Visual Categorization with Random Projection.


:Humans learn categories of complex objects quickly and from a few examples. Random projection has been suggested as a means to learn and categorize efficiently. We investigate how random projection affects categorization by humans and by very simple neural networks on the same stimuli and categorization tasks, and how this relates to the robustness of categories. We find that (1) drastic reduction in stimulus complexity via random projection does not degrade performance in categorization tasks by either humans or simple neural networks, (2) human accuracy and neural network accuracy are remarkably correlated, even at the level of individual stimuli, and (3) the performance of both is strongly indicated by a natural notion of category robustness.


Neural Comput


Neural computation


Arriaga RI,Rutter D,Cakmak M,Vempala SS




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  • Random embedding machines for pattern recognition.

    abstract::Real classification problems involve structured data that can be essentially grouped into a relatively small number of clusters. It is shown that, under a local clustering condition, a set of points of a given class, embedded in binary space by a set of randomly parameterized surfaces, is linearly separable from other...

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  • Accelerated spike resampling for accurate multiple testing controls.

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  • A Mathematical Analysis of Memory Lifetime in a Simple Network Model of Memory.

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  • A unifying view of wiener and volterra theory and polynomial kernel regression.

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  • Downstream Effect of Ramping Neuronal Activity through Synapses with Short-Term Plasticity.

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  • Enhanced stimulus encoding capabilities with spectral selectivity in inhibitory circuits by STDP.

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  • Computation in a single neuron: Hodgkin and Huxley revisited.

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  • Regulation of ambient GABA levels by neuron-glia signaling for reliable perception of multisensory events.

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  • Kernels for longitudinal data with variable sequence length and sampling intervals.

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  • Spiking neural P systems with a generalized use of rules.

    abstract::Spiking neural P systems (SN P systems) are a class of distributed parallel computing devices inspired by spiking neurons, where the spiking rules are usually used in a sequential way (an applicable rule is applied one time at a step) or an exhaustive way (an applicable rule is applied as many times as possible at a s...

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  • How precise is neuronal synchronization?

    abstract::Recent work suggests that synchronization of neuronal activity could serve to define functionally relevant relationships between spatially distributed cortical neurons. At present, it is not known to what extent this hypothesis is compatible with the widely supported notion of coarse coding, which assumes that feature...

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  • Neural Quadratic Discriminant Analysis: Nonlinear Decoding with V1-Like Computation.

    abstract::Linear-nonlinear (LN) models and their extensions have proven successful in describing transformations from stimuli to spiking responses of neurons in early stages of sensory hierarchies. Neural responses at later stages are highly nonlinear and have generally been better characterized in terms of their decoding perfo...

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  • ASIC Implementation of a Nonlinear Dynamical Model for Hippocampal Prosthesis.

    abstract::A hippocampal prosthesis is a very large scale integration (VLSI) biochip that needs to be implanted in the biological brain to solve a cognitive dysfunction. In this letter, we propose a novel low-complexity, small-area, and low-power programmable hippocampal neural network application-specific integrated circuit (AS...

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  • Physiological gain leads to high ISI variability in a simple model of a cortical regular spiking cell.

    abstract::To understand the interspike interval (ISI) variability displayed by visual cortical neurons (Softky & Koch, 1993), it is critical to examine the dynamics of their neuronal integration, as well as the variability in their synaptic input current. Most previous models have focused on the latter factor. We match a simple...

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  • Neural Circuits Trained with Standard Reinforcement Learning Can Accumulate Probabilistic Information during Decision Making.

    abstract::Much experimental evidence suggests that during decision making, neural circuits accumulate evidence supporting alternative options. A computational model well describing this accumulation for choices between two options assumes that the brain integrates the log ratios of the likelihoods of the sensory inputs given th...

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  • When Not to Classify: Anomaly Detection of Attacks (ADA) on DNN Classifiers at Test Time.

    abstract::A significant threat to the recent, wide deployment of machine learning-based systems, including deep neural networks (DNNs), is adversarial learning attacks. The main focus here is on evasion attacks against DNN-based classifiers at test time. While much work has focused on devising attacks that make small perturbati...

