Preferential hydration of DNA: the magnitude and distance dependence of alcohol and polyol interactions.


:The physical forces that underlie the exclusion of solutes from macromolecular surfaces can be probed in a similar way as the measurement of forces between macromolecules in condensed arrays using the osmotic stress technique and x-ray scattering. We report here the dependence of alcohol exclusion or, equivalently, the preferential hydration of DNA on the spacing between helices in condensed arrays. The actual forces describing exclusion are quite different from the commonly assumed steric crowding coupled with weak binding. For a set of 12 nonpolar alcohols, exclusion is due to repulsive hydration interactions with the charged DNA surface. Exclusion amplitudes do not depend simply on size, but rather on the balance between alkyl carbons and hydroxyl oxygens. Polyols are included at very close spacings. The distance dependence of polyol inclusion, however, is quite different from nonpolar alcohol exclusion, suggesting the underlying mechanism of interaction is different.


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Biophysical journal


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  • Tectorial Membrane Traveling Waves Underlie Sharp Auditory Tuning in Humans.

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  • Effect of structural transition of the host assembly on dynamics of an ion channel peptide: a fluorescence approach.

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  • Concerted gating mechanism underlying KATP channel inhibition by ATP.

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  • Cations as switches of amyloid-mediated membrane disruption mechanisms: calcium and IAPP.

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  • Interaction of the influenza hemagglutinin fusion peptide with lipid bilayers: area expansion and permeation.

    abstract::Fusion is a crucial event in the infection of animal cells by enveloped viruses (e.g., HIV or influenza). Viral fusion is mediated by glycoproteins, spanning the viral envelope, which attach to a membrane surface and induce fusion of the viral envelope to the cellular membrane. Influenza fusion protein (hemagglutinin)...

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  • Two mechanisms by which fluorescent oxonols indicate membrane potential in human red blood cells.

    abstract::Optical potentiometric indicators have been used to monitor the transmembrane electrical potential (Em) of many cells and organelles. A better understanding of the mechanisms of dye response is needed for the design of dyes with improved responses and for unambiguous interpretation of experimental results. This paper ...

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  • Sodium inactivation in nerve fibers.

    abstract::A number of models proposed to account for the sodium conductance changes are shown to fall into two classes. The Hodgkin-Huxley (HH) model falls into a class (I) in which the conductance depends on two or more independent variables controlled by independent processes. The Mullins, Hoyt, and Goldman models fall into c...

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  • Thermodynamics of the human brain.

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  • Thermodynamic analysis of the lipopolysaccharide-dependent resistance of gram-negative bacteria against polymyxin B.

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  • Kinetics of microtubule catastrophe assessed by probabilistic analysis.

    abstract::Microtubules are cytoskeletal filaments whose self-assembly occurs by abrupt switching between states of roughly constant growth and shrinkage, a process known as dynamic instability. Understanding the mechanism of dynamic instability offers potential for controlling microtubule-dependent cellular processes such as ne...

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  • Surface functionalized cationic lipid-DNA complexes for gene delivery: PEGylated lamellar complexes exhibit distinct DNA-DNA interaction regimes.

    abstract::Cationic lipid-DNA (CL-DNA) complexes are abundantly used in nonviral gene therapy clinical applications. Surface functionality is the next step in developing these complexes as competent, target-specific gene carriers. Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is the natural choice to serve as a protective coat or act as a tether ...

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  • Resting myoplasmic free calcium in frog skeletal muscle fibers estimated with fluo-3.

    abstract::Fluo-3 is an unusual tetracarboxylate Ca2+ indicator. For recent lots supplied by Molecular Probes Inc. (Eugene, OR), FMAX, the fluorescence intensity of the indicator in its Ca(2+)-bound form, is approximately 200 times that of FMIN, the fluorescence intensity of the indicator in its Ca(2+)-free form. (For earlier lo...

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  • Change in rigidity in the activated form of the glucose/galactose receptor from Escherichia coli: a phenomenon that will be key to the development of biosensors.

    abstract::Recently a periplasmic glucose/galactose binding protein, GGRQ26C, immobilized on a gold surface has been used as an active part of a glucose biosensor based on quartz microbalance technique. However the nature of the glucose detection was not clear. Here we have found that the receptor protein film immobilized on the...

