Is a pan-Canadian early child development system possible? Yes, when we redress what ails Canadian culture.


:Canada lags behind other countries when it comes to investing in families with children. Canada, therefore, fails to promote health by not optimizing early development. The authors diagnose the Canadian failure. The problem is not research or fiscal capacity, but rather a sickness in Canadian culture. Four ailments are identified: Canadians are convinced they cannot afford new social investments, tend to treat illness rather than promote health, ignore that good family policy requires gender equality, and discount intergenerational justice. In response, the authors propose four policy solutions. Their pan-Canadian framework would cost $22 billion annually, not even one-half of current elderly and pension benefits. The new investment would reduce child vulnerability from approximately 30% to just 10% of children within 10 years. This reduction in early vulnerability would increase gross domestic product 20% more over 60 years than if Canadians tolerate the status quo.


Paediatr Child Health


Kershaw P,Anderson L




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  • Deformity of the tongue in an infant: Riga-Fede disease.

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  • An epidemiologic overview of a tertiary referral practice for male paediatric lichen sclerosus.

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  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows Education Day: Addressing CanMEDS objectives at a national subspecialty conference.

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  • Erratum: Re: Wong PD, Dave MG, Tulloch T, et al. Community health centres: Potential opportunities for community paediatrics. From interprofessional clinical care to board governance. Paediatr Child Health 2015;20(1):12-14.

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 12 in vol. 20, PMID: 25722635.]. ...

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  • Clinical management of fever in children younger than three years of age.

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  • Death of a child: Parental perception of grief intensity - End-of-life and bereavement care.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The death of a child is a tragedy resulting in family trauma and disorganization. The present study sought to evaluate the intensity of grief experienced by parents who have lost a child in the perinatal period (stillbirth, premature baby, term baby less than one month) and parents who have lost a child after...

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