X-rays and virtual taphonomy resolve the first Cissus (Vitaceae) macrofossils from Africa as early-diverging members of the genus.


PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Fossilized seeds similar to Cissus (Vitaceae) have been recognized from the Miocene of Kenya, though some were previously assigned to the Menispermaceae. We undertook a comparative survey of extant African Cissus seeds to identify the fossils and consider their implications for the evolution and biogeography of Cissus and for African early Miocene paleoenvironments. METHODS:Micro-computed tomography (µCT) and synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy (SRXTM) were used to study seed morphology and anatomy. Virtual taphonomy, using SRXTM data sets, produced digital fossils to elucidate seed taphonomy. Phylogenetic relationships within Cissus were reconstructed using existing and newly produced DNA sequences for African species. Paleobiology and paleoecology were inferred from African nearest living relatives. KEY RESULTS:The fossils were assigned to four new Cissus species, related to four modern clades. The fossil plants were interpreted as climbers inhabiting a mosaic of riverine woodland and forest to more open habitats. Virtual taphonomy explained how complex mineral infill processes concealed key seed features, causing the previous taxonomic misidentification. Newly sampled African species, with seeds most similar to the fossils, belong to four clades within core Cissus, two of which are early diverging. CONCLUSIONS:Virtual taphonomy, combined with X-ray imaging, has enabled recognition of the first fossil Cissus and Vitaceae from Africa. Early-divergent members of the core Cissus clade were present in Africa by at least the early Miocene, with an African origin suggested for the Cissus sciaphila clade. The fossils provide supporting evidence for mosaic paleoenvironments inhabited by early Miocene hominoids.


Am J Bot


Adams NF,Collinson ME,Smith SY,Bamford MK,Forest F,Malakasi P,Marone F,Sykes D




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  • Chloroplast, mitochondrial, and nuclear microsatellites from the southern Appalachian hornwort, Nothoceros aenigmaticus (Dendrocerotaceae).

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  • Phylogenetic analysis of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae): chloroplast DNA sequences and morphology support several geographically distinct radiations.

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  • Optimized genotyping with microsatellite markers in the fungal banana pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis (Mycosphaerellaceae).

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    abstract::We examined the effect of inbreeding on fitness (through both male and female functions) and changes in self-fertility in the partially self-incompatible species Campanula rapunculoides. Individuals in natural populations of C. rapunculoides varied extensively in their strength of self-incompatibility (SI). We crossed...

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  • Development of microsatellite markers for Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil (Fabaceae), a native tree from South America.

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  • The African baobab (Adansonia digitata, Malvaceae): genetic resources in neglected populations of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:• PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Adansonia digitata L. is one of the most important indigenous fruit trees of mainland Africa. Despite its significance for subsistence and income generation of local communities, little is known about the genetic and morphological variability of East African populations of A. digitata...

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  • Frequent pseudogenization and loss of the plastid-encoded sulfate-transport gene cysA throughout the evolution of liverworts.

    abstract:PREMISE OF THE STUDY:The presence or absence of a functional copy of a plastid gene may reflect relaxed selection, and may be phylogenetically significant, reflecting shared ancestry. In some liverworts, the plastid gene cysA is a pseudogene (inferred to be nonfunctional). We surveyed 63 liverworts from all major clade...

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    abstract::Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of the genus Cerastium were studied using sequences of three noncoding plastid DNA regions (trnL intron, trnL-trnF spacer, and psbA-trnH spacer). A total of 57 Cerastium taxa was analyzed using two species of the putative sister genus Stellaria as outgroups. Maximum parsimon...

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  • Two cytotype niche shifts are of different magnitude in Solidago gigantea.

    abstract:PREMISE:Polyploidy may serve to contribute to range size if autopolyploid cytotypes are adapted to differing ecological conditions. This study aims to establish the geographic distribution of cytotypes within the giant goldenrod (Solidago gigantea), and to assess whether cytotypes exhibit differing ecological tolerance...

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  • MicroCT imaging as a tool to study vessel endings in situ.

    abstract:PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Despite the strong influence of the frequency and distribution of vessel endings on both hydraulic safety and efficiency, detailed anatomical descriptions or measurements of these structures are generally lacking. METHODS:Here we used high-resolution x-ray microcomputed tomography (microCT) to ide...

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  • Molecular systematics of Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae: phylogenetic analyses of nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer and plastid RPO C1 intron sequences.

    abstract::Evolutionary relationships among representatives of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) subfamily Apioideae have been inferred from phylogenetic analyses of nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS 1 and ITS 2) and plastid rpoC1 intron sequences. High levels of nucleotide sequence variation preclude the use of the I...

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  • Molecular phylogenetics of the giant genus Croton and tribe Crotoneae (Euphorbiaceae sensu stricto) using ITS and TRNL-TRNF DNA sequence data.

    abstract::Parsimony, likelihood, and Bayesian analyses of nuclear ITS and plastid trnL-F DNA sequence data are presented for the giant genus Croton (Euphorbiaceae s.s.) and related taxa. Sampling comprises 88 taxa, including 78 of the estimated 1223 species and 29 of the 40 sections previously recognized of Croton. It also incl...

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  • Characterization of 42 polymorphic microsatellite loci in Mimulus ringens (Phrymaceae) using Illumina sequencing.

    abstract:UNLABELLED: PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized in Mimulus ringens (Phrymaceae), a herbaceous wetland perennial, to facilitate studies of mating patterns and population genetic structure. • METHODS AND RESULTS:A total of 42 polymorphic loci were identified from a sample of 24 i...

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  • Influence of microgravity on root-cap regeneration and the structure of columella cells in Zea mays.

    abstract::We launched imbibed seeds and seedlings of Zea mays into outer space aboard the space shuttle Columbia to determine the influence of microgravity on 1) root-cap regeneration, and 2) the distribution of amyloplasts and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in the putative statocytes (i.e., columella cells) of roots. Decapped roo...

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