Determination of U, Pu and Am isotopes in Irish Sea sediment by a combination of AMS and radiometric methods.


:Samples from a marine sediment core from the Irish Sea (54.416 N, 3.563 W) were analyzed for the isotopic composition of uranium, plutonium and americium by a combination of radiometric methods and AMS. The radiochemical procedure consisted of a Pu separation step by anion exchange, subsequent U separation by extraction chromatography using UTEVA® and finally Am separation with TRU® Resin. Additionally to radiometric determination of these isotopes by alpha spectrometry, the separated samples were also used for the determination of (236)U/(238)U and plutonium isotope ratios by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) at the VERA facility.


J Environ Radioact


Srncik M,Hrnecek E,Steier P,Wallner G




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2011-04-01 00:00:00














  • The removal of U(VI) from aqueous solution by oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes.

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  • Determination of low-level radiostrontium, with emphasis on in situ pre-concentration of Sr from large volume of freshwater sample using Powdex resin.

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  • Accumulation of (137)Cs in Brazilian soils and its transfer to plants under different climatic conditions.

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  • (210)Polonium and (210)lead content of marine birds from Southeastern Brazil.

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  • The man-nature relationship and environmental ethics.

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  • New evaluated radioxenon decay data and its implications in nuclear explosion monitoring.

    abstract::This work presents the last updated evaluations of the nuclear and decay data of the four radioxenon isotopes of interest for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT): Xe-131 m, Xe-133, Xe-133 m and Xe-135. This includes the most recent measured values on the half-lives, gamma emission probabilities (Pγ) and i...

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  • A model for the bioaccumulation of (99)Tc in lobsters (Homarus gammarus) from the West Cumbrian coast.

    abstract::A biokinetic model is presented that simulates the uptake and release of (99)Tc by the European lobster (Homarus gammarus). This organism is of significant radioecological interest since lobsters, in contrast to most other organisms, have a high affinity for (99)Tc. The model is designed to represent annually averaged...

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  • Anthropogenic 137Cs on atmospheric aerosols in Bratislava and around nuclear power plants in Slovakia.

    abstract::Nuclear power plants (NPPs) have been one of the sources of anthropogenic radionuclides in the environment. This work combines the results from monitoring stations around NPPs in Slovakia (Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice) and academic measurements at the Comenius University campus in Bratislava. Most of the atmospheri...

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  • Study on the behavior of the heavy metals Cu, Cr, Ni, Zn, Fe, Mn and 137Cs in an estuarine ecosystem using Mytilus galloprovincialis as a bioindicator species: the case of Thermaikos gulf, Greece.

    abstract::Mussels are worldwide recognized as pollution bioindicators and used in Mussel Watch programs, because they accumulate pollutants in their tissues at elevated levels in relation to pollutant biological availability in the marine environment. The present study deals with the use of Mytilus galloprovincialis as a local ...

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  • Recent advances in aerial gamma-ray surveying.

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  • Uranium and plutonium in anoxic marine sediments of the Santiago River mouth (Eastern Pacific, Mexico).

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  • Cesium-137 concentration of soils in Pest County, Hungary.

    abstract::This paper presents the results of measurements of (137)Cs in soils in Pest County, Hungary. We investigated forty five soil monoliths from monitoring locations of a countrywide Soil Information and Monitoring System (SIMS) at depths of 0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-120 and 120-150 cm. The (137)Cs concentrations were determi...

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  • Impacts of (14)C discharges from a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant on surrounding vegetation: Comparison between grass field measurements and TOCATTA-χ and SSPAM(14)C model computations.

    abstract::This article compares and discusses the ability of two different models to reproduce the observed temporal variability in grass (14)C activity in the vicinity of AREVA-NC La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in France. These two models are the TOCATTA-χ model, which is specifically designed for modelling transfer ...

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  • Nonhuman biota dose rate estimation from liquid effluent releases during normal operations of light water reactors using the LADTAP II computer code.

    abstract::The LADTAP II computer code was used to estimate the dose rates to seven nonhuman biota (fish, algae, invertebrate, muskrat, raccoon, heron, and duck) from liquid effluent releases during the normal operations of new light water reactor facilities in the United States. The estimated dose rates to nonhuman biota depend...

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  • Soil-to-plant transfer of radiocaesium for selected tropical plant species in Bangladesh.

    abstract::Soil-to-plant transfer factors (TF) of radiocaesium (137Cs) were determined under field condition for grassy vegetation grown in Bangladesh at contaminated land in the Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE) campus. TF values for rice, grass and grassy/root vegetations grown in the same type of soil were also meas...

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  • Vertical distributions of (99)Tc and the (99)Tc/(137)Cs activity ratio in the coastal water off Aomori, Japan.

    abstract::Using a sector-field ICP-MS the vertical distributions of the (99)Tc concentration and (99)Tc/(137)Cs activity ratio were measured in the coastal waters off Aomori Prefecture, Japan, where a spent-nuclear-fuel reprocessing plant has begun test operation. The (99)Tc concentrations in surface water ranged from 1.8 to 2....

