Anterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysms. Case report.


:A 54-year-old man experienced a right occipital headache accompanied by a roaring sound, nausea, vomiting, right facial weakness, and stiff neck. Vertebral angiography revealed an aneurysm of the right anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) at the internal acoustic meatus which was later excised with favorable results. The literature is reviewed; operations have been reported in eight other cases. Inconstant waxing and waning cerebellopontine angle symptoms and signs can be found when a history of subarachnoid hemorrhage is lacking.


J Neurosurg


Journal of neurosurgery


Johnson JH Jr,Kline DG




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  • Current concepts of brain edema. Review of laboratory investigations.

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  • Ultra-early surgery for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: outcomes for a consecutive series of 391 patients not selected by grade or age.

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  • Definition of cellular immune responses to brain antigens in human head trauma.

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  • Silver colloid staining technique for analysis of glioma malignancy.

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  • Endolymphatic sac tumor demonstrated by intralabyrinthine hemorrhage. Case report.

    abstract::Endolymphatic sac tumors (ELSTs) are locally invasive neoplasms that arise in the posterior petrous bone and are associated with von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease. These tumors cause symptoms even when microscopic in size (below the threshold for detectability on imaging studies) and can lead to symptoms such as hearing...

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  • The effects of deep barbiturate coma on multimodality evoked potentials.

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  • Alpha-1-antitrypsin in human brain tumors.

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  • Clinical and electrophysiological expression of deafferentation pain alleviated by dorsal root entry zone lesions in rats.

    abstract:OBJECT:The aims of this study were to construct an animal model of deafferentation of the spinal cord by brachial plexus avulsion and to analyze the effects of subsequent dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) lesions in this model. To this end, the authors measured the clinical and electrophysiological effects of total deaffer...

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  • Familial communicating hydrocephalus, posterior cerebellar agenesis, mega cisterna magna, and port-wine nevi. Report on five members of one family.

    abstract::This report deals with a family in which the maternal grandmother, the mother, and all three male children have port-wine nevi and mega cisterna magna. Two of the three male children have, in addition, congenital communicating hydrocephalus associated with agenesis of the posterior cerebellar vermis. This case of fami...

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  • Intramuscular myxoma causing lumbar radiculopathy. Case report and review of the literature.

    abstract::The authors present the rare case of a myxoma, a benign soft-tissue tumor of mesenchymal origin noted for occurring in the left atrium of the heart, which was found in the lumbar paraspinal muscles of an 80-year-old woman. This patient experienced low-back pain for over 20 years and had noted its increasing severity w...

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  • Absence of vasospastic response of the anterior spinal artery to subarachnoid blood.

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  • Dose responses of cerebral arteries of the dog, rabbit, and man to human hemoglobin in vitro.

    abstract::Dose responses in vitro of the basilar arteries of the dog, rabbit, and man to human hemoglobin and reported. For each species, the response occurred over a range of 10(-9)M to greater than 10(-5)M hemoglobin. When compared to a maximum serotonin contraction, the relative constriction induced by 10(-5)M hemoglobin was...

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  • Characteristics and surgical treatment of dolichoectatic and fusiform aneurysms.

    abstract::Dolichoectatic and fusiform aneurysms represent a small subset of cerebral aneurysms and are often among the most difficult to treat. A consecutive series of 40 patients with 41 of these two types of aneurysms is presented, including their clinical characteristics and surgical treatments. Common to all aneurysms was t...

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  • Development of neurosurgery in Greece: past, present, and future.

    abstract::In this study the authors examine the historical tradition as well as current features of neurosurgery in Greece and compare the available data with international standards. In particular, they describe the organizational structure of neurosurgery with reference to manpower, unit distribution, training, and qualificat...

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  • Stereotaxic thrombosis of inaccessible intracranial aneurysms.

    abstract::Some intracranial aneurysms that might be considered inoperable by open craniotomy are readily treatable by stereotaxic thrombosis. This is possible because the stereotaxic technique requires only that some point on the fundus of the aneurysm can be punctured with a needle. Illustrative cases are given describing the ...

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  • Lipoma of the quadrigeminal plate causing progressive obstructive hydrocephalus. Case report.

    abstract::A patient with congenital hydrocephalus and poor vision since early childhood, but with normal motor and intellectual development, suffered progressive mental deterioration during the last decade of life. At necropsy he was found to have severe hydrocephalus secondary to a lipoma of the midbrain tectum obstructing the...

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  • Cerebral protection.

    abstract::Cerebral protection from an ischemic/hypoxic insult implies that tissue injury can be controlled or even prevented by certain therapeutic maneuvers. For example, physiological thresholds may be altered so that tissue vulnerability to the insult is reduced, or the intensity of an insult may be blunted by enhancing brai...

