Improved resolution of tertiary structure elasticity in muscle protein.


:Rearrangement of tertiary structure in response to mechanical force (termed tertiary structure elasticity) in the tandem Ig chain is the first mode of elastic response for muscle protein titin. Tertiary structure elasticity occurs at low stretching forces (few tens of pN), and was described at atomic resolution in a recent molecular dynamics study, in which an originally crescent-shaped six-Ig chain was stretched into a linear chain. However, the force-extension profile that resulted from this explicit solvent simulation was dominated by the hydrodynamic drag force, and effects of tertiary structure elasticity only manifested for stretching forces above 20 pN. Here we report a slow pulling 100-ns simulation (along with other auxiliary simulations), in which hydrodynamic drag force is seen to reduce to near 0 pN, such that tertiary structure elasticity could be characterized over a 0-200 pN range. Statistical mechanical analysis showed that the stretching velocity was sufficiently low such that the protein remained significantly relaxed during the major part of its extension.


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Biophysical journal


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  • Fast dynamics and stabilization of proteins: binary glasses of trehalose and glycerol.

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  • A phenomenological theory of muscular contraction. I. Rate equations at a given length based on irreversible thermodynamics.

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  • New ordered metastable phases between the gel and subgel phases in hydrated phospholipids.

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  • Whole-embryo modeling of early segmentation in Drosophila identifies robust and fragile expression domains.

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  • Equilibrium Modeling of the Mechanics and Structure of the Cancer Glycocalyx.

    abstract::The glycocalyx is a thick coat of proteins and carbohydrates on the outer surface of all eukaryotic cells. Overproduction of large, flexible or rod-like biopolymers, including hyaluronic acid and mucins, in the glycocalyx strongly correlates with the aggression of many cancer types. However, theoretical frameworks to ...

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  • Spectroscopy on the B850 band of individual light-harvesting 2 complexes of Rhodopseudomonas acidophila. I. Experiments and Monte Carlo simulations.

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  • Voltage-dependent behavior of a "ball-and-chain" gramicidin channel.

    abstract::The channel-forming properties of two analogs of gramicidin, gramicidin-ethylenediamine (gram-EDA), and gramicidin-N,N-dimethylethylenediamine (gram-DMEDA) were studied in planar lipid bilayers, using protons as the permeant ion. These peptides have positively charged amino groups tethered to their C-terminal ends via...

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  • Cell adhesion strength is controlled by intermolecular spacing of adhesion receptors.

    abstract::Spatial patterning of biochemical cues on the micro- and nanometer scale controls numerous cellular processes such as spreading, adhesion, migration, and proliferation. Using force microscopy we show that the lateral spacing of individual integrin receptor-ligand bonds determines the strength of cell adhesion. For spa...

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  • Anomalous mole fraction effect, electrostatics, and binding in ionic channels.

    abstract::Ionic channels bathed in mixed solutions of two permeant electrolytes often conduct less current than channels bathed in pure solutions of either. For many years, this anomalous mole fraction effect (AMFE) has been thought to occur only in single-file pores containing two or more ions at a time. Most thinking about ch...

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  • F-actin, a model polymer for semiflexible chains in dilute, semidilute, and liquid crystalline solutions.

    abstract::Single actin filaments were analyzed in solutions ranging from dilute (0.2 microgram/ml), where filaments interact only with solvent, to concentrations (4.0 mg/ml) at which F-actin forms a nematic phase. A persistence length of approximately 1.8 microns and an average length of approximately 22 microns (Kaufmann et al...

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  • Mechanical hypothesis of sperm penetration.

    abstract::Sperm have generally been supposed to penetrate the zona pellucida surrounding the mammalian egg with the aid of a protease, acrosin. Difficulties associated with this view are discussed and an alternative, mechanical hypothesis introduced. The calculated force exerted by individual sperm is too small to permit the ru...

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  • Ratchetaxis in Channels: Entry Point and Local Asymmetry Set Cell Directions in Confinement.

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  • Myosin subfragment-1 attachment to actin. Expected effect on equatorial reflections.

    abstract::The characteristic equatorial X-ray pattern from a relaxed vertebrate skeletal muscle changes when the muscle is activated. In particular, there is a simultaneous decrease in the intensity of the first reflection (I10) and increase in the intensity of the second (I11). This observed change is almost reciprocal. When c...

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  • Critical determinants of Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation within an EF-hand motif of L-type Ca(2+) channels.

    abstract::L-type (alpha(1C)) calcium channels inactivate rapidly in response to localized elevation of intracellular Ca(2+), providing negative Ca(2+) feedback in a diverse array of biological contexts. The dominant Ca(2+) sensor for such Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation has recently been identified as calmodulin, which appears to...

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  • A theoretical analysis for the effect of focal contact formation on cell-substrate attachment strength.

    abstract::For many cell types, growth, differentiation, and motility are dependent on receptor-mediated adhesion to ligand-coated surfaces. Focal contacts are strong, specialized, adhesive connections between cell and substrate in which receptors aggregate and connect extracellular ligand to intracellular cytoskeletal molecules...

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