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  • Effects of long-term chronic exposure to radionuclides in plant populations.

    abstract::The results of field studies carried out on different plant species (winter rye and wheat, spring barley, oats, Scots pine, wild vetch, crested hairgrass) in various radioecological situations (nuclear weapon testing, the Chernobyl accident, uranium and radium processing) to investigate the effects of long-term chroni...

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  • Tritium in fish from remote lakes in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

    abstract::Tritium is most commonly generated as a by-product of nuclear reactors. As such, environmental concentrations are typically only reported near regions of interest, and background concentrations in areas unaffected by anthropogenic disturbance are not well characterized. To provide information on background levels of t...

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  • Measuring effective radium concentration with large numbers of samples. Part II--general properties and representativity.

    abstract::Effective radium concentration EC(Ra), product of radium concentration and radon emanation, is the source term for radon release into the pore space of rocks and the environment. Over a period of three years, we performed more than 6000 radon-222 accumulation experiments in the laboratory with scintillation flasks and...

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  • Monitoring rainwater and seaweed reveals the presence of (131)I in southwest and central British Columbia, Canada following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.

    abstract::Detailed analysis of (131)I levels in rainwater and in three species of seaweed (Fucus distichus Linnaeus, Macrocystis pyrifera, and Pyropia fallax) collected in southwest British Columbia and Bella Bella, B.C., Canada was performed using gamma-ray spectroscopy following the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident on M...

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  • Comparison of different methodologies for the 90Sr determination in environmental samples.

    abstract::The paper describes different isolation/separation and detection procedures for 90Sr determination in the environmental samples which are routinely used in Laboratories A and B. In this context, four different methods for strontium isolation and two methods for detection were tested and compared by 90Sr determination ...

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  • Sedimentology models from activity concentration measurements: application to the "Bay of Cadiz" Natural Park (SW Spain).

    abstract::A previous study on seabed sediments of the Bay of Cadiz (SW of Spain) enabled us to identify several relations between sedimentological variables and activity concentrations of environmental radionuclides such as (137)Cs, (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K. In this paper the study has been extended to a large neighbouring in...

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  • Adsorption of thorium from aqueous solutions by perlite.

    abstract::The use of expanded perlite for the adsorption of thorium from aqueous solution by batch technique is presented. The effects of particle size, pH of the solution, initial thorium concentration, shaking time, V/m ratio and temperature were determined. It was found that the adsorption capacity increases by the increase ...

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  • Radioactive contamination of arthropods from different trophic levels in hilly and mountainous areas after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

    abstract::In order to understand the influence of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident on the ecosystem in hilly and mountainous areas of Fukushima Prefecture, chronological changes in the levels of radiocesium in arthropod species were investigated. From 2012 to 2014, arthropods from different trophic levels were...

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  • Uranium sequestration in fracture filling materials from fractured granite aquifers.

    abstract::The migration of the uranium (U) in high-level radioactive waste that is held in deep geological repositories via fractures in deep granite aquifers is a serious safety concern, thus, this study investigates the effect of fracture filling materials designed to mitigate these concerns. Geochemical analysis was conducte...

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  • Assessment of environmental (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K concentrations in the region of elevated radiation background in Segamat District, Johor, Malaysia.

    abstract::Extensive environmental survey and measurements of gamma radioactivity in the soil samples collected from Segamat District were conducted. Two gamma detectors were used for the measurements of background radiation in the area and the results were used in the computation of the mean external radiation dose rate and mea...

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  • Database of meteorological and radiation measurements made in Belarus during the first three months following the Chernobyl accident.

    abstract::Results of all available meteorological and radiation measurements that were performed in Belarus during the first three months after the Chernobyl accident were collected from various sources and incorporated into a single database. Meteorological information such as precipitation, wind speed and direction, and tempe...

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    authors: Drozdovitch V,Zhukova O,Germenchuk M,Khrutchinsky A,Kukhta T,Luckyanov N,Minenko V,Podgaiskaya M,Savkin M,Vakulovsky S,Voillequé P,Bouville A

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  • Determination of total content and isotopic compositions of plutonium and uranium in environmental samples for safeguards purposes by ICP-QMS.

    abstract::The aim of this work was to determine the concentrations and isotopic compositions of plutonium and uranium in environmental samples for safeguards purposes. An analytical method was developed with a plutonium and uranium separation procedure based on extraction chromatography (using 2mL TEVA and UTEVA columns) and de...

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  • A novel method for determining the adequate dose of a chelating agent for phytoremediation of radionulides contaminated soils by M. cordata.

    abstract::A chelating agent in an adequate dose used to enhance phytoremediation of radionuclide-contaminated soil should not inhibit the growth of the plant. If this constraint condition is satisfied, the total bioaccumulation amount (TBA) of radionuclide by the plant can be maximized. This is a constrained optimization proble...

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