Dietary patterns and body adiposity in children in Brazil: a cross-sectional study.


OBJECTIVES:Many factors are associated with the increase in total and central body adiposity in children, especially eating habits. This has led to an increasing number of studies analysing food patterns, which consider the synergistic effect of food and nutrient intake on the nutritional status. The objective of this study was to identify the dietary patterns of children aged 4-7 years and associate these with different indicators of total and central body adiposity. STUDY DESIGN:Cross-sectional study METHODS: The study consisted of 403 children from a retrospective cohort in Minas Geraes, Brazil. Four indicators of body adiposity were evaluated: body mass index (BMI), waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) and percentages of total and central body fat (assessed by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry). The dietary habits of the children were evaluated by identifying the dietary patterns using principal component analysis. The adjustment predictor variables were related to the socio-economic characteristics, lifestyle and duration of exclusive breastfeeding. Food patterns were identified by factor analysis. Linear regression was used to estimate the regression coefficient and the confidence interval, considering statistical significance of α = 5%. RESULTS:Five dietary patterns were identified, which explained 42.3% of the data variance: 'Traditional', 'Unhealthy', 'Milk and chocolate', 'Snack' and 'Healthy'. The multiple linear regression model showed that a greater adherence to the 'Traditional' and 'Unhealthy' patterns was related to higher BMI, WHtR, and total and central body adiposity. CONCLUSION:Children with a higher intake of food from the 'Traditional' and 'Unhealthy' patterns showed an increase in total and central body adiposity.


Public Health


Public health


Vieira-Ribeiro SA,Andreoli CS,Fonseca PCA,Miranda Hermsdorff HH,Pereira PF,Ribeiro AQ,Priore SE,Franceschini SCC




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