Cy3-DNA stacking interactions strongly depend on the identity of the terminal basepair.


:We characterized the effect of the first basepair on the conformational dynamics of the fluorescent dye Cy3 attached to the 5' end of double-stranded DNA using gaussian-mixture adaptive umbrella sampling simulations. In the simulations, the sampling of all five dihedral angles along the linker was enhanced, so that both stacked and unstacked states were sampled. The affinity of Cy3 for a T·A basepair (with the dye attached to T) was found to be significantly less than for the other basepairs. This was verified experimentally by measuring the activation energies for cis-trans isomerization of the dye. The simulation and experimental results indicate the existence of partially unstacked conformations amenable to photoisomerization. The simulations also showed that stacking of Cy3 straightens the DNA while stabilizing the first basepair. Our findings indicate that fluorescence is modulated by Cy3-DNA interactions in a sequence-dependent manner.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Spiriti J,Binder JK,Levitus M,van der Vaart A




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2011-02-16 00:00:00














  • Modulation of vesicle adhesion and spreading kinetics by hyaluronan cushions.

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  • On phasing the small-angle x-ray diffraction pattern from nerve myelin.

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  • Molecular models need to be tested: the case of a solar flares discoidal HDL model.

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  • Effects of bath resistance on action potentials in the squid giant axon: myocardial implications.

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  • Proton transport through influenza A virus M2 protein reconstituted in vesicles.

    abstract::Influenza A virus M2 protein is known to form acid-activated, proton-selective, amantadine-sensitive channels. We directly measured proton uptake in vesicles containing reconstituted M2 by monitoring external pH after addition of valinomycin to vesicles with 100-fold-diluted external [K(+)]. External pH typically incr...

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  • Forces applied by cilia measured on explants from mucociliary tissue.

    abstract::Forces applied by intact mucus-propelling cilia were measured for the first time that we know of using a combined atomic force microscopy (AFM) and electrooptic system. The AFM probe was dipped into a field of beating cilia and its time-dependent deflection was recorded as it was struck by the cilia while the electroo...

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  • Blocking dynamics of the SMR transporter EmrE impairs efflux activity.

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  • Kinetics and thermodynamics of association of a phospholipid derivative with lipid bilayers in liquid-disordered and liquid-ordered phases.

    abstract::We have measured the rates of insertion into, desorption from, and spontaneous interlayer translocation (flip-flop) in liquid-disordered and liquid-ordered phase lipid bilayer membranes, of the fluorescent phospholipid derivative NBD-dimyristoylphosphatidyl ethanolamine. This study made use of a recently described met...

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  • PGE(2) activation of apical membrane Cl(-) channels in A6 epithelia: impedance analysis.

    abstract::Measurements of transepithelial electrical impedance of continuously short-circuited A6 epithelia were made at audio frequencies (0.244 Hz to 10.45 kHz) to investigate the time course and extent to which prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)) modulates Cl(-) transport and apical membrane capacitance in this cell-cultured model e...

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  • The functional form of angular forces around transition metal ions in biomolecules.

    abstract::A method for generating angular forces around sigma-bonded transition metal ions is generalized to treat pi-bonded configurations. The theoretical approach is based on an analysis of ligand-field and small-cluster Hamiltonians based on the moments of the electron state distribution. The functional forms that are obtai...

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  • Dissecting the contribution of diffusion and interactions to the mobility of nuclear proteins.

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  • The beta-strand-loop-beta-strand conformation is marginally populated in beta2-microglobulin (20-41) peptide in solution as revealed by replica exchange molecular dynamics simulations.

    abstract::Solid-state NMR study shows that the 22-residue K3 peptide (Ser(20)-Lys(41)) from beta(2)-microglobulin (beta(2)m) adopts a beta-strand-loop-beta-strand conformation in its fibril state. Residue Pro(32) has a trans conformation in the fibril state of the peptide, while it adopts a cis conformation in the native state ...

