Effect of dentine surface treatment on leakage of root fillings with a glass ionomer sealer.


:The purpose of this study was to observe the quality of seal of the glass ionomer cement, Ketac-Endo, after treatment of the root canal wall. The root canals of 140 extracted human teeth were prepared biomechanically. The root canals were treated with either EDTA or received an intracanal dressing of calcium hydroxide or camphorated paramonochlorphenol. The root canals were filled by the lateral condensation technique with gutta-percha points and the sealer Ketac-Endo, or zinc oxide-eugenol cement or Sealapex. The teeth were placed into a 2% methylene blue dye solution inside a flask, which was attached to a vacuum pump. Leakage was measured linearly. Sealapex exhibited significantly less leakage than Ketac-Endo or zinc oxide-eugenol cement (P<0.01). The use of EDTA and intermediary dressings reduced significantly (P<0.01) the leakage observed with the zinc oxide-eugenol sealer and Ketac-Endo.


Int Endod J


Holland R,Sakashita MS,Murata SS,Junior ED




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1995-07-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::The aim of this in vitro study was to determine the effect of removal of the smear layer on canal obturation as measured by penetration of bacteria from a coronal direction. One hundred and twenty extracted human teeth with straight, single root canals were decoronated. The canals were prepared using the modified doub...

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  • A method of adapting gutta-percha master cones for obturation of open apex cases using heat.

    abstract::CLINICAL TECHNIQUE: It is generally accepted that the success of root-canal treatment is mainly dependent on the proper cleaning, shaping and hermetic obturation of root canals. Obturation of the root canal is of importance as 60% of endodontic failures are attributable to incomplete obliteration of the root-canal sys...

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