Inotropic Effects of Prostacyclins on the Right Ventricle Are Abolished in Isolated Rat Hearts With Right-Ventricular Hypertrophy and Failure.


BACKGROUND:Prostacyclin mimetics are vasodilatory agents used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. The direct effects of prostanoids on right-ventricular (RV) function are unknown. We aimed to investigate the direct effects of prostacyclin mimetics on RV function in hearts with and without RV hypertrophy and failure. METHODS:Wistar rats were subjected to pulmonary trunk banding to induce compensated RV hypertrophy (n = 32) or manifest RV failure (n = 32). Rats without banding served as healthy controls (n = 30). The hearts were excised and perfused in a Langendorff system and subjected to iloprost, treprostinil, epoprostenol, or MRE-269 in increasing concentrations. The effect on RV function was evaluated using a balloon-tipped catheter inserted into the right ventricle. RESULTS:In control hearts, iloprost, treprostinil, and MRE-269 improved RV function. The effect was, however, absent in hearts with RV hypertrophy and failure. Treprostinil and MRE-269 even impaired RV function in hearts with manifest RV failure. CONCLUSIONS:Iloprost, treprostinil, and MRE-269 improved RV function in the healthy rat heart. RV hypertrophy abolished the positive inotropic effect, and in the failing right ventricle, MRE-269 and treprostinil impaired RV function. This may be related to changes in prostanoid receptor expression and reduced coronary flow reserve in the hypertrophic and failing right ventricle.


J Cardiovasc Pharmacol


Holmboe S,Andersen A,Johnsen J,Nielsen JM,Nørregaard R,Bøtker HE,Clapp LH,Nielsen-Kudsk JE




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