His Resynchronization Versus Biventricular Pacing in Patients With Heart Failure and Left Bundle Branch Block.


BACKGROUND:His bundle pacing is a new method for delivering cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). OBJECTIVES:The authors performed a head-to-head, high-precision, acute crossover comparison between His bundle pacing and conventional biventricular CRT, measuring effects on ventricular activation and acute hemodynamic function. METHODS:Patients with heart failure and left bundle branch block referred for conventional biventricular CRT were recruited. Using noninvasive epicardial electrocardiographic imaging, the authors identified patients in whom His bundle pacing shortened left ventricular activation time. In these patients, the authors compared the hemodynamic effects of His bundle pacing against biventricular pacing using a high-multiple repeated alternation protocol to minimize the effect of noise, as well as comparing effects on ventricular activation. RESULTS:In 18 of 23 patients, left ventricular activation time was significantly shortened by His bundle pacing. Seventeen patients had a complete electromechanical dataset. In them, His bundle pacing was more effective at delivering ventricular resynchronization than biventricular pacing: greater reduction in QRS duration (-18.6 ms; 95% confidence interval [CI]: -31.6 to -5.7 ms; p = 0.007), left ventricular activation time (-26 ms; 95% CI: -41 to -21 ms; p = 0.002), and left ventricular dyssynchrony index (-11.2 ms; 95% CI: -16.8 to -5.6 ms; p < 0.001). His bundle pacing also produced a greater acute hemodynamic response (4.6 mm Hg; 95% CI: 0.2 to 9.1 mm Hg; p = 0.04). The incremental activation time reduction with His bundle pacing over biventricular pacing correlated with the incremental hemodynamic improvement with His bundle pacing over biventricular pacing (R = 0.70; p = 0.04). CONCLUSIONS:His resynchronization delivers better ventricular resynchronization, and greater improvement in hemodynamic parameters, than biventricular pacing.


J Am Coll Cardiol


Arnold AD,Shun-Shin MJ,Keene D,Howard JP,Sohaib SMA,Wright IJ,Cole GD,Qureshi NA,Lefroy DC,Koa-Wing M,Linton NWF,Lim PB,Peters NS,Davies DW,Muthumala A,Tanner M,Ellenbogen KA,Kanagaratnam P,Francis DP,Whinnett ZI




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Randomized controlled trials comparing short- (≤6 months) with long-term (≥1 year) dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) after drug-eluting stent(s) (DES) placement have been insufficiently powered to detect significant differences in the risk of major adverse cardiac events (MACE). OBJECTIVES:This study sought ...

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    authors: Palmerini T,Sangiorgi D,Valgimigli M,Biondi-Zoccai G,Feres F,Abizaid A,Costa RA,Hong MK,Kim BK,Jang Y,Kim HS,Park KW,Mariani A,Della Riva D,Genereux P,Leon MB,Bhatt DL,Bendetto U,Rapezzi C,Stone GW

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    abstract::In advanced heart failure, mitral regurgitation increases the burden of the failing ventricle and decreases effective stroke volume. Although tailored afterload reduction decreases mitral regurgitation at rest, it is not known if this benefit is maintained during upright exercise. Simultaneous radionuclide ventriculog...

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    abstract::Histopathologic studies have demonstrated accumulation of lipid droplets in myocardium subjected to greater than or equal to 6 h of ischemic insult. Proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy can provide a noninvasive means to evaluate changes in tissue lipid and, potentially, to characterize the ischemic in...

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  • Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty after thrombolytic therapy: a prospective controlled randomized trial.

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