Oxidative stress in immunocompetent patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia. A pilot study.


OBJECTIVE:A comparison was made of the oxidative stress (OS) levels of patients with either viral or bacterial severe community-acquired pneumonia (sCAP) and of patients without infection (healthy volunteers (HV) and patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI)). DESIGN:A prospective observational study was made. PATIENTS:Critically ill patients with sCAP. VARIABLES:The TBARS level was measured as an index of oxidative injury. SOD, CAT and redox glutathione system (GSH, GSSG, GR, GPx) activities were measured as reflecting antioxidant capacity. Severity of illness was assessed by the APACHE II, SOFA and SIRS scores. RESULTS:Thirty-seven subjects were included: 15 patients with CAP (12 of bacterial origin [BCAP] and 3 due to 2009 A/H1N1 virus [VCAP]), 10 HV and 12 AMI patients. Intensive care CAP mortality was 26.7% (n=4). Plasmatic TBARS levels were higher in CAP patients than in HV, but similar to those recorded in AMI patients. In contrast, VCAP was associated with lower TBARS levels, and some components of the glutathione redox system were higher in BCAP patients and HV. The OS levels did not differ between survivors and non-survivors. CONCLUSION:Our results suggest the occurrence of higher OS in sCAP patients compared with HV. In contrast, lower TBARS levels were observed in VCAP patients, suggesting an increase of antioxidant activity related to the redox glutathione system. However, further research involving a larger cohort is needed in order to confirm these findings.


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Trefler S,Rodríguez A,Martín-Loeches I,Sanchez V,Marín J,Llauradó M,Romeu M,Díaz E,Nogués R,Giralt M




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    abstract::Recently, the work group made up of the National Transplant Organization (Organización Nacional de Trasplantes, ONT), Spanish Society of Intensive, Critical Medicine and Coronary Units (Sociedad Española de Medicina Intensiva, Crítica y de Unidades Coronarias, SEMICYUC) and other Scientific Societies have recommended ...

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    abstract::The use of neuromuscular blockers (NMB) is a frequent practice in Intensive Care Units. However most of the experience with the use of these agents come from the operating room used to deal with patients with different characteristics from those admitted in the ICU. Recent advances on neuromonitoring and the commercia...

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  • The American-European Consensus Conference definition of the acute respiratory distress syndrome is dead, long live positive end-expiratory pressure!

    abstract::In 1994, an American-European Consensus Conference (AECC) formalized the criteria for the diagnosis of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Although that definition is simple to apply in the clinical setting, it has been challenged over the years in several studies since the assessment of the oxygenation de...

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  • [Diagnosis of brain death by multislice CT scan: angioCT scan and brain perfusion].

    abstract::BD was diagnosed by clinical examination, electroencephalogram (EEG), Transcranial Doppler (TCD) and multislice CT of 64 detectors. Initially, a brain perfusion study was performed. This was followed by supra-aortic trunk and brain artery angiography with acquisition of images using 0.5 mm slices, from the origin of t...

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