Subspecialty certification in hand surgery.


:Subspecialty certification in hand surgery was instituted in 1989 by the collaborative efforts of the American Boards of General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Orthopaedic Surgery. Candidates must be certified by their parent board and have demonstrated qualifications in hand surgery beyond those expected of other Board-certified surgeons. Qualifications include 1 year of additional training in an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education accredited hand surgery fellowship, successful passage of a secure examination in hand surgery, and a practice characterized by a majority of cases in hand surgery. The certificates are time limited, and every 10 years one must successfully pass a recertification examination to maintain subspecialty certification. Since its inception, 1431 orthopaedic surgeons have passed the examination and the failure rate has been 3.1%. Six hundred and twenty-three have recertified with a failure rate of 2%. Possession of a certificate of subspecialty qualifications in hand surgery was never intended to bestow special privileges to those who practice hand surgery; rather, it was intended to demonstrate to the public and our profession that certificate holders have met Board Standards and are qualified to treat problems related to the hand and wrist.


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  • Accuracy of computer-assisted navigation for femoral head resurfacing decreases in hips with abnormal anatomy.

    abstract::Computer-assisted navigation systems for hip resurfacing arthroplasty are designed to minimize the chance of implant malposition. However, there is little evidence computer navigation is useful in the presence of anatomical deformity. We therefore determined the accuracy of an image-free resurfacing hip arthroplasty n...

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  • Unloader knee braces for osteoarthritis: do patients actually wear them?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Unloader braces are a nonsurgical approach for predominantly unicompartmental knee arthritis. Although noninvasive, braces are expensive and it is unclear whether clinical factors, if any, will predict regular brace use. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES:We asked: (1) Do patients continue to use the unloader brace more th...

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  • Stress fracture of the patella following duopatellar total knee arthroplasty with patellar resurfacing.

    abstract::Stress fracture of the patella can occur with significant frequency following patellar replacement with the duopatellar knee prosthesis. In the first 372 knees with patellar resurfacing, the incidence was 0.7% in rheumatoid arthritis (2 fractures in 286 knees) and 3.5% in osteoarthritis (3 fractures in 86 knees). The ...

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  • The orthopedic aspects of Gaucher disease.

    abstract::Orthopedic problems are an important feature of the adult, chronic or non-neuropathic form of Gaucher disease. Thirty-five South African patients have been investigated and of these 29 had significant skeletal complications. Twenty-one had nonspecific bone pains, 14 had episodes of pseudoosteomyelitis and 2 had acute ...

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  • Survival and management considerations in postirradiation osteosarcoma and Paget's osteosarcoma.

    abstract::Postirradiation and Paget's osteosarcomas are high-grade malignancies. The five-year survival was only 10% in recent experience at the author's institution. Progressive pain is an important clinical feature in both conditions. Careful roentgenographic studies demonstrate cortical destruction and a soft-tissue mass in ...

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  • Shoulder arthrodesis by external fixation.

    abstract::The choice of pin site in shoulder arthrodesis after brachial plexus injury is important for efficient external fixation. The pins are inserted into the coracoid process from the anterior aspect and the scapular spine from the acromion. This insertion method holds the scapula more rigid and allows the patient to lie s...

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  • Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on human osteoblastlike cells (MG-63): a pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) are used to treat delayed unions and nonunions, their mechanisms of action are not completely clear. However, PEMFs are known to affect the expression of certain genes. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES:We asked (1) whether PEMFs affect gene expression in human osteoblastlike...

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    authors: Sollazzo V,Palmieri A,Pezzetti F,Massari L,Carinci F

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  • Surgical technique: development of an anatomic medial knee reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The main static stabilizers of the medial knee are the superficial medial collateral and posterior oblique ligaments. A number of reconstructive techniques have been advocated including one we describe here. However, whether these reconstructions restore function and stability is unclear. DESCRIPTION OF TEC...

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  • Radiotherapy in osteosarcoma.

    abstract::Radiation therapy in the treatment of osteosarcoma has been considered with respect of the subclinical metastatic disease in the lung and the primary lesion. Emphasis is given to the necessity of coordinating the management plan of the primary lesion with an adjuvant program. Evaluation of the efficacy of a conservati...

