African-American women's perceptions of weight: paradigm shift for advanced practice.


:To identify African-American women's definitions and descriptions of body weight, using King's General Systems Framework and Combs and Snygg's concept of perception as a guide, focus group methodology was utilized. These women's frame of reference for "normal body weight" was much larger than the standard indicator for weight and defined weight, normal weight, ideal weight, underweight, overweight, and obesity in terms of their cultural, social, and individual context. By understanding individual perceptions of weight, advanced practice nurses can devise strategies to facilitate weight management in African-American women who may want to lose or need to lose weight for such health-related illnesses as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or hypertension.


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  • Effect of Support Group Intervention Applied to the Caregivers of Individuals With Heart Failure on Caregiver Outcomes.

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  • Conceptual development of nurse-physician collaboration.

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  • Rethinking Recovery: Incorporating Holistic Nursing Perspectives in Poststroke Care.

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  • Community health nursing in the 1990s--risky business?

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  • Community resources for older adults with chronic illness.

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  • Spiritual nursing care: state of the art.

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  • Effectiveness of Integrative Restoration (iRest) Yoga Nidra on Mindfulness, Sleep, and Pain in Health Care Workers.

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  • Wholly life: a new perspective on death.

    abstract::When caring for the dying, the holistic nurse must be cognizant of many factors involved in this extraordinary process. Many of these factors, including the phenomena of the fear of death, the influences that cause it, and the behavior associated with it, have been discussed in this article. This article presented a n...

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  • Nursing Support of the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults Living With Dementia: A Narrative Literature Review.

    abstract::Across this literature review (n = 10), supporting spirituality in the nursing care of older adults with dementia is concerned with supporting religious activity, enabling connections, nurses' reflections on their own spirituality, and nonverbal communication. The benefits from the support of spirituality were seen to...

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  • Humor: an antidote for stress.

    abstract::Humor and laughter can be effective self-care tools to cope with stress. An ability to find humor gives us a sense of perspective on our problems. Laughter provides a physical release for accumulated tension. The article reviews research on the effect of humor and laughter on our immune function and resilience to stre...

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  • A concept analysis of otherness.

    abstract::Otherness is an important concept in understanding the health provider-patient relationship and in creating insights into how to be more present with patients and families. This is an analysis of the concept of Otherness that leads to a definition of the construct. ...

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  • Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Quality of Life of Cancer Patients: Turkish Samples.

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  • Perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care among older nursing home residents at the end of life.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Spirituality is of particular importance in the lives of many older adults at the end of life. While the role of spirituality may differ among older adults, spirituality may offer a purpose and meaning toward the end of life and provides a framework for managing concerns and decisions at this time. Despite t...

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  • Nursing students' reflections on racism.

    abstract::Racism is the systematic oppression of people of color at personal/interpersonal, institutional, and/or cultural levels. Discussions about racism often become emotional and personal. A discussion related to the accurate labeling of students on the basis of their heritage in an undergraduate professional issues class b...

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  • Postherpetic neuralgia in older adults: culture, quality of life, and the use of alternative/complementary therapies.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to describe current knowledge and standards of care for postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) among older persons. Three influencing factors are considered: cultural implications, quality of life (QOL), and current practice of alternative/complementary therapy. A review of literature published be...

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  • Serenity in political uncertainty.

    abstract::College students are often faced with academic and personal stressors that threaten their well-being. Added to that may be political and environmental stressors such as acts of violence on the streets, interruptions in schooling, car bombings, targeted religious intimidations, financial hardship, and uncertainty of ob...

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  • Complementary Health Approaches Used in the Intensive Care Unit.

    abstract::Intensive care units are care centers where, in order to provide the maximum benefit to individuals whose life is in danger, many lifesaving technological tools and devices are present, and morbidity and mortality rates are high. In the intensive care unit, when classic treatments fail or become unbearable because of ...

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  • Family routines: a construct for considering family health.

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  • Understanding homelessness using a simulated nursing experience.

    abstract::Students have an opportunity to understand the full experience of being homeless using simulated community nursing situations with a high-fidelity simulator. The Community Nursing Practice Model provides a context for using this innovative teaching strategy to enable students to respond holistically to the needs of th...

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  • Attitudes, concerns, and fear of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome among registered nurses in the United States.

    abstract::The article reports a study describing nurses' attitudes, concerns, and fear of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A convenience sample consisting of 376 nurses in a mid-Atlantic state was drawn. An 84-item questionnaire was used to collect the data. Seven factors were derived from the subjects' responses usin...

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  • Spread the word about breast cancer.

    abstract::Whether you're teaching patients about maintaining health or treatment options, be sure to share the latest information about breast cancer. ...

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    authors: Dell DD

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  • Patients voice issues of dress and address.

    abstract::Establishing a positive patient care environment is one of the most basic concepts of health care professional practice. Dress and personal address are aspects of this environment that are influenced by culture and express mutual respect within the patient-provider relationship. The Patient Sensitivity Questionnaire w...

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  • Organizational innovations that nourish staff leadership.

    abstract::Health care is experiencing a paradigm shift that has the potential to redefine traditional roles, systems, and practices. At Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the nursing organization has capitalized on this potential and has been energized by the array of opportunities for innovation and ...

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  • Health promotion for cancer survivors: adaptation and implementation of an intervention.

    abstract::Randomized control trial of a health promotion intervention was implemented for low-income cancer survivors. The majority of participants were female, older, divorced, educated, and unemployed or on disability leave. Findings indicate the health promotion intervention improved cancer survivors' self-efficacy and incre...

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  • Therapeutic music for patients with psychiatric disorders.

    abstract::Many patients with psychiatric disorders struggle with poor skills in coping, communication, socialization, and self-expression that may result in dysfunctional behavioral, cognitive, and emotional responses. Therapeutic music offers a noninvasive approach to strengthen these skills and effect behavior change. At a re...

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  • Health-related hardiness with different ethnic populations.

    abstract::There has been successive strong support for the validity of the Health-Related Hardiness Scale (HRHS) in chronic illness and health-related research over time. The article summarizes health-related hardiness research completed with adults that has relevance for ethnic populations, describes progress with translation ...

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  • Sexual health promotion in adolescents and young adults: primary prevention strategies.

    abstract::Planners of sexual health promotion interventions for adolescents and young adults confront many challenges. Multiple factors are associated with high-risk sexual behavior, and its amelioration is complex. Sexual health promotion involves more than just targeted, short-term disease prevention efforts. Primary preventi...

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  • Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and social disease.

    abstract::The social construction of disease and responses to it has implications not only for how nurses approach caregiving responsibilities but also for how we strategize for and participate in prevention efforts and elaborate priorities for advocacy. Historical review of responses to public health threats, along with critic...

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  • Evaluation of "Steps to Surgical Success" (STEPS): a holistic perioperative medicine program to manage pain and anxiety related to surgery.

    abstract::This empirical study found that a holistic perioperative program significantly reduced patient pain and anxiety about surgery. Modalities included guided imagery, eye pillow, aromatherapy, and a written personal healing plan. Nurses are in a prime position to deliver these interventions, given their frequent direct co...

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