Coping processes in a multidisciplinary healthcare team--a comparison of nurses in cancer care and hospital chaplains.


:The purpose of this paper is to compare the coping processes of hospital chaplains and nurses in cancer care and to discuss the findings in relation to work and stress in a multidisciplinary team. The results of the research question--'what coping processes are used when confronting existential issues?'--reveal that, as members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team, both professions need space in work for significance; the nurse needs to be able to help the patient 'do good' and the hospital chaplain needs to be available to meet the patient. Boundary demarcation was found to be the most common coping strategy.


Ekedahl M,Wengström Y




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  • Effectiveness of palliative care interventions offering social support to people with life-limiting illness-A systematic review.

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  • The effect of a whole body exercise programme and dragon boat training on arm volume and arm circumference in women treated for breast cancer.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a whole body exercise programme and dragon boat training on changes in arm volume in breast cancer survivors. A total of 16 female breast cancer survivors with no clinical history of lymphoedema volunteered. The 20-week exercise programme consisted of resistance a...

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