Coronary heart disease mortality, cardiovascular disease mortality and all-cause mortality attributable to dietary intake over 20years in Brazil.


BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:In the last two decades, in Brazil, there has been a decreasing trend of consumption of in natura or minimally processed food, while intake of ultra-processed food has markedly increased. We estimated the contribution of dietary intake in trends from coronary heart disease mortality (CHDM), cardiovascular disease mortality (CVDM), and all-cause mortality (ACM) over 20years in Brazil. METHODS:We used a representative sample of Brazilian households located in metropolitan areas to estimate dietary intake in 1987/88 and 2008/09. For both periods, we estimated fractions of CHDM, CVDM, and ACM attributable to healthy (fruits and vegetables) and unhealthy food items (sugar-sweetened beverages, processed and red meat). We also estimated the number of prevented or postponed deaths attributable to these food items. RESULTS:The fraction of CHDM attributable to all food items increased from 28.6% in 1987/88 to 38.7% in 2008/09. CVDM attributable to food items increased from 13.7% in 1974 to 19.3% in 2008/09. ACM attributable to all food items increased from 20.1% in 1987/88 to 27.3% in 2008/09. Without the decrease in healthy food item consumption, and the increase in unhealthy food items, 3195 deaths from coronary heart disease, 5340 from cardiovascular disease, and 16,970 from all causes could have been prevented or postponed. CONCLUSIONS:The burden of cardiovascular diseases and mortality attributable to dietary intake has increased over the last 20years in Brazil. These findings suggest a need for a population prevention approach, focused on dietary intake to reduce the burden of disease.


Int J Cardiol


Rezende LF,Azeredo CM,Canella DS,Luiz Odo C,Levy RB,Eluf-Neto J




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  • Coordinated proteomic signature changes in immune response and complement proteins in acute myocardial infarction: the implication of serum amyloid P-component.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patient outcomes after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) are influenced by the combined activation of several distinct interrelated signaling pathways. Specifically acute-phase response proteins can neutralize inflammatory agents, minimize the extent of tissue damage, and participate in tissue repair and reg...

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  • Acute fluoride poisoning alters myocardial cytoskeletal and AMPK signaling proteins in rats.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Our previous findings revealed that increased oxidative stress, apoptosis and necrosis were implicated in acute fluoride (F-) induced cardiac dysfunction apart from hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia. Cardiac intermediate filaments (desmin and vimentin) and cytoskeleton linker molecule vinculin plays an imperativ...

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  • An old friend is still at work: 34-year-old well functioning Starr-Edwards aortic prosthesis without anticoagulation.

    abstract::The Starr-Edwards caged-ball valve prosthesis is the beginning mark of the valve replacement era, and was used widely in many centers worldwide in the past decades. Despite long term results with this prosthesis have been reported with satisfactory hemodynamic performance, only a few cases have been reported exceeded ...

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