Left Hepatic Lobectomy in the Living Donor-Comparison Between Open vs Laparoscopic Surgery.


:Laparoscopic hepatic surgery dramatically changed surgical practice in the last decades, improving outcomes in correctly selected patients. The reduction of postoperative pain, lower rate of complication, early return to work activities, and better esthetic result have been well described in several studies. The success of these procedures would inevitably clash in the more complex and delicate field of hepatectomy in the living donor. The 2nd International Consensus of the Conference on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery considers laparoscopic hepatectomy in the donor as an ideal procedure. The aim of this study is to compare the results between conventional and laparoscopic surgery; prospective data and retrospective analysis of 55 cases of live liver donor lobectomy were collected between January 2013 and June 2018. The mean age was 30.4 years in the video laparoscopic technique and 32.1 years in conventional surgery; the majority of donors were male in both groups. The mean time of ischemia was 70.2 minutes (range, 50-120 minutes) in laparoscopic surgery and 80.2 minutes (range, 50-165 minutes) in conventional surgery. The surgical time ranged from 270 to 800 minutes (mean, 452 minutes) in laparoscopic surgery and ranged from 300 to 600 minutes (mean, 424 minutes) in conventional surgery. The mean length of hospital stay was 2.2 days in laparoscopy and 3.97 days in conventional surgery. Laparoscopic left liver lobectomy in the living donor is safe and feasible. There was no significant difference in surgical time; however, the time of hospitalization was lower in patients submitted to laparoscopic technique.


Transplant Proc


Vieira V,Pacheco L,Demetrio L,Balbi E,Bellinha T,Toledo R,Auler L,Pestana D,Schul M




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  • Improving cadaveric organ donation rates in kidney and liver transplantation in Asia.

    abstract::In the year 2001, cadaveric kidney and liver transplant rates (CadTx) in countries with well-established transplant programs such as the United States and Spain ranged from 51 to 61.9 and 18.7 to 31.3 per million population (pmp), respectively. However, overall kidney and liver transplant rates in Asia are significant...

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