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  • A neurocomputational approach to prepositional phrase attachment ambiguity resolution.

    abstract::A neurocomputational model based on emergent massively overlapping neural cell assemblies (CAs) for resolving prepositional phrase (PP) attachment ambiguity is described. PP attachment ambiguity is a well-studied task in natural language processing and is a case where semantics is used to determine the syntactic struc...

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  • On the relation of slow feature analysis and Laplacian eigenmaps.

    abstract::The past decade has seen a rise of interest in Laplacian eigenmaps (LEMs) for nonlinear dimensionality reduction. LEMs have been used in spectral clustering, in semisupervised learning, and for providing efficient state representations for reinforcement learning. Here, we show that LEMs are closely related to slow fea...

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  • Adaptive Learning Algorithm Convergence in Passive and Reactive Environments.

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  • Delay Differential Analysis of Seizures in Multichannel Electrocorticography Data.

    abstract::High-density electrocorticogram (ECoG) electrodes are capable of recording neurophysiological data with high temporal resolution with wide spatial coverage. These recordings are a window to understanding how the human brain processes information and subsequently behaves in healthy and pathologic states. Here, we descr...

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  • Information recall using relative spike timing in a spiking neural network.

    abstract::We present a neural network that is capable of completing and correcting a spiking pattern given only a partial, noisy version. It operates in continuous time and represents information using the relative timing of individual spikes. The network is capable of correcting and recalling multiple patterns simultaneously. ...

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  • Capturing the Forest but Missing the Trees: Microstates Inadequate for Characterizing Shorter-Scale EEG Dynamics.

    abstract::The brain is known to be active even when not performing any overt cognitive tasks, and often it engages in involuntary mind wandering. This resting state has been extensively characterized in terms of fMRI-derived brain networks. However, an alternate method has recently gained popularity: EEG microstate analysis. Pr...

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  • Formal modeling of robot behavior with learning.

    abstract::We present formal specification and verification of a robot moving in a complex network, using temporal sequence learning to avoid obstacles. Our aim is to demonstrate the benefit of using a formal approach to analyze such a system as a complementary approach to simulation. We first describe a classical closed-loop si...

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  • Fast population coding.

    abstract::Uncertainty coming from the noise in its neurons and the ill-posed nature of many tasks plagues neural computations. Maybe surprisingly, many studies show that the brain manipulates these forms of uncertainty in a probabilistically consistent and normative manner, and there is now a rich theoretical literature on the ...

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  • Characterization of minimum error linear coding with sensory and neural noise.

    abstract::Robust coding has been proposed as a solution to the problem of minimizing decoding error in the presence of neural noise. Many real-world problems, however, have degradation in the input signal, not just in neural representations. This generalized problem is more relevant to biological sensory coding where internal n...

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  • An oscillatory Hebbian network model of short-term memory.

    abstract::Recurrent neural architectures having oscillatory dynamics use rhythmic network activity to represent patterns stored in short-term memory. Multiple stored patterns can be retained in memory over the same neural substrate because the network's state persistently switches between them. Here we present a simple oscillat...

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  • Permitted and forbidden sets in symmetric threshold-linear networks.

    abstract::The richness and complexity of recurrent cortical circuits is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for thinking about high-level biological computation. In past theoretical studies, constraints on the synaptic connection patterns of threshold-linear networks were found that guaranteed bounded network dynamics, conve...

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  • Online Reinforcement Learning Using a Probability Density Estimation.

    abstract::Function approximation in online, incremental, reinforcement learning needs to deal with two fundamental problems: biased sampling and nonstationarity. In this kind of task, biased sampling occurs because samples are obtained from specific trajectories dictated by the dynamics of the environment and are usually concen...

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  • Statistical procedures for spatiotemporal neuronal data with applications to optical recording of the auditory cortex.

    abstract::This article presents new procedures for multisite spatiotemporal neuronal data analysis. A new statistical model - the diffusion model - is considered, whose parameters can be estimated from experimental data thanks to mean-field approximations. This work has been applied to optical recording of the guinea pig's audi...

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  • A Reservoir Computing Model of Reward-Modulated Motor Learning and Automaticity.

    abstract::Reservoir computing is a biologically inspired class of learning algorithms in which the intrinsic dynamics of a recurrent neural network are mined to produce target time series. Most existing reservoir computing algorithms rely on fully supervised learning rules, which require access to an exact copy of the target re...

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