Health problems of persons with spinal cord injury living in the Netherlands.


PURPOSE:To investigate the prevalence of health problems among persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) living in the Netherlands, to identify the problems experienced as most important, and to analyse the experienced impact of these most important problems on daily activities and social life. METHOD:Postal survey among all members of the Dutch Association of Patients with SCI. The questionnaire focused on 26 health problems: 13 secondary impairments, 8 problems of daily living and 5 psychosocial problems. RESULTS:The respondents (response rate 45.5%, 454 persons) experienced an average of 8 health problems. The most frequently occurring problems regarded bladder and bowel regulation, spasms, pain, oedema and sexuality. Except for oedema, these problems were also most often cited as the most important. The most disabling condition for both daily and social activities was pain. Few significant relationships were found between the prevalence of health problems and the level, completeness and duration of the injury or gender. CONCLUSION:Persons with SCI living in the community experience many health problems and limitations in daily activities and social life due to these problems. The occurrence of these problems does not diminish with increasing time after injury. This strongly emphasises the need for follow-up care.


Disabil Rehabil


Bloemen-Vrencken JH,Post MW,Hendriks JM,De Reus EC,De Witte LP




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  • Developing and validating equations to predict [Formula: see text]O2 peak from the 6MWT in Childhood ALL Survivors.

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  • Eccentric exercises for the management of tendinopathy of the main body of the Achilles tendon with or without an AirHeel Brace. A randomized controlled trial. B: Effects of compliance.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate microcirculatory variables in and around the Achilles tendon (AT) in patients undergoing a programme of daily eccentric training for the management of tendinopathy of the main body of the AT in non-compliant in contrast to compliant patients. METHODS:A total of 116 patients with tendinopathy of the...

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  • Evaluation of prosthetic usage in upper limb amputees.

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  • Why is rehabilitation not yet fully person-centred and should it be more person-centred?

    abstract:AIMS:It is a generally shared opinion that rehabilitation is not (yet) 'fully person-centred' and that it should be more. For a certain number of authors, this deficit in person-centredness has originated from the important weight of a 'medical framework' within rehabilitation. In this paper, we will discuss this criti...

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  • Long-term functional outcomes of patients with very mild stroke: does a NIHSS score of 0 mean no disability? An interim analysis of the KOSCO study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To explore the long-term functional outcomes of stroke patients with very mild severity at 6 months after stroke. METHODS:This study presents the interim results of the Korean Stroke Cohort for Functioning and Rehabilitation. On day 7, stroke evaluation was performed using the functional assessment battery inc...

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