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  • Assembly-associated structural changes of bacteriophage T7 capsids. Detection by use of a protein-specific probe.

    abstract::To detect changes in capsid structure that occur when a preassembled bacteriophage T7 capsid both packages and cleaves to mature-size longer (concatameric) DNA, the kinetics and thermodynamics are determined here for the binding of the protein-specific probe, 1,1'-bi(4-anilino)naphthalene-5,5'-di-sulfonic acid (bis-AN...

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  • Actin modifies Ca2+ block of epithelial Na+ channels in planar lipid bilayers.

    abstract::The mechanism by which the cytoskeletal protein actin affects the conductance of amiloride-sensitive epithelial sodium channels (ENaC) was studied in planar lipid bilayers. In the presence of monomeric actin, we found a decrease in the single-channel conductance of alpha-ENaC that did not occur when the internal [Ca2+...

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  • Receptor displacement in the cell membrane by hydrodynamic force amplification through nanoparticles.

    abstract::We introduce an intrinsically multiplexed and easy to implement method to apply an external force to a biomolecule and thus probe its interaction with a second biomolecule or, more generally, its environment (for example, the cell membrane). We take advantage of the hydrodynamic interaction with a controlled fluid flo...

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  • The height of biomolecules measured with the atomic force microscope depends on electrostatic interactions.

    abstract::In biological applications of atomic force microscopy, the different surface properties of the biological sample and its support become apparent. Observed height differences between the biomolecule and its supporting surface are thus not only of structural origin, but also depend on the different sample-tip and suppor...

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  • Direct observation of poloxamer 188 insertion into lipid monolayers.

    abstract::P188, a triblock copolymer of the form poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) helps seal electroporated cell membranes, arresting the leakage of intracellular materials from the damaged cells. To explore the nature of the interaction between P188 and cell membranes, we have constructed a model...

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  • Discrimination of cardiac subcellular creatine kinase fluxes by NMR spectroscopy: a new method of analysis.

    abstract::A challenge in the understanding of creatine kinase (CK) fluxes reflected by NMR magnetization transfer in the perfused rat heart is the choice of a kinetic model of analysis. The complexity of the energetic pathways, due to the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-inorganic phosphate (Pi) exchange, of metabolite ...

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  • Interaction of salicylate and a terpenoid plant extract with model membranes: reconciling experiments and simulations.

    abstract::We investigate the effects of two structurally similar small cyclic molecules: salicylic acid and perillic acid on a zwitterionic model lipid bilayer, and show that both molecules might have biological activity related to membrane thinning. Salicylic acid is a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug, some of the pharmacolo...

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  • Analytical calculation of intracellular calcium wave characteristics.

    abstract::We present a theoretical analysis of intracellular calcium waves propagated by calcium feedback at the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) receptor. The model includes essential features of calcium excitability, but is still analytically tractable. Formulas are derived for the wave speed, amplitude, and width. The calc...

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  • Asymmetrical membranes and surface tension.

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  • Electric-Induced Reversal of Morphogenesis in Hydra.

    abstract::Morphogenesis involves the dynamic interplay of biochemical, mechanical, and electrical processes. Here, we ask to what extent can the course of morphogenesis be modulated and controlled by an external electric field? We show that at a critical amplitude, an external electric field can halt morphogenesis in Hydra rege...

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  • Deformation and flow of red blood cells in a synthetic lattice: evidence for an active cytoskeleton.

    abstract::We introduce the use of microfabrication techniques to construct on a silicon wafer a synthetic capillary bed with 2.5- to 4-micron (mu)-wide channels. Establishment of a fluid pressure gradient allowed us to observe simultaneously using optical microscopy hundreds of cells flowing through the bed at physiological spe...

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  • Deuterium-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Histidine pKa Determination in a pH-Responsive Hydrogel.

    abstract::We report here a method for the determination of the pKa of histidine in complex or heterogeneous systems amenable to neither solid-state nor solution NMR spectroscopy. Careful synthesis of a fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl- and trityl-protected, C2-deuterated histidine produces a vibrational-probe-equipped amino acid that...

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