The economic burden of hospitalizations associated with child abuse and neglect.


OBJECTIVES:This study assessed the economic burden of child abuse-related hospitalizations. METHODS:We compared inpatient stays coded with a diagnosis of child abuse or neglect with stays of other hospitalized children using the 1999 National Inpatient Sample of the Healthcare Costs and Utilization Project. RESULTS:Children whose hospital stays were coded with a diagnosis of abuse or neglect were significantly more likely to have died during hospitalization (4.0% vs 0.5%), have longer stays (8.2 vs 4.0 days), twice the number of diagnoses (6.3 vs 2.8), and double the total charges (19,266 vs 9513 US dollars) than were other hospitalized children. Furthermore, the primary payer was typically Medicaid (66.5% vs 37.0%). CONCLUSION:Earlier identification of children at risk for child abuse and neglect might reduce the individual, medical, and societal costs.


Am J Public Health


Rovi S,Chen PH,Johnson MS




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2004-04-01 00:00:00












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