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  • Steroids in severe head injury: A prospective randomized clinical trial.

    abstract::This is a prospective randomized study of the efficacy of steroid therapy in patients with severe head injury. One hundred patients were randomized into two equal groups: the steroid group received 5 mg/kg/day of methylprednisolone, and the nonsteroid group received no drug. The groups were similar in their clinical f...

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  • Rupture of intracranial aneurysms during treatment with Guglielmi detachable coils: incidence, outcome, and risk factors.

    abstract:OBJECT:The aim of this study was to assess the incidence and outcome of procedure-related rupture of intracranial aneurysms in patients treated with Guglielmi detachable coils (GDCs) and to identify risk factors for this complication. METHODS:Procedure-related rupture occurred in seven of 264 treated aneurysms in 239 ...

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  • Cavernous hemangioma extending to extracranial, intracranial, and orbital regions. Case report.

    abstract::Extraaxial cavernous hemangiomas are rare intracranial lesions that can be located in different cranial compartments. Extension across different tissue planes such as the subcutaneous tissue, skull, orbital cavity, intracranial dura mater, and extracranial trigeminal divisions within the same patient has not been prev...

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  • Harvey W. Cushing and cerebrovascular surgery: Part II, Vascular malformations.

    abstract::The surgical treatment of cerebrovascular malformations intrigued early neurosurgeons. Cushing defined vascular malformations as tumors arising from cerebral blood vessels. He successfully resected the first arteriovenous malformation 3 years after it had been irradiated. In the absence of angiography, the pathoanatom...

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  • Radiosurgery alone for 5 or more brain metastases: expert opinion survey.

    abstract:OBJECT:Oligometastatic brain metastases may be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) alone, but no consensus exists as to when SRS alone would be appropriate. A survey was conducted at 2 radiosurgery meetings to determine which factors SRS practitioners emphasize in recommending SRS alone, and what physician cha...

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  • Postoperative diffusion-weighted imaging and neurological outcome after convexity meningioma resection.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Convexity meningiomas are commonly managed with resection. Motor outcomes and predictors of new deficits after surgery are poorly studied. The objective of this study was to determine whether postoperative diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) was associated with neurological deficits after convexity meningioma re...

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  • Distinctions between pituicytoma and ordinary pilocytic astrocytoma. Case report.

    abstract::The authors present a rare case of pituicytoma. A dynamic magnetic resonance study performed after Gd injection revealed a markedly, homogeneously enhanced, early-phase pituitary lesion in a 32-year-old woman with a 1-year history of amenorrhea. The tumor bled easily during transsphenoidal resection. The lesion consis...

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  • Surgical anatomy of the juxta-dural ring area.

    abstract:OBJECT:The authors report on the surgical anatomy of the juxta-dural ring area of the internal carotid artery to add to the information available about this important structure. METHODS:Twenty sides of cadaver specimens were used in this study. The plane of the dural ring was found to incline in the posteromedial dire...

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  • The interperiosteo-dural concept applied to the perisellar compartment: a microanatomical and electron microscopic study.

    abstract:OBJECT:The dura mater has 2 dural layers: the endosteal layer (outer layer), which is firmly attached to the bone, and the meningeal layer (inner layer), which directly covers the brain. These 2 dural layers join together in the middle temporal fossa or the convexity and separate into the orbital, lateral sellar compar...

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  • Early transplantation of an encapsulated glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor-producing cell demonstrating strong neuroprotective effects in a rat model of Parkinson disease.

    abstract:OBJECT:Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) has been shown to confer neuroprotective effects on dopaminergic neurons. The authors investigated the effects of GDNF on 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)-treated dopaminergic neurons in vitro and in vivo. METHODS:First, the authors examined how 1, 10, or 100 ng/ml o...

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  • Experiences with the anti-siphon device (ASD) in shunt therapy of pediatric hydrocephalus.

    abstract::A follow-up study was performed on 41 hydrocephalic children with primary (10 patients) or secondary (31 patients) placement of an anti-siphon device (ASD) connected to their shunt. The clinical course before and after ASD implantation was compared in these two groups, including studies of the head circumference, the ...

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    authors: Gruber R,Jenny P,Herzog B

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  • Computer-derived density spectral array in detection of mild analog electroencephalographic ischemic pattern changes during carotid endarterectomy.

    abstract::The purpose of this prospective study was twofold: 1) to determine the sensitivity and specificity of computer-derived density spectral array in detecting analog electroencephalographic (EEG) ischemic pattern changes during carotid artery cross-clamping in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy; and 2) to assess t...

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