Improved resolution of tertiary structure elasticity in muscle protein.


:Rearrangement of tertiary structure in response to mechanical force (termed tertiary structure elasticity) in the tandem Ig chain is the first mode of elastic response for muscle protein titin. Tertiary structure elasticity occurs at low stretching forces (few tens of pN), and was described at atomic resolution in a recent molecular dynamics study, in which an originally crescent-shaped six-Ig chain was stretched into a linear chain. However, the force-extension profile that resulted from this explicit solvent simulation was dominated by the hydrodynamic drag force, and effects of tertiary structure elasticity only manifested for stretching forces above 20 pN. Here we report a slow pulling 100-ns simulation (along with other auxiliary simulations), in which hydrodynamic drag force is seen to reduce to near 0 pN, such that tertiary structure elasticity could be characterized over a 0-200 pN range. Statistical mechanical analysis showed that the stretching velocity was sufficiently low such that the protein remained significantly relaxed during the major part of its extension.


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Biophysical journal


Hsin J,Schulten K




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  • Intermediate and stable redox states of cytochrome c studied by low temperature resonance Raman spectroscopy.

    abstract::Stabilized intermediate redox states of cytochrome c are generated by radiolytic reduction of initially oxidized enzyme in glass matrices at liquid nitrogen temperature. In the intermediate states the heme group is reduced by hydrated electrons, whereas the protein conformation is restrained close to its oxidized form...

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  • Physical-chemical basis of the protection of slowly frozen human erythrocytes by glycerol.

    abstract::One theory of freezing damage suggests that slowly cooled cells are killed by being exposed to increasing concentrations of electrolytes as the suspending medium freezes. A corollary to this view is that protective additives such as glycerol protect cells by acting colligatively to reduce the electrolyte concentration...

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  • Structural rearrangements in the active site of smooth-muscle myosin.

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  • Molecular dynamics and principal components analysis of human telomeric quadruplex multimers.

    abstract::Guanine-rich DNA repeat sequences located at the terminal ends of chromosomal DNA can fold in a sequence-dependent manner into G-quadruplex structures, notably the terminal 150-200 nucleotides at the 3' end, which occur as a single-stranded DNA overhang. The crystal structures of quadruplexes with two and four human t...

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  • Detection and characterization of individual intermolecular bonds using optical tweezers.

    abstract::The development of scanning probe techniques has made it possible to examine protein-protein interactions at the level of individual molecular pairs. A calibrated optical tweezers, along with immunoglobulin G (IgG)-coated polystyrene microspheres, has been used to detect individual surface-linked Staphylococcus protei...

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  • Structural and functional similarities between the nucleotide-binding domains of CFTR and GTP-binding proteins.

    abstract::The opening and closing of the CFTR Cl- channel are regulated by ATP hydrolysis at its two nucleotide binding domains (NBDs). However, the mechanism and functional significance of ATP hydrolysis are unknown. Sequence similarity between the NBDs of CFTR and GTP-binding proteins suggested the NBDs might have a structure...

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  • AimB Is a Small Protein Regulator of Cell Size and MreB Assembly.

    abstract::The MreB actin-like cytoskeleton assembles into dynamic polymers that coordinate cell shape in many bacteria. In contrast to most other cytoskeleton systems, few MreB-interacting proteins have been well characterized. Here, we identify a small protein from Caulobacter crescentus, an assembly inhibitor of MreB (AimB). ...

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  • CW and CCW Conformations of the E. coli Flagellar Motor C-Ring Evaluated by Fluorescence Anisotropy.

    abstract::The molecular cascade that controls switching of the direction of rotation of Escherichia coli flagellar motors is well known, but the conformational changes that allow the rotor to switch are still unclear. The signaling molecule CheY, when phosphorylated, binds to the C-ring at the base of the rotor, raising the pro...

