are use...

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  • What is the relationship between phonological short-term memory and speech processing?

    abstract::Traditionally, models of speech comprehension and production do not depend on concepts and processes from the phonological short-term memory (pSTM) literature. Likewise, in working memory research, pSTM is considered to be a language-independent system that facilitates language acquisition rather than speech processin...

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