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  • John Charnley Award: Randomized Clinical Trial of Direct Anterior and Miniposterior Approach THA: Which Provides Better Functional Recovery?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The choice of surgical approach for THA remains controversial. Some studies suggest that the direct anterior approach (DAA) leads to less muscle damage than the miniposterior approach (MPA), but there is little high-quality evidence indicating whether this accelerates recovery, or whether this approach-which...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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  • Hydroxyapatite coated stems in younger and older patients with hip arthritis.

    abstract::A primary aim of research in total hip arthroplasty is to extend longevity through improved fixation and decreased wear and osteolysis. Age range of patients receiving hip implants is ever increasing as technology improves and average life span increases. The current report focuses on minimum 10-year results of a prox...

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    authors: Capello WN,D'Antonio JA,Feinberg JR,Manley MT

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  • Aseptic loosening in uncemented total hip arthroplasty in a canine model.

    abstract::An in vivo canine model was developed to investigate the histologic and biochemical parameters associated with aseptic loosening. Thirty-eight canines had cementless total hip arthroplasty. Experimental groups were designed specifically to investigate the relative contributions of implant motion and particulate debris...

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  • The influence of botulinum toxin A injections into the calf muscles on genu recurvatum in children with cerebral palsy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:With cerebral palsy (CP), an equinus deformity may lead to genu recurvatum. Botulinum toxin A (BtA) injection into the calf muscles is a well-accepted treatment for dynamic equinus deformity. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES:The purpose of this study was to determine whether BtA injections into the calf muscles to decrea...

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    authors: Klotz MC,Wolf SI,Heitzmann D,Gantz S,Braatz F,Dreher T

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  • Comparative study of the effects of radiation, indomethacin, prednisolone, and ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonate (EHDP) in the prevention of ectopic bone formation.

    abstract::Forty male New Zealand white rabbits were treated with immobilization and forcible manipulation of the right knee known to cause ectopic bone formation in the quadriceps muscle. The animals were also treated with either: A) A total radiation dose of 1840 rad (18.4 Gy); B) A 0.5 mg/kg/day oral dose of prednisolone; C) ...

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    authors: Ahrengart L,Lindgren U,Reinholt FP

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  • Arthroscopic gluteal muscle contracture release with radiofrequency energy.

    abstract::Gluteal muscle contracture is common after repeated intramuscular injections and sometimes is sufficiently debilitating to require open surgery. We asked whether arthroscopic release of gluteal muscle contracture using radiofrequency energy would decrease complications with clinically acceptable results. We retrospect...

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    authors: Liu YJ,Wang Y,Xue J,Lui PP,Chan KM

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  • The use of lumbar extension in the evaluation and treatment of patients with acute herniated nucleus pulposus. A preliminary report.

    abstract::Many patients with acute herniated nucleus pulposus can be expected to resolve their conditions with conservative management. To date, however, no reliable sign has been described in the literature that can predict which patient will respond. This report shows that the ability to achieve normal lumbar extension repres...

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    authors: Kopp JR,Alexander AH,Turocy RH,Levrini MG,Lichtman DM

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  • Local antibiotic delivery with OsteoSet, DBX, and Collagraft.

    abstract::Biodegradable local antibiotic delivery systems have gained interest for prophylaxis and treatment of musculoskeletal infections. We studied the biodegradable materials Osteo- Set, DBX and Collagraft for local delivery of vancomycin and gentamicin in vitro. We determined the antimicrobial activity of vancomycin and ge...

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    authors: Heijink A,Yaszemski MJ,Patel R,Rouse MS,Lewallen DG,Hanssen AD

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  • Evaluation of the hip with pigmented villonodular synovitis. A case report.

    abstract::Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) is an uncommon disorder of the synovium that rarely involves the hip joint. The natural history of an untreated case of PVNS is presented herein. A young adult with a painful hip and destructive changes on plain roentgenograms requires further diagnostic evaluation. The relative...

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    authors: Boyd AD Jr,Sledge CB

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  • Do femoral or salter innominate osteotomies improve femoral head sphericity in Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease? A meta-analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recently, the authors of two prospective multicenter observational studies recommended surgery to improve head sphericity in older children, whereas large retrospective observational studies suggest that surgery does not improve head sphericity in older children. Thus, the treatment for Legg-Calvé-Perthes di...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Saran N,Varghese R,Mulpuri K

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  • Immunologic responses in human recipients of osseous and osteochondral allografts.

    abstract::A multiinstitutional study was carried out to evaluate immunologic responses for human recipients of massive frozen (-80 degrees C) osseous and osteochondral allografts. Allografts were used to reconstruct skeletal defects associated with a variety of traumatic degenerative and neoplastic disorders. Serum samples were...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Strong DM,Friedlaender GE,Tomford WW,Springfield DS,Shives TC,Burchardt H,Enneking WF,Mankin HJ