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  • Sacrificial bonds in polymer brushes from rat tail tendon functioning as nanoscale velcro.

    abstract::Polymers play an important role in many biological systems, so a fundamental understanding of their cross-links is crucial not only for the development of medicines but also for the development of biomimetic materials. The biomechanical movements of all mammals are aided by tendon fibrils. The self-organization and bi...

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  • A simplified model of local structure in aqueous proline amino acid revealed by first-principles molecular dynamics simulations.

    abstract::Aqueous proline solutions are deceptively simple as they can take on complex roles such as protein chaperones, cryoprotectants, and hydrotropic agents in biological processes. Here, a molecular level picture of proline/water mixtures is developed. Car-Parrinello ab initio molecular dynamics (CPAIMD) simulations of aqu...

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  • Thermodynamic analysis of chain-melting transition temperatures for monounsaturated phospholipid membranes: dependence on cis-monoenoic double bond position.

    abstract::Unsaturated phospholipid is the membrane component that is essential to the dynamic environment needed for biomembrane function. The dependence of the chain-melting transition temperature, T(t), of phospholipid bilayer membranes on the position, n(u), of the cis double bond in the glycerophospholipid sn-2 chain can be...

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  • Protein-induced surface structuring in myelin membrane monolayers.

    abstract::Monolayers prepared from myelin conserve all the compositional complexity of the natural membrane when spread at the air-water interface. They show a complex pressure-dependent surface pattern that, on compression, changes from the coexistence of two liquid phases to a viscous fractal phase embedded in a liquid phase....

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  • Partial least-squares functional mode analysis: application to the membrane proteins AQP1, Aqy1, and CLC-ec1.

    abstract::We introduce an approach based on the recently introduced functional mode analysis to identify collective modes of internal dynamics that maximally correlate to an external order parameter of functional interest. Input structural data can be either experimentally determined structure ensembles or simulated ensembles, ...

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  • The hill coefficient for the Ca2+-activation of striated muscle contraction.

    abstract::The following arguments are presented for the observation that curves relating free Ca2+ and force development of thin filament regulated myofilaments of skinned muscle fibers have Hill coefficient (n) greater than 4, which is the number of Ca2+ binding sites on troponin: Activation of the myofilaments is a process re...

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  • Chemical model of reaction cascades induced by activated enzymes or catalysts. Two-step cascades in visual transduction.

    abstract::A dissipative system is approximated by a nonlinear rate equation: Z congruent to K1Z - K2Z3 (K2 greater than 0), in which the right side is derived from -delta G/delta Z of Taylor's series of the thermodynamic potential given by Gibbs' function G(Tc, Pc) (Z) at about the critical point C(Tc, Pc) of the control variab...

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  • Protein fibrillation lag times during kinetic inhibition.

    abstract::Protein aggregation is linked to more than 30 human pathologies, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Since small oligomers that form at the beginning of the fibrillation process probably are the most toxic elements, therapeutic strategies involving fibril fragmentation could be detrimental. An alternative ...

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  • Outer membrane monolayer domains from two-dimensional surface scanning resistance measurements.

    abstract::Cellular plasma membranes have domains that are defined, in most cases, by cytoskeletal elements. The outer half of the bilayer may also contain domains that organize glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-linked proteins. To define outer membrane barriers, we measured the resistive force on membrane bound beads as they w...

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  • Temperature-dependent electrical and ultrastructural characterizations of porcine skin upon electroporation.

    abstract::The mechanism of high-voltage pulse-induced permeabilization of the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the skin, is still not completely understood. It has been suggested that joule heating resulting from the applied pulse may play a major role in disrupting the stratum corneum. In this study, electrical and ultrastr...

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  • D-enantiomers take a close look at the functioning of a cardiac cationic L-amino acid transporter.

    abstract::Cationic amino acid transporters are highly selective for L-enantiomers such as L-arginine (L-Arg). Because of this stereoselectivity, little is known about the interaction of these transporters with D-isomers. To study whether these compounds can provide information on the molecular mechanism of transport, inward cur...

