Racial/ethnic differences in the risk of AIDS in the United States.


:We analyzed the variation in the risk of AIDS in US Blacks, Hispanics, and other racial/ethnic groups relative to that in Whites (non-Hispanic) by geographic area and mode of acquiring HIV infection, based on data reported between June 1, 1981 and January 18, 1988 to the Centers for Disease Control and 1980 US census data. Relative risks (RRs) in Blacks and Hispanics were highest in the northeast region, and higher in suburbs than in central cities of metropolitan areas. RRs in Blacks and Hispanics were greatest for AIDS directly or indirectly associated with intravenous-drug abuse by heterosexuals (range: 5.7-26.9) and were also high for AIDS associated with male bisexuality (range: 2.5-4.8), suggesting that these behaviors may be more prevalent in Blacks and Hispanics than in Whites. Prevention strategies should take into account these racial/ethnic differences.


Am J Public Health


Selik RM,Castro KG,Pappaioanou M




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1988-12-01 00:00:00












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