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  • Arthritis and arthrodesis of the hindfoot.

    abstract::Arthritic involvement of the subtalar, talonavicular, and calcaneocuboid joints is a common cause of pain in the mature hindfoot. Inflammatory, degenerative, and crystalline forms of arthritis may lead to deformity and instability of joints. When medical and nonoperative management fails, painful joints are stabilized...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Donatto KC

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  • Use of the Hoffmann external fixator in the treatment of femoral fractures.

    abstract::The Hoffmann external fixator has proved to be an effective means of stabilizing complex femoral fractures in patients in whom prolonged traction or internal fixation is not advisable. It provides for the prompt mobilization of multiple-trauma victims and assists in the evaluation of the "floating knee." Pin tract inf...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Coppola AJ Jr,Anzel SH

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  • Mechanisms of metastasis.

    abstract::The mechanism by which a malignant tumor cell establishes a metastatic foci is a complex process requiring the successful completion of a series of steps. If any step cannot be completed, the entire process fails. The tumor cell must separate from the primary tumor, gain access to an efferent channel (lymphatic or vas...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Springfield DS

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  • What Factors are Associated With 90-day Episode-of-care Payments for Younger Patients With Total Joint Arthroplasty?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Total joint arthroplasty (TJA) has been identified as a procedure with substantial variations in inpatient and postacute care payments. Most studies in this area have focused primarily on the Medicare population and rarely have characterized the younger commercially insured populations. Understanding the inp...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Pathak S,Ganduglia CM,Awad SS,Chan W,Swint JM,Morgan RO

    更新日期:2017-11-01 00:00:00

  • Computer-assisted tumor surgery in malignant bone tumors.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Small recent case series using CT-based navigation suggest such approaches may aid in surgical planning and improve accuracy of intended resections, but the accuracy and clinical use have not been confirmed. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES:We therefore evaluated (1) the accuracy; (2) recurrences; and (3) function in pat...

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    authors: Wong KC,Kumta SM

    更新日期:2013-03-01 00:00:00

  • What Factors are Associated with Revision or Worse Patient-reported Outcome after Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Cuff-tear Arthropathy? A Study from the Danish Shoulder Arthroplasty Registry.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Reverse shoulder arthroplasty has been proven to improve function in shoulders with cuff-tear arthropathy, but existing studies are primarily single-center studies with a small number of patients, which limits their ability to identify patients who have an increased risk of revision or a worse functional out...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

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    authors: Baram A,Ammitzboell M,Brorson S,Olsen BS,Amundsen A,Rasmussen JV

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  • Combined Administration of ASCs and BMP-12 Promotes an M2 Macrophage Phenotype and Enhances Tendon Healing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Outcomes after intrasynovial tendon repair are highly variable. An intense inflammatory cascade followed by a delayed healing response can cause adhesion formation and repair-site failure that severely impair the function of repaired digits. No effective remedies exist to fully address these issues. Cell- an...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Gelberman RH,Linderman SW,Jayaram R,Dikina AD,Sakiyama-Elbert S,Alsberg E,Thomopoulos S,Shen H

    更新日期:2017-09-01 00:00:00

  • Intraoperative frozen section analysis in revision total joint arthroplasty.

    abstract::A prospective study of the sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values for frozen sections against cultures obtained at the time of revision total joint replacement was done. One hundred twenty-one revision total joint replacements were done in 92 men and 29 women. A positive frozen section with more than 10 polym...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Banit DM,Kaufer H,Hartford JM

    更新日期:2002-08-01 00:00:00

  • Professionalism and professional values in orthopaedics.

    abstract::During a consensus conference in Fall, 1998, the Academic Orthopaedic Society identified the values and qualities of professionalism as defined by its members. One hundred eighty-six respondents rated 20 characteristics and values describing professionalism, based on the extent to which they believed each item was app...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Rowley BD,Baldwin DC Jr,Bay RC,Karpman RR

    更新日期:2000-09-01 00:00:00

  • Bipolar proximal femoral replacement prostheses for musculoskeletal neoplasms.

    abstract::While bipolar proximal femoral replacement prostheses (PFRP) have become a common treatment for tumors of the proximal femur, long-term results are not specified in the literature. The objective was to determine the complication and revision rates of bipolar PFRP and compare them to historical controls of bipolar hemi...

    journal_title:Clinical orthopaedics and related research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Finstein JL,King JJ,Fox EJ,Ogilvie CM,Lackman RD

    更新日期:2007-06-01 00:00:00