ACVR1-knockout promotes osteogenic differentiation by activating the Wnt signaling pathway in mice.


:Osteogenic differentiation refers to the process of bone formation and remodeling, which is controlled by complex molecular mechanisms. Activin A receptor type I (ACVR1) is reported to be associated with osteogenic differentiation. However, the underlying molecular mechanism remains elusive. Therefore, this study evaluates the function of ACVR1 in osteogenic differentiation through the Wnt signaling pathway. The expression of osteocalcin (Oc) and osterix together with osteogenic differentiation and mineralization was examined in ACVR1-knockout (KO) mouse. Furthermore, the Wnt signaling pathway was inhibited in bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) of mice to explore the role of the Wnt signaling pathway in osteogenic differentiation by means of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity detection and evaluation of mineralized nodules and calcium content. Subsequently, the effect of ACVR1 on the Wnt signaling pathway was assessed by determining the expression of ACVR1, β-catenin, glycogen synthase kinase 3 β (GSK3β), dickkopf-related protein 1 (DKK1), and frizzled class receptor 1 (FZD1). Both their effects on osteogenic differentiation were further evaluated by determination of Oc, osterix, and Runx2 expression. AVCR1 KO mice exhibited increased Oc and osterix expression and promoted bone resorption and formation. ACVR1-knockout was observed to activate the Wnt signaling pathway with an increase of β-catenin and reductions in GSK3β, DKK1, and FZD1. With the inhibited Wnt signaling pathway expression of Oc, osterix, and Runx2 was decreased, and ALP activity, mineralized nodule, and calcium content in cellular matrix were decreased as well, indicating that inactivation of the Wnt signaling pathway reduced the differentiation of BMSCs into osteoclasts. These findings indicate that ACVR1-knockout promotes osteogenic differentiation by activating the Wnt signaling pathway in mice.


J Cell Biochem


Wang Y,Sun JC,Wang HB,Xu XM,Kong QJ,Wang YJ,Zheng B,Shi GD,Shi JG




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2018-12-16 00:00:00






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