One-pot synthesis and biological evaluation of 2-pyrrolidinyl-4-amino-5-(3',4',5'-trimethoxybenzoyl)thiazole: a unique, highly active antimicrotubule agent.


:A wide variety of small molecules with diverse molecular scaffolds inhibit microtubule formation. In this article we report a one-pot procedure for the preparation of a novel 2-(N-pyrrolidinyl)-4-amino-5-(3',4',5'-trimethoxybenzoyl)thiazole in which the size of the substituent at the C-2 position of the thiazole ring plays an essential role in compound activity. The most active agent (3f) inhibited at submicromolar concentrations the growth of tumor cell lines. It also inhibited tubulin polymerization with an activity quantitatively similar to that of CA-4, and treatment of HeLa cells resulted in their arrest at the G2-M phase of the cell cycle. Furthermore, 3f was effective against multidrug resistant cancer cells and inhibited the growth of the HT-29 xenograft in a nude mouse model. This indicated that 3f is a promising new antimitotic agent with encouraging preclinical potential.


Eur J Med Chem


Romagnoli R,Baraldi PG,Lopez Cara C,Kimatrai Salvador M,Bortolozzi R,Basso G,Viola G,Balzarini J,Brancale A,Fu XH,Li J,Zhang SZ,Hamel E




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  • Novel water soluble neutral vanadium(IV)-antibiotic complex: Antioxidant, immunomodulatory and molecular docking studies.

    abstract::A novel water soluble five coordinate oxovanadium(IV) complex, [VO(C16H15N4O8S)HSO4] incorporating cefuroxime, a cephalosporin group of antibiotic have been prepared from an interaction of vanadyl sulfate and cefuroxime in aqueous solution. The compound was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTI...

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  • Recent methodologies toward the synthesis of valdecoxib: a potential 3,4-diarylisoxazolyl COX-II inhibitor.

    abstract::Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are widely used therapeutic agents in the treatment of inflammation, pain and fever. Cyclooxygenase catalyzes the initial step of biotransformation of arachidonic acid to prostanoids, and exist as three distinct isozymes; COX-I, COX-II and COX-III. Selective COX-II inhibitors are ...

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  • Antifungal activities of novel non-azole molecules against S. cerevisiae and C. albicans.

    abstract::Because of the increasing number of immunocompromised patients and due to problems with antifungal treatment, especially with the most widely used antifungals, azoles, there is an urgent need for new, potent and safe antifungals with fewer cytochrome P450 (CYP)-mediated interactions with other drugs. In the present st...

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  • Structure-activity relationships of new Organotin(IV) anticancer agents and their cytotoxicity profile on HL-60, MCF-7 and HeLa human cancer cell lines.

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