Crystal structure of homoserine transacetylase from Haemophilus influenzae reveals a new family of alpha/beta-hydrolases.


:Homoserine transacetylase catalyzes one of the required steps in the biosynthesis of methionine in fungi and several bacteria. We have determined the crystal structure of homoserine transacetylase from Haemophilus influenzae to a resolution of 1.65 A. The structure identifies this enzyme to be a member of the alpha/beta-hydrolase structural superfamily. The active site of the enzyme is located near the end of a deep tunnel formed by the juxtaposition of two domains and incorporates a catalytic triad involving Ser143, His337, and Asp304. A structural basis is given for the observed double displacement kinetic mechanism of homoserine transacetylase. Furthermore, the properties of the tunnel provide a rationale for how homoserine transacetylase catalyzes a transferase reaction vs hydrolysis, despite extensive similarity in active site architecture to hydrolytic enzymes.






Mirza IA,Nazi I,Korczynska M,Wright GD,Berghuis AM




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2005-12-06 00:00:00












  • Temperature dependence of the structure of the substrate and active site of the Thermus thermophilus chorismate mutase E x S complex.

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  • Conformational flexibility of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone in aqueous solution. A carbon-13 spin-lattice relaxation time study.

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  • Intrinsic fluorescence reports a global conformational change in the N-lobe of human serum transferrin following iron release.

    abstract::Transferrins have been extensively studied in order to understand how they reversibly bind and release iron. Human serum transferrin (hTF) is a single polypeptide chain that folds into two lobes (N- and C-lobe); each lobe binds a single ferric ion. Iron release induces a large conformational change in each lobe. At th...


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  • Coupling of transmembrane helix orientation to membrane release of the juxtamembrane region in FGFR3.

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  • Interconversion of conformational isomers of light chains in the Mcg immunoglobulins.

    abstract::Previous crystallographic studies in this laboratory demonstrated that immunoglobulin light chains with the same amino acid sequence can have at least two and probably three or more conformations, depending on whether the second member of an interacting pair is a light or heavy chain. If a heavy chain is not available...


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  • Looking at human cytosolic sialidase NEU2 structural features with an interdisciplinary approach.

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  • Binding of Clinical Inhibitors to a Model Precursor of a Rationally Selected Multidrug Resistant HIV-1 Protease Is Significantly Weaker Than That to the Released Mature Enzyme.

    abstract::We have systematically validated the activity and inhibition of a HIV-1 protease (PR) variant bearing 17 mutations (PR(S17)), selected to represent high resistance by machine learning on genotype-phenotype data. Three of five mutations in PR(S17) correlating with major drug resistance, M46L, G48V, and V82S, and five o...


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  • Apical membrane of the gastric parietal cell: water, proton, and nonelectrolyte permeabilities.

    abstract::Gastric parietal cell apical membranes must protect the cell from the extremely low pH and wide variations in osmolality of the gastric juice. To characterize the permeability properties of gastric apical membranes, we have measured passive permeabilities to water, protons, NH3, and small nonelectrolytes of membrane v...


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  • Structure and cholesterol dynamics of caveolae/raft and nonraft plasma membrane domains.

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    abstract::The steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR), the first family member of START (StAR-related lipid transport) proteins, plays an essential role by facilitating the movement of cholesterol from the outer to inner mitochondrial membrane. Wild-type and mutant StAR binds cholesterol with similar intensity, but only w...


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  • pH dependence of the inhibition of chymotrypsin by a peptidyl trifluoromethyl ketone.

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  • Reevaluation of the stoichiometry of cytochrome b559 in photosystem II and thylakoid membranes.

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  • In vitro biosynthesis of UDP-N,N'-diacetylbacillosamine by enzymes of the Campylobacter jejuni general protein glycosylation system.

    abstract::In Campylobacter jejuni 2,4-diacetamido-2,4,6-trideoxy-alpha-d-glucopyranose, termed N,N'-diacetylbacillosamine (Bac2,4diNAc), is the first carbohydrate in the glycoprotein N-linked heptasaccharide. With uridine diphosphate-N-acetylglucosamine (UDP-GlcNAc) as a starting point, two enzymes of the general protein glycos...


