Structured nucleosome fingerprints enable high-resolution mapping of chromatin architecture within regulatory regions.


:Transcription factors canonically bind nucleosome-free DNA, making the positioning of nucleosomes within regulatory regions crucial to the regulation of gene expression. Using the assay of transposase accessible chromatin (ATAC-seq), we observe a highly structured pattern of DNA fragment lengths and positions around nucleosomes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and use this distinctive two-dimensional nucleosomal "fingerprint" as the basis for a new nucleosome-positioning algorithm called NucleoATAC. We show that NucleoATAC can identify the rotational and translational positions of nucleosomes with up to base-pair resolution and provide quantitative measures of nucleosome occupancy in S. cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, and human cells. We demonstrate the application of NucleoATAC to a number of outstanding problems in chromatin biology, including analysis of sequence features underlying nucleosome positioning, promoter chromatin architecture across species, identification of transient changes in nucleosome occupancy and positioning during a dynamic cellular response, and integrated analysis of nucleosome occupancy and transcription factor binding.


Genome Res


Genome research


Schep AN,Buenrostro JD,Denny SK,Schwartz K,Sherlock G,Greenleaf WJ




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  • Closing the gaps on human chromosome 19 revealed genes with a high density of repetitive tandemly arrayed elements.

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  • Construction of a linkage map of the medaka (Oryzias latipes) and mapping of the Da mutant locus defective in dorsoventral patterning.

    abstract::Double anal fin (Da) is a medaka with an autosomal semidominant mutation that causes mirror image duplication of the ventral region concentrating on the caudal region. The chromosomal location of the Da gene and its sequence have remained unknown. We constructed a medaka linkage map as a first step to approach positio...

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  • Pattern of sequence variation across 213 environmental response genes.

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  • An abundance of bidirectional promoters in the human genome.

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  • Copy number and targeted mutational analysis reveals novel somatic events in metastatic prostate tumors.

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  • A non-EST-based method for exon-skipping prediction.

    abstract::It is estimated that between 35% and 74% of all human genes can undergo alternative splicing. Currently, the most efficient methods for large-scale detection of alternative splicing use expressed sequence tags (ESTs) or microarray analysis. As these methods merely sample the transcriptome, splice variants that do not ...

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  • The effect of translocation-induced nuclear reorganization on gene expression.

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  • Function and evolution of a gene family encoding odorant binding-like proteins in a social insect, the honey bee (Apis mellifera).

    abstract::The remarkable olfactory power of insect species is thought to be generated by a combinatorial action of two large protein families, G protein-coupled olfactory receptors (ORs) and odorant binding proteins (OBPs). In olfactory sensilla, OBPs deliver hydrophobic airborne molecules to ORs, but their expression in nonolf...

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  • Genomic evolution, patterns of global dissemination, and interspecies transmission of human and simian T-cell leukemia/lymphotropic viruses.

    abstract::Using both env and long terminal repeat (LTR) sequences, with maximal representation of genetic diversity within primate strains, we revise and expand the unique evolutionary history of human and simian T-cell leukemia/lymphotropic viruses (HTLV/STLV). Based on the robust application of three different phylogenetic al...

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  • A matter of life or death: how microsatellites emerge in and vanish from the human genome.

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  • HiCRep: assessing the reproducibility of Hi-C data using a stratum-adjusted correlation coefficient.

    abstract::Hi-C is a powerful technology for studying genome-wide chromatin interactions. However, current methods for assessing Hi-C data reproducibility can produce misleading results because they ignore spatial features in Hi-C data, such as domain structure and distance dependence. We present HiCRep, a framework for assessin...

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  • Predicting deleterious amino acid substitutions.

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  • Chromosomal mapping of 170 BAC clones in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.

    abstract::The draft genome ( approximately 160 Mb) of the urochordate ascidian Ciona intestinalis has been sequenced by the whole-genome shotgun method and should provide important insights into the origin and evolution of chordates as well as vertebrates. However, because this genomic data has not yet been mapped onto chromoso...

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  • Ride the wavelet: A multiscale analysis of genomic contexts flanking small insertions and deletions.

    abstract::Recent studies have revealed that insertions and deletions (indels) are more different in their formation than previously assumed. What remains enigmatic is how the local DNA sequence context contributes to these differences. To investigate the relative impact of various molecular mechanisms to indel formation, we ana...

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  • Toward the development of a gene index to the human genome: an assessment of the nature of high-throughput EST sequence data.

    abstract::A rigorous analysis of the Merck-sponsored EST data with respect to known gene sequences increases the utility of the data set and helps refine methods for building a gene index. A highly curated human transcript data base was used as a reference data set of known genes. A detailed analysis of EST sequences derived fr...

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