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  • Glycosphingolipid fatty acid arrangement in phospholipid bilayers: cholesterol effects.

    abstract::Deuterium wide line NMR spectroscopy was used to study cholesterol effects on the ceramide portions of two glycosphingolipids (GSLs) distributed as minor components in fluid membranes. The common existence of very long fatty acids on GSLs was taken into account by including one glycolipid species with fatty acid chain...

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  • Presynaptic calcium currents in squid giant synapse.

    abstract::A voltage clamp study has been performed in the presynaptic terminal of the squid stellate ganglion. After blockage of the voltage-dependent sodium and potassium conductances, an inward calcium current is demonstrated. Given a step-depolarization pulse, this voltage- and time-dependent conductance has an S-shaped onse...

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  • An electron spin resonance study of interactions between phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine in oriented membranes.

    abstract::A detailed electron spin resonance (ESR) study of mixtures of 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (POPC) and phosphatidylserine (POPS) in oriented multilayers in the liquid crystalline phase is reported with the purpose of characterizing the effects of headgroup mixing on the structural and dynamical properties o...

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  • Two-step folding of recombinant mitochondrial porin in detergent.

    abstract::Precise information regarding the transmembrane topology of mitochondrial porin is essential for understanding the mechanisms by which this protein functions. Porin acts as a channel in the outer membrane and interacts with small solutes and proteins to regulate mitochondrial function. The acquisition of high-resoluti...

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  • Fibril formation of the rabbit/human/bovine prion proteins.

    abstract::Prion diseases are infectious fatal neurodegenerative diseases including Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathy in cattle. The misfolding and conversion of cellular PrP in such mammals into pathogenic PrP is believed to be the key procedure. Rabbits are among the few mammalian species...

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  • Molecular dynamics simulation of lipid reorientation at bilayer edges.

    abstract::Understanding cellular membrane processes is critical for the study of events such as viral entry, neurotransmitter exocytosis, and immune activation. Supported lipid bilayers are commonly used to model these membrane processes experimentally. Despite the relative simplicity of such a system, many important structural...

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  • Critical determinants of Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation within an EF-hand motif of L-type Ca(2+) channels.

    abstract::L-type (alpha(1C)) calcium channels inactivate rapidly in response to localized elevation of intracellular Ca(2+), providing negative Ca(2+) feedback in a diverse array of biological contexts. The dominant Ca(2+) sensor for such Ca(2+)-dependent inactivation has recently been identified as calmodulin, which appears to...

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  • Exploration of Insulin Amyloid Polymorphism Using Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging.

    abstract::We aimed to investigate insulin amyloid fibril polymorphism caused by salt effects and heating temperature and to visualize the structural differences of the polymorphisms in situ using Raman imaging without labeling. The time course monitoring for amyloid formation was carried out in an acidic condition without any s...

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    abstract::A system based on two designed peptides, namely the cationic peptide K, (KIAALKE)3, and its complementary anionic counterpart called peptide E, (EIAALEK)3, has been used as a minimal model for membrane fusion, inspired by SNARE proteins. Although the fact that docking of separate vesicle populations via the formation ...

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  • The mechanochemistry of molecular motors.

    abstract::A theory of molecular motors is presented that explains how the energy released in single chemical reactions can generate mechanical motion and force. In the simplest case the fluctuating movements of a motor enzyme are well described by a diffusion process on a two-dimensional potential energy surface, where one dime...

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  • Equilibrium Modeling of the Mechanics and Structure of the Cancer Glycocalyx.

    abstract::The glycocalyx is a thick coat of proteins and carbohydrates on the outer surface of all eukaryotic cells. Overproduction of large, flexible or rod-like biopolymers, including hyaluronic acid and mucins, in the glycocalyx strongly correlates with the aggression of many cancer types. However, theoretical frameworks to ...

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  • Free energy determinants of binding the rRNA substrate and small ligands to ricin A-chain.

    abstract::A continuum model is provided of the free energy terms that contribute to the molecular association of ricin A-chain (RTA) with the rRNA substrate and several small ligands. The model for RTA interactions with the RNA was taken from a previously proposed complex containing a 29-mer oligonucleotide hairpin (. Proteins ...

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