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  • High-speed high-resolution imaging of intercellular immune synapses using optical tweezers.

    abstract::Imaging in any plane other than horizontal in a microscope typically requires a reconstruction from multiple optical slices that significantly decreases the spatial and temporal resolution that can be achieved. This can limit the precision with which molecular events can be detected, for example, at intercellular cont...

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  • Phospholipid-dependent regulation of cytochrome c3-mediated electron transport across membranes.

    abstract::Cytochrome c3 (cyt c3) can mediate electron transport across phosphatidylcholine (PC)/cardiolipin (CL) and PC/phosphatidylglycerol (PG) membranes. A two-molecule process is involved in the electron transport across PC/CL membranes in the liquid-crystalline state. In contrast, a single-molecule process dominates the el...

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    authors: Kim SM,Yamamoto T,Todokoro Y,Takayama Y,Fujiwara T,Park JS,Akutsu H

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  • The Cumulative Effect of Surface Adsorption and Excluded Volume in 2D and 3D on Protein Fibrillation.

    abstract::A refined mesoscopic model for the cumulative effect of repulsive excluded volume protein-protein interaction and attractive protein-surface interaction upon the properties of a trace protein capable of fiber formation is presented. The model predicts that very small changes in the magnitude of bulk volume occupancy o...

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  • pH-dependent dimerization of the carboxyl terminal domain of Cx43.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated that the carboxyl terminus of the gap junction protein Cx43 (Cx43CT) can act as an independent, regulatory domain that modulates intercellular communication in response to appropriate chemical stimuli. Here, we have used NMR, chemical cross-linking, and analytical ultracentrifugation...

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  • Salt dependence of the elasticity and overstretching transition of single DNA molecules.

    abstract::As double-stranded DNA is stretched to its B-form contour length, models of polymer elasticity can describe the dramatic increase in measured force. When the molecule is stretched beyond this contour length, it shows a highly cooperative overstretching transition. We have measured the elasticity and overstretching tra...

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  • Chain-length heterogeneity allows for the assembly of fatty acid vesicles in dilute solutions.

    abstract::A requirement for concentrated and chemically homogeneous pools of molecular building blocks would severely restrict plausible scenarios for the origin of life. In the case of membrane self-assembly, models of prebiotic lipid synthesis yield primarily short, single-chain amphiphiles that can form bilayer vesicles only...

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  • Effect of nonuniform interstitial space properties on impulse propagation: a discrete multidomain model.

    abstract::This work presents a discrete multidomain model that describes ionic diffusion pathways between connected cells and within the interstitium. Unlike classical models of impulse propagation, the intracellular and extracellular spaces are represented as spatially distinct volumes with dynamic/static boundary conditions t...

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  • Gap junction structures. VIII. Membrane cross-sections.

    abstract::Profiles of negatively stained gap junctions have been measured by grid sectioning. After normal levels of electron irradiation, the membrane thickness shrinks to about half that of unirradiated controls, but no shrinkage occurs in the hexagonal lattice plane. Even under low irradiation conditions, there is significan...

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  • A stored charge model for the sodium channel.

    abstract::A new model is proposed to account for the apparent conductance changes of the sodium, or early, channel in nerve fiber membranes. In this model it is assumed that the channels are gated at the interior side of the membrane and are resistively limited at the exterior side by sodium selective barriers of high resistanc...

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  • Hydration changes accompanying the binding of minor groove ligands with DNA.

    abstract::4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI), netropsin, and pentamidine are minor groove binders that have terminal -C(NH2)2+ groups. The hydration changes that accompany their binding to the minor groove of the (AATT)2 sequence have been studied using the osmotic stress technique with fluorescence spectroscopy. The affinity...

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  • Thermodynamics and the primary processes of photosynthesis.

    abstract::Numerous discussions of the relationship of the thermodynamics of radiation to photosynthesis have been published, but the results are often in disagreement or at best difficult to compare with one another. The recent treatment of maximal photosynthetic efficiencies by Ross and Calvin is here shown to be directly rela...

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