A review of environmental and health effects of organochlorine pesticide residues in Africa.


:Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) are generally categorized as chlorinated cyclodienes, chlorodiphenylethanes, chlorinated benzenes and cyclohexanes. The presence of OCP residues in foodstuffs, water, soil, sediments, blood serum and air has generated a surge of global interest. This is due to their severe environmental and health ill-effects. OCPs are characteristically described as persistent and bio-accumulating substances prone to long-range transportation. The aim of this present study is to assess the environmental and health risks associated with OCP residues. Published works on OCPs in surface water, sediments and fish samples were reviewed. Possible non-carcinogenic (Hazard Quotient, HQ and Hazard Index, HI) and carcinogenic (Cancer Risk, CR) health effects of OCPs were assessed in fish samples. High concentrations of OCP residues were determined in environmental samples from African countries. The non-carcinogenic health assessment of OCPs in most fish samples from Nigeria revealed HI values greater than 1.0 establishing their adverse effects. The CR data of OCPs in fish samples also showed values higher than the permissible standard of 1.0 × 10-4 indicating possible development of cancer through fish consumption.






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    abstract::Iron nanoparticles (Fe NPs) were synthesized herein through a simple and eco-friendly method using FeCl3 and aqueous plant extract (dimocarpus longan, DL). Compared with Fe NPs prepared via traditional chemical methods, this biogenetic DL-Fe NPs demonstrates higher catalytic activity in Fenton-like reaction to degrade...


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  • Differential sensitivity of light-harnessing photosynthetic events in wheat and sunflower to exogenously applied ionic and nanoparticulate silver.

    abstract::Potential impacts of inevitable leaks of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) into environment on human beings need attention. Owing to the vitality of photosynthesis in maintaining life and ecosystem functioning, impacts of exogenously applied nanoparticulate and Ag+ on photosystem (PS)II function, which governs overall phot...


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