Views of UK doctors in training on the timing of choosing a clinical specialty: quantitative and qualitative analysis of surveys 3 years after graduation.


BACKGROUND:Workforce studies show a declining proportion of UK junior doctors proceeding directly to specialist training, with many taking career breaks. Doctors may be choosing to delay this important career decision. AIM:To assess doctors' views on the timing of choosing a clinical specialty. METHODS:Surveys of two cohorts of UK-trained doctors 3 years after qualification, in 2011 and 2015. RESULTS:Presented with the statement 'I had to choose my career specialty too soon after qualification', 61% agreed (27% strongly) and 22% disagreed (3% strongly disagreed). Doctors least certain about their choice of specialty were most likely to agree (81%), compared with those who were more confident (72%) or were definite regarding their choice of long-term specialty (54%). Doctors not in higher specialist training were more likely to agree with this statement than those who were (72% vs 59%). Graduate medical school entrants (ie, those who had completed prior degrees) were less likely to agree than non-graduates (56% vs 62%). Qualitative analysis of free text comments identified three themes as reasons why doctors felt rushed into choosing their future career: insufficient exposure to a wide range of specialties; a desire for a greater breadth of experience of medicine in general; and inadequate career advice. CONCLUSIONS:Most UK-trained doctors feel rushed into choosing their long-term career specialty. Doctors find this difficult because they lack sufficient medical experience and adequate career advice to make sound choices. Workforce trainers and planners should enable greater flexibility in training pathways and should further improve existing career guidance.


Postgrad Med J


Lachish S,Goldacre MJ,Lambert TW




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  • Current problems in the measurement of gastrin release. A reproducible measure of physiological gastrin release.

    abstract::The interpretation of gastrin release is confused because of variation in the technique of the radioimmuoassay of gastrin, the lack of a standard stimulus for the release of gastrin and diversity in the method used to express the results. These problems have been analysed (a) by examining the cross-reactivity of three...

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    abstract::A well documented sporadic case of multiple endocrine adenomatosis (MEA) type I, with the pituitary tumour presenting as a prolactinoma, is described in a 28-year-old female. Primary amenorrhoea, resulting from hyperprolactinaemia, was the first symptom of the polyglandular neoplasia. A gastrinoma was removed from the...

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    abstract::Primary choriocarcinoma of the ovary arising, presumably, from a germ cell is extremely rare. The patient, a 16 year old girl who presented with dysuria and frequency of micturition developed fatal haemoperitoneum due to rupture of a pure primary nongestational ovarian choriocarcinoma. ...

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