Importance of autonomous selfing is inversely related to population size and pollinator availability in a monocarpic plant.


PREMISE OF THE STUDY:In animal-pollinated plants, autonomous selfing may provide reproductive assurance when pollinators or reproductive partners are limited. Under such circumstances, the contribution of pollinator-mediated seed set to total seed production also may be more variable compared with situations in which pollinator abundances are high or populations consist of large numbers of individuals. Despite the widespread acceptance of the reproductive assurance hypothesis, only limited empirical evidence exists that autonomous selfing confers reproductive output and guarantees constant seed set under variable pollination environments. METHODS:We performed emasculation experiments in 22 populations of the short-lived, monocarpic plant Centaurium erythraea in a fragmented dune landscape. KEY RESULTS:Floral emasculations resulted in a significantly lower seed set compared with that of intact flowers. Seed set in emasculated flowers also declined significantly with decreasing population size and pollinator availability, whereas seed set of intact flowers did not depend on population size nor on pollinator availability. Variability in seed set among individuals was significantly lower in intact than in emasculated flowers and decreased significantly with increasing population size when flowers were emasculated but not in intact flowers. CONCLUSIONS:These results indicate that pollinator-mediated seed set is strongly dependent both on population size and on pollinator availability but that reproductive assurance through autonomous selfing guarantees relatively constant levels of total seed production, even when populations are small and/or pollinator limited. High variation in seed set of emasculated flowers suggests strong unpredictability in pollinator services in small populations.


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Brys R,de Crop E,Hoffmann M,Jacquemyn H




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  • Effects of inbreeding on male function and self-fertility in the partially self-incompatible herb Campanula rapunculoides (Campanulaceae).

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  • Estimating near-infrared leaf reflectance from leaf structural characteristics.

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    abstract::A spatially explicit, reiterative algorithm (SERA) is presented and used to predict multiple aspects of plant population and community dynamics. Using simple physical principles and empirically derived relationships, SERA provides an analytical venue to test alternative hypotheses about individual functional traits go...

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  • Genetic and cytological analyses of a partial-female-sterile mutant (PS-1) in soybean (Glycine max; Leguminosae).

    abstract::Soybean partial-female-sterile mutant 1 (PS-1) was recovered from a gene-tagging study. The objectives were to study the inheritance, linkage, allelism, and certain aspects of the reproductive biology of the PS-1 mutant. For inheritance and linkage tests, PS-1 was crossed to flower color mutant Harosoy-w4 and to chlor...

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    abstract::Many characteristics of plants and animals scale with body size as described by allometric equations of the form Y = βM(α), where Y is an attribute of the organism, β is a coefficient that varies with attribute, M is a measure of organism size, and α is another constant, the scaling exponent. In current models, the fr...

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  • The response of arbuscular mycorrhizae to fertilization, mowing, and removal of dominant species in a diverse oligotrophic wet meadow.

    abstract::In a wet oligotrophic meadow located in the Czech Republic, a factorial experiment with treatments consisting of fertilization, mowing, and removal of the dominant species (Molinia caerulea) was established in 1994. In 1997 Holcus lanatus, Molinia caerulea, Potentilla erecta, Prunella vulgaris, and Ranunculus auricomu...

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