An assessment of patient behavioral requirements pre- and post-surgery at accredited weight loss surgical centers.


BACKGROUND:Without changes to diet and exercise behaviors, weight losses achieved through surgical procedures may be short lived. There is no data currently available on how accredited bariatric facilities are implementing best-practice guidelines related to behavioral and psychological care to help patients make long-lasting change. METHODS:One hundred twenty-three ACS-accredited facility websites were analyzed using document and content analyses to determine behavioral and psychological services. Categories of common facility practices were identified according to best-practice recommendations and website data was coded by category. Descriptive statistics were then generated to summarize the implementation of services. RESULTS:Behavioral and psychological services were more likely to be required prior to surgery than after surgery. In addition, there is great variance in the staff employed by facilities to assist patients, with more facilities employing dietary staff than exercise staff. Data patterns are reported across the categories of psychological assessment, pre- and post-surgical behavioral requirements, type of support groups, follow-up protocol, and staffing. CONCLUSIONS:Most facilities implement some type of dietary counseling or consultation; however, few include services related to helping patients improve physical activity patterns. Greater incorporation of behavioral and psychological services following surgery is recommended to prevent weight regain and to help patients adopt and maintain regular physical activity.


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Obesity surgery


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  • Ursodeoxycholic Acid in the Prevention of Gallstone Formation After Bariatric Surgery: an Updated Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:In the late post-operative period, the necessity of performing an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (GIE) to check for complications is controversial. Some authors suggest it should be routine for all patients, others selectively, but not all patients with endoscopic abnormalities are symptomatic and some abn...

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    abstract::Bariatric Surgery Centres of Excellence have been promoted by the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders European Chapter to improve outcomes and security of patients. A retrospective analysis of our prospective database has been performed. Between May 2001 and September 2012, we o...

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  • Management of obesity with the new intragastric balloon.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The introduction of an endoscopically-placed Bariatric Intragastric Balloon (BIB) provided the opportunity to reexamine weight reduction methods and also study potential weight loss without resorting to surgical intervention. METHODS:10 severely obese patients with mean age 33 years and mean body mass index...

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  • Prevention of vitamin and mineral deficiencies after bariatric surgery: evidence and algorithms.

    abstract::Bariatric surgery is widely accepted as first-choice treatment of morbid obesity and has also shown promising results in the treatment of diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. The number of operations each year is increasing, as well as, consequently, the urgent need for a coordinated nutritional approach, as micronutr...

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  • The effect of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on fibromyalgia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Fibromyalgia is a chronic debilitating disorder affecting 3-5% of the US population. Treatment of this disorder is a challenge. The incidental finding of improvement of fibromyalgia following laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass stimulated us to study this phenomenon. METHODS:A retrospective chart review o...

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  • Impact on obesity-related illnesses and quality of life following intragastric balloon.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The impact of intragastric balloon (IGB) on obesity-related illnesses and quality of life (QOL) has not been previously investigated. METHOD:One hundred and nineteen consecutive obese patients (86 females; mean age 37.8; mean body weight (BW) 103.7 +/- 24.1 kg; mean BMI 38.4 +/- 8.0 kg/m(2)) who underwent I...

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