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  • Mechanism of zinc coordination by point-mutated structures of the distal CCHC binding motif of the HIV-1 NCp7 protein.

    abstract::The kinetics of Zn(2+) binding by two point-mutated forms of the HIV-1 NCp7 C-terminal zinc finger, each containing tridentate binding motif HCC [Ser49(35-50)NCp7] or CCC [Ala44(35-50)NCp7], has been studied by stopped-flow spectrofluorimetry. Both the formation and dissociation rate constants of the complexes between...


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  • Crystal structure of the DNA decamer d(CGCAATTGCG) complexed with the minor groove binding drug netropsin.

    abstract::The crystal structure of netropsin bound to the decamer d(CGCAATTGCG) has been determined at 2.4 A resolution. This is the first example of a crystal structure of netropsin bound to decamer DNA. The central eight bases of each DNA single-strand base pair with a self-complementary strand to form an octamer B-DNA duplex...


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  • Rhodamine 123 binds to multiple sites in the multidrug resistance protein (MRP1).

    abstract::The mechanisms of MRP1-drug binding and transport are not clear. In this study, we have characterized the interaction between MRP1 and rhodamine 123 (Rh123) using the photoreactive-iodinated analogue, [(125)I]iodoaryl azido-rhodamine 123 (or IAARh123). Photoaffinity labeling of plasma membranes from HeLa cells transfe...


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  • Insulin signaling in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 1. Stimulation of glucose metabolism and Snf1 kinase by human insulin.

    abstract::Effects of human insulin on glucose metabolism in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae were studied in this report. Under two conditions of growth limitation (glucose-grown cells during transition to stationary phase or spheroplasts during incubation in synthetic glucose medium), human insulin (10 and 1 microM, respecti...


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  • Structure of human transferrin receptor oligosaccharides: conservation of site-specific processing.

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    abstract::Heme-derived linear tetrapyrroles (phytobilins) in phycobiliproteins and phytochromes perform critical light-harvesting and light-sensing roles in oxygenic photosynthetic organisms. A key enzyme in their biogenesis, phycocyanobilin:ferredoxin oxidoreductase (PcyA), catalyzes the overall four-electron reduction of bili...


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  • Nanosecond fluorescence studies of noncovalent interaction of monomeric and dimeric intercalators with DNA.

    abstract::The noncovalent interaction of 2-aminodipyrido[1,2-a:3',2'-d]imidazole (Glu-P-2) and its derivatives, which are potent mutagens isolated from L-glutamic acid pyrolysate, with calf thymus DNA was studied by steady-state and nanosecond fluorescence spectroscopies. The fluorescence of these compounds exhibits static quen...


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  • Kinetic, crystallographic, and mechanistic characterization of TomN: elucidation of a function for a 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase homologue in the tomaymycin biosynthetic pathway.

    abstract::The biosynthesis of the C ring of the antitumor antibiotic agent, tomaymycin, is proposed to proceed through five enzyme-catalyzed steps from l-tyrosine. The genes encoding these enzymes have recently been cloned and their functions tentatively assigned, but there is limited biochemical evidence supporting the assignm...


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  • Pathways of Metabolite-Related Damage to a Synthetic p53 Gene Exon 7 Oligonucleotide Using Magnetic Enzyme Bioreactor Beads and LC-MS/MS Sequencing.

    abstract::Reactive metabolites of environmental chemicals and drugs can cause site specific damage to the p53 tumor suppressor gene in a major pathway for genotoxicity. We report here a high-throughput, cell-free, 96-well plate magnetic bead-enzyme system interfaced with LC-MS/MS sequencing for bioactivating test chemicals and ...


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  • Kinetics of long-chain (sphingoid) base biosynthesis in intact LM cells: effects of varying the extracellular concentrations of serine and fatty acid precursors of this pathway.

    abstract::Serine palmitoyltransferase (EC catalyzes the condensation of L-serine and palmitoyl-CoA to yield 3-ketosphinganine in the first unique reaction of long-chain (sphingoid) base biosynthesis. The kinetic effects of changing the extracellular concentrations of the precursors for this pathway were studied with L...


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